Monday, April 18, 2011

Sheriff SWAT Team Forced Eviction Federal Way WA

Man Barricaded in Federal Way WA Home

March 1, 2011 - Federal Way Washington

Man was barricaded in home off of 282nd & Military Rd, in Federal Way, Washington (Seattle area). Sheriff SWAT was at scene. This went on for approx. 3 hours.

I first heard someone talking loud and thought it was neighbors playing music, but then listened and it was a woman on a PA speaker. Then I saw there were emergency vehicles and a large Sheriff SWAT vehicle.

This was around 300 feet from my house and I could see and hear what was going on.
It was a forced eviction. The man would not come out. Apparently he was ignoring the SWAT team and was making lunch in his kitchen. They kept talking to him for the whole time, trying to coax him out, saying things like "We are not going to go away". They set off a flash bang and it was super loud. Sounded like a cannon. About 2 hours 45min into this they then broke the door in with another even louder bang, and sent in a robot to assess the situation (he went into the bedroom at that point). They were then able to take him out.

I drove by the house a day or two afterwards and his possessions were in the front yard.
After that the owner had the house renovated/repaired for well over a week.


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