Sunday, July 17, 2011

Main Japanese Buffet Federal Way WA, Credit Card Tip Fraud

Main Japanese Buffet Federal Way WA
(Now called "Mika Japanese Buffet")

Awesome food. Huge buffet with all sorts of Japanese foods, sushi, salads, entrees, soups, dimsum, seafood, oysters, crabs, and desserts. Lunch is around $9.99 and dinner is around $16.99.

Love this place, but I went in the other day 7/13/11 and they added an extra tip onto my charge card without my knowledge, and that has been appealed with my Bank now.

I left a $1 tip and they changed it to a $3 tip. This is not a credit card, it's a checking account and everything is tracked and reconcilced, so it was easily caught. No more tips at a buffet again ever, or this place.

I don't know if this was done by my Waitress or done by Management, but I think someone should Audit this restaurant.

Here is the link to the Main Japanese Buffet Federal Way WA on their Yelp Review.



  1. Dinner on weekends is $18.99. It's worth it.


  2. 9/1/11- Everything was good. Lots of oysters, crab leges, Peking crab, muscles. I got for the proteins and love it. No addtional credit card problems.



  3. 11/9/11- went and had dinner. Was very good. No problems and lots of good food and seafood.