Sunday, June 26, 2011

Claim Jumper Tukwila WA, Claim Jumper Review, Claim Jumper Southcenter, Claim Jumpers Tukwila

Claim Jumper Tukwila WA
Claim Jumper Review

Claim Jumper Tukwila WA, Claim Jumper Southcenter, Claim Jumpers Tukwila
6/25/2011 - We went to the Claim Jumper in Tukwila, in the Southcenter Mall for a late dinner. (Seattle area)
It was charming outside at dusk as there were a lot of frogs singing, it was cute.

This is the first time we have been to this Claim Jumper. We have been to 2 others in another state.

I ordered a half rack of ribs, a CJ Red Ale, and Blue Cheese Wedge Salad. Husband wanted a turkey burger.
They were out of CJ Red Ale, so had to order a Mack & Jack beer instead. They also forgot to bring one of my sides. I ordered shoestring fries, and they brought me vegetables instead. The Blue Cheese Wedge Salad was no longer on the menu anymore, but the waitress said they did have it still. I told her specifically I wanted a wedge, not chopped up. When she brought it, it was just a chopped up salad. She said they did not have the wedge lettuce anymore but it was the same salad, just not a wedge. They also no longer had the Turkey burgers, so husband had to order another type of sandwich.

They also now have a Dining Membership card they are pushing for $25 and the waitress wanted to know if I wanted that added on the bill. No, not yet. I still have to research it. It's been my experience with membership programs that they are normally not that good, or they expire or go away quickly.

Rating = C

Food was good but not really what we wanted as they were out or menu has changed and communication was not that good. Manager never stopped by either.

For $58 + tip, it should have been better.



  1. We went back there to eat 2 days ago. There was hardly anyone there the day after a Holiday. We had excellent service and great good.

    One thing- I had the server box my food and the next day when I went to eat it, half of it was missing. He did not box the french fries or vegetables. Only the main entree. That was too bad as I wanted to have the entire meal and purposesly had not eaten everything.


    1. Claim Jumper is going to send me a gift card. This was truly weird. I eat out all the time and I don't recall ever have half my food not get included.

      I love eating there.

    2. Nothing yet. No gift card yet....

    3. 12-13-13. I received a $25 gift card today. Thank you!!
      Normally we always have great food and service. We will go back.

    4. We went out to eat at Claim Jumper tonight. It was very good as usual. It was a bit chaotic though. They were somewhat "off". A waitress tried to bring us someone elses Prime Rib, they brought us our entree while we had barely even started the salad/soup, the entree got cold and had to be taken back and reheated, and they "lost" my vegetables. Also, they didn't have a big enough box to put my ribs in! One bright side was they game me lots of vegetables this time to take home.

      I love the food and atmosphere, but I don't like having issues. I would prefer to just order and eat.