Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Rock Wood Fired Pizza Federal Way WA, The Rock Federal Way

The Rock Federal Way
Wood Fired Pizza

4/14/11- We ate at the The Rock pizza place in Federal Way. This is a really cool restaurant and bar that plays Rock music. They have excellent pizzas, beers and other food items. Normally we have a really good pizza, but when we got our pizza, it had cheese on it.

We always order NO CHEESE as both of us have a problem with cheese. I can eat a little tiny bit, and husband is not allowed to have any at all.

We ate half the pizza and then found cheese on the other half. Bummer. We let them know and they made us another pizza to take home. Still had to pay for the 1st one, but 2nd one was free. I think they should have comped us personally, but otherwise it was good.

First time we have had a problem, but they made good on it.


4/30/11- We went to The Rock for dinner last night (4/29/11) and now they are charging an extra 50 cents for a tiny bit of Oregano to sprinkle on my pizza. We've eaten there several times, and this is the first time I have been charged for a tablespoon of Oregano.

Also, we order the same thing each time and it's a different price each time, plus they never were charging for Oregano previously.

4/3/11 $44.22
4/4/11 $42.49
4/15/11 $44.41
4/29/11 $45.00 (ordered a 23oz beer this time instead of a 16oz, but everything else same as above)
5/9/11 $44.78 (same as above w/ 23oz beer. No charge for Oregano this time).
5/16/11 $42.15 (same as above w/ 23 oz beer. No charge for Oregano).
5/30/11 $44.45 (soup instead of salad. No charge for Oregano). Soup is $3.49, instead of $3.79, so a .30 cent difference.
6/30/11 $45.17 (12 inch pizza + 23oz beer + 2 salads. No charge for Oregano).
7/10/11 $41.54 (12" pizza + salad + soup + Ice Tea + 16oz beer. No charge for Oregano).
9/13/11 $43.46 (12" pizza + salad + soup + Ice Tea + 16oz beer. No charge for Oregano).
9/25/11 $43.79 (12" pizza + 2 salad + 16oz beer + Ice Tea. No charge for oregano).
11/14/11 $44.29 (12" pizza + 1 salad + 1 cup soup + 23oz beer + Ice Tea. No charge for oregano). Gave me wrong receipt for $41.29, so waitress ended up not getting a tip as they took my tip to pay towards the meal. I think that is unethical. Not my problem they screwed up somehow, as it was a $3 difference, which happned to be a $3 tip as well.This was noticed afterwards.
11/20/11 $42.72 (12" pizza + 1 salad + 1 cup soup + 23oz beer + Ice Tea. No charge for oregano). Noticed I am getting charged for a cheese pizza. We do not order cheese, so asked for a discount and they gave us one by takint the peperoni item charge off. Waitress also forgot oregano and I had to ask for it halfway through the meal.
11/25/11 $51.76 (16" pizza + 1 salad + 1 cup soup + ice tea + 23oz beer. No charge for oregano). No discount this time for no cheese. Waiter said Manager says that is not there policy. Guess it depends on which manager is there. I dont like paying for something I am not getting. Brought pizza home for lunch today.

Why is this different each time for same meal? or variations of same meal..

Still love eating here. Love the pizza and beer.


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