Monday, April 11, 2011

Black Bear Diner Federal Way Food Shorting Food Left Out

One thing I have noticed by going out to eat here in the Federal Way area- restaurants are leaving off food. I don't know if its a simple mistake, something subconscious going on, or restaurant managers are telling the cooks to short food for people's order, but several restauarants here have shorted our dinners.

One of which was Black Bear Diner Federal Way Washington.
I ordered the Chicken Strips dinner and was supposed to get 4 chicken strips + french fries. I got 2 chicken strips and french fries. I had to look at the menu to make sure (as I have eaten this before so I knew something was wrong). I told them, they made it right and I took it home for next days lunch.

Another was Olive Garden Federal Way. My husband orders the same thing every time, so we knew there was a problem when he got 1 Italian sausage instead of 2. We mentioned it and they brought another sausage out.

*****Anyone else noticing food being left out of your orders, or food shorting?

4-12-11 - Went to Black Bear Diner in Federal Way WA, last night and everything was good.



  1. Had breakfast today at Black Bear Diner. I found out they do not have real butter. They have a butter margerine mix that is whipped. Wish I had known that before I ate some of it, as I get sick from margerine. I knew when it didn't taste right to me and I didn't eat more of it.

    Manager tells me he is going to buy a small amount of butter for people that request it.

    That whipped margerine butter doesn't melt hardly at all either. Yuk.


  2. Normally when we go to Olive Garden- they give us 3 sausages, not 1 or 2, so we got really shorted a couple of times.

    Everything seems to be better now as havent seen any shortages for a while now.