Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vinces Italian Restaurant Federal Way

4/17/11- Went to Vince's Italian Restaurant in Federal Way, and had dinner. Husband ordered Spaghetti with Italian Sausage and they brought Penne instead.

This is a great place to eat but sometimes they make a mistake.

About 2 months ago I ordered an Antipasto Salad (you know the salad with all the meat, cheese, and anchovies), and it had no meat. This is one of those that I think restaurant owners are trying to cut back, but no meat on a meat salad, you would think we would miss that, and I did. They fixed it.

p.s.- A side note about Vinces Italian Restaurant web site. It's done all in Flash. That means with the new Firefox 4 browser, you can't see their site. Bad way of making a web site. You don't do an entire site in a highly graphical web design that leaves some people out, plus the engines can't read it either. It does look nice, but it's dysfunctional. Vinces- contact me for a site fix, or to market your site. Ask for a Free Site Review or Free SEO Quote and I will let you know how you are doing in the engines. I have 17 years experience.


Went to Vince's Italian Restaurant last nite and service was really off. We had a young male waiter (5 Kramer V.), and he kept forgetting to bring things over and over. I had to get up and go ask for a knife, and then for napkins. Also had to ask for breadsticks and butter. I had to ask him to box the meals to go as well.
Only thing good was the food. It was a distracting meal because of always looking for the waiter to come back.

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  1. I don't see how this place stays in business. Went there and ordered a spaghetti and meatball dinner. The service was lousy, the salad consisted of brown lettuce that was sour and tart, dressing that was watery and tasteless. The main dish was overcooked and limp macaroni with meatballs that were greasy and tasted old. The sauce however was not bad. I have lived in Federal Way for 25 years and have tried this place twice. It had not improved in about ten years.

  2. We went again last night and it was very good.

    You must end up going on the wrong night each time. I have had slow service a few times, but everything is normally pretty good. Salad and soup are very average. I get blue cheese and it's a little thin, but is still decent though. Salad is just iceberg lettuce with olives and dressing.

    Don't judge by the little salad as the food is good normally.

    I had Pasta Primavera last night and it was really good. Husband has Apaghetti with 2 Italian Sausage. Friend had Chicken Marsala. He said that was probably the best Chicken Marsala he has ever had (and he cooks).

    HINT- Ask for Trish, the red head waitress. She is the best one there. We only sit with her (wjhen she is there of course), and we get excellent service. Other people are scatter brain sometimes as they are busy usually.

    HINT 2- Ask to have th bread toasted. It's much better this way. It will be warm and toasty.

    I also reccommend the House Red Wine. It's actaully decent. Better than most places and is $4.75. Beer on Tap is $2 something.

    If it's not working for you, don't go. Find something you truly like.

    ******I would love to hear what places to eat, or whatever you think is good in Federal Way. Let me know and I will try it and write it up on here.



  3. We also went on 9/6 and it was excellent. Ask for Trish and you get excellent service, and ask for toasted bread.


  4. Went again and it was very good and no problems.