Friday, May 27, 2011

Global Acceptance Credit Company, 360-334-6424, Collection Agency, No Do Not Call List Policy

5/27/11 - We received an automated collections call at a place of business by Global Acceptance for someone named Patrice Henyard. We do not know who this is.

I called them back and spoke to them and asked for this phone # to be placed on the Do Not Call List. I also requested a written copy of the Do Not Call Policy and a young man was argumentative with me. He said our # has been placed on the Do Not Call List, but that they do not have a Do Not Call policy nor do they have to send it to anyone.

They did not identifiy what their company name is.
They did not identify what their address is.
They would not send me a written copy of their Do Not Call policy.
An employee said they do not have a Do Not Call Policy.

Global Acceptance Credit Company



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