Thursday, August 18, 2011

888-901-8558, Annoying Phone Call, Lead Net Pro Complaints

Annoying Phone Call
Lead Net Pro Complaints

Annoying Phone Calls, Harassing Phone Calls, Lead Net Pro Complaints

8/17/11 - Received 1 call from 888-901-8558 or 8889018558.
8/18/11 @8:42am & 844am- Received 2 calls from 888-901-8558 or 8889018558

I am getting these annoying calls / harassing calls - recorded calls from a man trying to sell Leads Software.

This is the gist of what he says. This is not word for word, but it's the basis of what he says.

"Doing it Fast. Work with SEO companies. Software. Generate thousands of leads for you consistantly. Websolutions SD. SEO Arena. Call 888-901-8558".

I did a search online for the phone # and get Lead Net Pro (LeadNetPro), Farmers Market San Diego Advertising, Team Beachbody amd Oliver Levenson. Anyways- lots of online marketing from this guy.

All of these marketers are going nuts trying to sell this LeadNetPro software



  1. Got 2 more calls today at 8:37am and 8:39am on 8/19/11 from this man selling Lead Net Pro software over the phone.

  2. hey stop crying this is AMERICA, remember the free enterprise capitol of the world. It seems that everyone is trying to stop any sales efforts done by here citizens. Most of this is just crybabies on the left who want to make this country as liberal as possible until there is no more free enterprise. All the regulations are trying to bring this great nation down so that its only a little social country. Just stop crying.

  3. Thanks for the comment.


  4. Nothing wrong with trying to get business, but phone marketing is very intrusive. If you don't mind the risks associated, go ahead. Same with email marketing.