Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Telemarketer, 216-920-7561, COA Network

I received a recorded call - telemarketing call that went onto my voice mail from 216-920-7561 or 2169207561. They called on 7/26/11 at 12:42pm.

Recording was a woman's voice saying she called for Donna Schreck, and could you use an extra $1500-$4000 weekly? and to call 216-920-7561.

COA Network

BBB info on COA Network

COA Network, Inc.
Fax: 800-942-7321
501 Hoes Lane, Suite 200, Piscataway, NJ 08854

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  1. Hello! Our business in WA State has had many calls from this scam "organization." At least two different men from this organization call us several times every day. First, one of them asked to speak to the person who makes the financial decicsions for our company. Our company owner didn't want to talk with him ~ as the caller was evasive about his name and where he worked. Eventually the caller sent us a fax, which indicated they collect donations for fingerprinting for children. However, the fax looks very unprofessional. One of our employees found this link with info about this fake "organization", where I can see others have had the same experience. Thanks for the info, it's good to know he and the "organization" are scammers. (Not that we didn't already suspect ~ their phone manner is bully-ish and very unprofessional.

    1. I had typed the above comment last week. This company is still calling us, but this time the caller is a female. She's said a lie about wanting to schedule a meeting with our company owner.
      Don't trust these folks!

    2. Tell them to put you on their Do Not Call List.
      Do a *57 trace (logs phone # that called you), and can be used against them if the Police ever gets involved. Personally I would do a BBB complaint and a Attorney General Complaint against them (in New Jersey) if it continues. Or you could call them and bug them as well, especially if they have a 800 #. Just depends how much involvement you want to get into this.

      Unfortunately they will probably continue to call until they shut down, which sounds like it won't be that long.

      Write the above email at COA Network and tell them to put you ontheir Do Not Call List.

  2. We are also in Washington. Thanks for checking and posting your comments.

    Fingerprinting for children is normally done for free by your local law enforcement.

    BTW- Sending you an unsolited Fax is illegal under Federal Law. If you need a Free Attorney that will go after them for the fax, let me know your email (or call me) and I will give you their information. The Attorney goes after people and companies that fax.

    You can get from $500 to $1500 per fax under 47 U.S.C ~ 227 - The Federal Junk Fax Law.


  3. I am posting this reply as a representative of COA Network. The calls discussed in this thread were not made by our company. We are a service provider. The calls originated from numbers that belonged to former customers of ours. We provision numbers from our inventory to our subscribers. Although we do not have control over our customers' calling behavior, we do take action when we become aware of violations to our service contract. The customers in question had their service with us terminated quite some time ago. I am posting this response at such a late date because I was not previously aware of this its existence. - Carol Wasserman, Director of Marketing

  4. Replies
    1. You may be ultimately responsible as you own the telephone #. The F.C.C. would come after you for violations.