Monday, June 13, 2011

StoresOnline Inc, FCC Violation, 888-539-3853, Marketing Call, Internet Workshop, Marketing Workshop

We received a phone call from StoresOnline Inc about an Internet Workshop or Marketing Workshop. They build online store sites.

I once went to one of these marketing seminars in Phoenix AZ and they usually put on a 90 minute presentation at a local hotel or some other similar venue. They have a good presentation and serve you a decent lunch.

They are pricey, and I don't normally recommend buying without reviewing other similar vendors and seeing whether the sites are search engine friendly or not.

Currently as of today they have a BBB F Rating, and an Alert on the BBB website that Government action is being pursued against StonresOnline Inc.

Do your homework first before purchasing.

I asked for our phone # to be removed and they had no record of 2 of our phone #'s. They had just called and no record in their database of either one. I checked and it did come in on the toll free #, and that is a FCC violation which will now be reported.

Call information:

storesonline inc



  1. Note that 736 of the complaints were resolved and the remaining 15 were shown to have been given a good effort by the company. Government actions have also all been resolved. This does not improve their rating, but it is information that was not included in your post.

  2. Great, thank you for the comment.

    I have not received confirmation or information that my FCC complaint has been resolved yet.