Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great Floors Federal Way Washington

We had new flooing put in by Great Floors and they did a nice, quick job.
We had textured Italian tile put into the kitchen, and commercial Berber carpeting put into the foyer.

We needed to do this because our dog couldn't walk on the hardwood or wood laminate as it was too slick. We discovered this shortly after moving in.

The tile installer was excellent. His name is: Victor Kalyta. # 206-683-9191 (Victor's Tile).
He did wear cologne. I asked the company for him not to wear cologne the next day and he still did, so I don't know if they told him or not..

The carpet installer had a problem and the carpet pad was too thick, and the front door couldn not be shut (it would have torn the carpeting up fast), and we were not going to shave the door down as that would allow bugs and air in. He had to remove the entire installation and start over without a pad, which is what I asked for in the beginning. He stayed until almost 10pm and got the job done. He also wore cologne.

I wish companies would take chemical sensitivities seriously.

I would highly recommend Great Floors and Victor.


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