Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stellar Recovery Inc, Debt Collectors, Collections

I received a collections call for someone named Alanis Lee or Atlantis Lee. The debt collector is Steller Recovery Inc. and their # is 206-518-9526. They called here at 8:06am on 5-5-11 and woke me up. It was a robo call and I pressed (3) in the menu as it was a wrong #. I heard a noisy call center in the background and then it hung up. I called back several times and it went to a busy signal. I called back at 9:18am and got thru. I gave them my # to be removed and they said it has been removed.

Stellar Recovery

Stop calling this #. Do not contact me in any form whatsoever again.



  1. Steller Recovery called again on 8/26/11 @ 12:22pm. They are calling for Latonya Eddy. Called from 206-518-9516, or call back at 866-860-8796.

    Asked again for them to remove this #.

    They said it must have been another collections company that called before. No, it was Stellar Recovery collection agency.

    Do not call me again.


  2. Same Complaint....