Sunday, July 24, 2011

Microsoft Blunder, Tulalip, New Social Website

Microsoft Blunder

 Microsoft just announced a New Social Website and made an interesting marketing blunder of naming it after a Washington Indian Tribe called the Tulalip. They have a resort and large Casino, and of course it's Trademarked.

When the story was first issued, I made one of the first comments, and the only comment about the relationship of the name to the Indian Tribe and that Microsoft should have done a focus group on the name as I didn't think the Indian Tribe would be very happy about this.

Well, the site content is pulled, and Microsoft said it was an internal name only and was not to be published to the public. Apparently the Indian Tribe contacted them over this to protect their Brand.

When this happened in Arizona, a local Tribe became enraged when a freeway and a mountain had a slang Native American name of "Squaw Peak", and they wanted the names changed. The freeway name and the mountain name were changed.

Here are the links for the site and the News stories:

New Social Website
Thanks for stopping by. is an internal design project from a team in Microsoft Research which was mistakenly published to the web.

We didn’t mean to, honest

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Microsoft Appeases Tribe Over 'Tulalip' Code Name

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Microsoft Clears Issue With Tulalip Trademark Owners

Wash. tribe unhappy with Microsoft project name

Tulalip tribe asking questions about Microsoft social project

Tulalip Tribes Object to 'Tulalip' Social Network from Microsoft

Oops: Microsoft accidentally reveals secret social project

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Google News for keyword Tulalip


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