Sunday, April 10, 2011

Marie Callenders Restaurant Federal Way WA 98003 #0248

We went to Marie Callenders restaurant for lunch yesterday (4-9-11 @ 3:04pm) and was seated next to the wait station in back of room.

I kept smelling some chemical smell that really ruined my meal. Smelled like soapy dishwater. Waiter said there was nothing like that, so he thought  perhaps it was the Sanitizer. He said he would move it. I still kept smelling it every few minutes. Also smelled really heavily perfumed santizer in bathroom. Yuk.

This is hard on chemically sensitive people, as the restaurant is crop dusting the patrons with weird scents that really did ruin my dining experience, plus made my sinus drain and eyes water.

Why can't they just not use that stuff. Go natural.
At least the waiter wasn't wearing cologne thankfully.
4-10-11 @ 3:02pm -  Mike, General Manager called me and we chatted about the smell. He said it could have been a Febreze (Apples & Cinnamon). He said the Sanitizer has no scent. It didn't smell like Apples & Cinnamon. It smelled like soapy dishwater - about every 2 minutes I would smell it. He said they would buy me a pie next time I come in. I don't normally eat pie, or a whole pie anyways. I will have to make sure I sit close to the salad bar and not near that affected area.

Manager was very nice and was trying to help. I will go back again toi Marie Callenders.

4/16/11- Went back and had an excellent meal. No weird smells thins time, plus they gave me a free French Apple pie.
4/18/11 - Ordered Feast for Easter.
4/25/11 - Had Ham Feast and no problems. Very good!
5/15/11 -  Had lunch and they ran out of romaine lettuce, and strawberry pie. Had to order other things.


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  1. They are out of business here for a while now. We miss them. There is nothing close by that is even comparable. I am now driving 9 miles to The Cheesecake Factory.

    Please bring Marie Callenders back to Federal Way Washington.