Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blue Dryer Balls - Bad Amazon Seller

I ordered a set of blue dryer balls off of Amazon and the company sent me a set of orange Eco Balls that are scented. Not what I ordered and they stink. I had to throw them out. I can't stand the smell and certainly don't want my clothes smelling like that. They literally gave me a headache with moments. Yuk

Company is listed on Amazon as Household Essentials, and their name on the invoice is CE Compass.

What made me mad on this was that they offered me a 50% refund only if I would remove my feedback on them. No way, it stays. I told them to shove their refund, and then I filed a claim with Amazon. It was so little amount of money I don't care, but its the principle of being sent a different item and then being screwed with over it. I think they don't have the blue dryer balls anymore and they are substituting the Eco Balls instead.


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  1. Another seller has the blue dryer balls on Amazon now. Without scent.