Friday, May 20, 2011

Portfolio Recovery Associates, 847-994-2540, Debt Collection Call

We received another collections call. This time it's from Portfolio Recovery Associates.
They did not leave a message, so I called them back and spoke to a Mr. Manuel? and told him they are calling a business. He said they are trying to collect a debt for a Larry Valtry, and would remove our #.

For one thing, they are not allowed to call a business, so I let them know there was nobody here by that name as we got these phone numbers in November 2010 and we are getting collection calls on both of them.

Portfolio Recovery Associates
Trying to collect debt on: Larry Valtry
Called: 5-20-11
Time: 8:47am Pacific


2-20-12 - They have now called again 2 more times.
Called a couple of days ago and now at 2-20-12 @ 9:57am PST
Spoke to a woman who was somewhat terse, and she wanted to know what # they called. We have several, and I gave her the main business line and that is the one nthey were trying to reach "Larry" on.

Said they are calling for "Larry Dodgery", No Larry at this # since we have had it.
I made a Do Not Call Complaint.

It's obvious they do not remove the numbers, since I asked on 5-20-11 to be removed and am still getting calls. but they are using a different # to call from. They are now calling here from 914-513-0443.
914-513-0443 or 9145130443 or (914) 513-0443

2-24-12 @ 1:11pm- Portfolio Recovery called again from 412-282-1422 or 4122821422. Asking for Larry Daltry again. I asked to be removed again. They are callling a business line.


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