Sunday, June 26, 2011

Claim Jumper Tukwila WA, Claim Jumper Review, Claim Jumper Southcenter, Claim Jumpers Tukwila

Claim Jumper Tukwila WA
Claim Jumper Review

Claim Jumper Tukwila WA, Claim Jumper Southcenter, Claim Jumpers Tukwila
6/25/2011 - We went to the Claim Jumper in Tukwila, in the Southcenter Mall for a late dinner. (Seattle area)
It was charming outside at dusk as there were a lot of frogs singing, it was cute.

This is the first time we have been to this Claim Jumper. We have been to 2 others in another state.

I ordered a half rack of ribs, a CJ Red Ale, and Blue Cheese Wedge Salad. Husband wanted a turkey burger.
They were out of CJ Red Ale, so had to order a Mack & Jack beer instead. They also forgot to bring one of my sides. I ordered shoestring fries, and they brought me vegetables instead. The Blue Cheese Wedge Salad was no longer on the menu anymore, but the waitress said they did have it still. I told her specifically I wanted a wedge, not chopped up. When she brought it, it was just a chopped up salad. She said they did not have the wedge lettuce anymore but it was the same salad, just not a wedge. They also no longer had the Turkey burgers, so husband had to order another type of sandwich.

They also now have a Dining Membership card they are pushing for $25 and the waitress wanted to know if I wanted that added on the bill. No, not yet. I still have to research it. It's been my experience with membership programs that they are normally not that good, or they expire or go away quickly.

Rating = C

Food was good but not really what we wanted as they were out or menu has changed and communication was not that good. Manager never stopped by either.

For $58 + tip, it should have been better.


Friday, June 24, 2011

Black Angus Federal Way Washington

6/24/11- We went to the Black Angus Restaurant in Federal Way Washington and had a good meal on  6/22/11.

 I used the $39 Campfire Feast Coupon (normally $52), and had a choice of appetizer, entree with 2 sides, bread, and choice of dessert.

I ordered a house Merlot, and did not like it. It was practically KoolAid. It had no body and you could see right throught it. Sent it back and got a Cabernet and that was better.

Everything was cooked nicely and had a very presentable appearence. Waitess was efficient and checked on us.

Rating: A


Monday, June 13, 2011

StoresOnline Inc, FCC Violation, 888-539-3853, Marketing Call, Internet Workshop, Marketing Workshop

We received a phone call from StoresOnline Inc about an Internet Workshop or Marketing Workshop. They build online store sites.

I once went to one of these marketing seminars in Phoenix AZ and they usually put on a 90 minute presentation at a local hotel or some other similar venue. They have a good presentation and serve you a decent lunch.

They are pricey, and I don't normally recommend buying without reviewing other similar vendors and seeing whether the sites are search engine friendly or not.

Currently as of today they have a BBB F Rating, and an Alert on the BBB website that Government action is being pursued against StonresOnline Inc.

Do your homework first before purchasing.

I asked for our phone # to be removed and they had no record of 2 of our phone #'s. They had just called and no record in their database of either one. I checked and it did come in on the toll free #, and that is a FCC violation which will now be reported.

Call information:

storesonline inc


Friday, June 10, 2011

Stress Ball, Stress Balls, 415-388-2736

Stress Ball & Stress Balls

We provide squeezable, foam Stress Balls printed with your name, logo, or message. Stress Balls are useful for event giveaways, tradeshows or marketing promos.

Please contact us for a quote and check out our Stress Ball site for our prices. We feature the lowest prices.

Telephone: 415-388-2736

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Google Adwords $100, Google Adwords Code, Google Adwords Promotional code

9-25-12- I have $100 coupons, just ask me. 

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I have codes all the time.

It's free to have the code, or if you need help we can set up an account for you.

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Carla Ackley

I have Google $100 coupons, just ask.

Carla Ackley

Azteca Federal Way, Azteca Mexican Restaurant

6/9/11 - I went to Azteca Mexcian Restaurant in Federal Way for a late lunch. This was the 1st time here and it was pretty good. I had some Nachos and a Chile Rellano. Both were very good. I brought the nachos home.

Chile Rellano not super spicy, was just right. Rice and beans were good.
Nachos were excellent. Ordered a large and it was a decent price of $8.25 for a large plate with a variety of items included: beans, jalapenos, green onions, tomatoes, cheese. I waived the meat.
Salsa was good with cilantro in it.

Only thing I didn't like that much were the chips. One thing I have noticed at all of the Mexican Restaurants in the Federal Way WA area, is that they all seem to be serving corn chips, almost like store bought chips. I haven't seen one Mexican restaurant yet around here making nice flour chips, or even thin corn chips. That is one thing I miss from the Phoenix Mexican restaurants.

It was good for the money and had good food,wit a large vareoty of slections to choose from the menu,.
I will definately go back. A Rating.


6/16/11 - Went to lunch and had Steak Fajitas, and Flan for dessert. Both excellent. Fajita plate did not sizzle.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

SIXTELLLCLA, 714-495-4045, Sixtelllcla, 7144954045, Marketing Call

6/7/11- We received 2 Sales calls / Marketing calls from SIXTELLLCLA at 9:38am. They called twice and hung up. Left 1 message of noises. I called back and a woman said they do Sales & Marketing. So do we, so she hung up.



Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saubere Research, 253-517-9358, Survey Call, Phone Survey

6/4/11 - We received a call from Saubere Research trying to do a Phoney Survey call on our business phone line. I called them back and asked a young man to put us on their Do Not Call list. He said they would only call one time so that wasn't necessary, and that they would not call again.

Saubere Research
33713 9th Ave S
Federal Way, WA 98003-6762
253-517-5789 Office #
253-517-9358 phone # used to do survey