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LifeSpan TR1200i Review, REAL REVIEW, LifeSpan Treadmill Review, LifeSpan TR 1200i

LifeSpan TR1200i Review - Real Review

I bought a LifeSpan TR1200i for $999 from The Fitness Outlet Seattle (specifically from: The Fitness Outlet Tukwila / The Fitness Outlet Southcenter). It was a new store. 

I needed a treadmill and didn't want to pay a lot for it, yet I wanted to have some nice features. They recommended the LifeSpan TR 1200i treadmill for $999. I came home and researched it and looked up reviews. It had lots of good reviews. It is wide enough, it can fold if I needed that (which I don't at this point), you can plug in an MP3 player if you want, and it also has speakers built in. It has a USB port and they provide health tracking on a thumb drive and it comes with a health fitness tracking membership.

Installation was quick. I had the store deliver it and install it. 2 guys showed up and took it upstairs and put it togther. It didn't take them very long, maybe 20 minutes. It didn't come with any lubricant, so I am going to order that through LifeSpan, or Amazon, as they have it. I won't need it for a while, as the booklet said either 40 or 50 hours of use then you lube and clean it. A little light will come on to tell you to service it. I also made sure I had a treadmill mat and not directly on carpet (reduce getting carpet fibers or pet hair into the treadmill, plus protecting the carpet from lubricant later).

I originally had some squeeking noises for 3 days when I first started using it and contacted The Fitness Outlet and they had LifeSpan contact me. They were going to service it as I had just purchased it. After 3 days, the squeeks went away and I cancelled service. I haven't had any addtional problems, so I guess it just needed to wear in. Life Span told me not to wait if there were any problems.

I've been very happy with this treadmill. It's super easy to use, has a nice display with several features, has several incline modes and plenty of speed options. I wanted to get a treadmill I could grow with. I am mainly interested in walking, but might do more in the future. I am walking at least 30min a day and love this treadmill. This is the best treadmill for the money and the best piece of exercise equipment I have bought, and I have several. I have a room with 5 machines in it now and this is my favorite.

Mechanical Specifications

Belt Size:
20" x 56"
Drive Motor:
2.5 HP Continuous Duty DC
Belt Type:
Incline Motor:
800 lbs. max. lift
2.5" Front, 2" Rear
.5-11 MPH
15 Levels
Deck Suspension:
Six Variable Density Elastomers
3/4" Phenolic with Brace
Folding System:
EZ Drop
Side Rails:
Non-slip Plastic
Dimensions (Full):
70" L x 33" W x 54" H
Dimensions (Folded):
39" L x 33" W x 66" H
Max. User Weight:
300 lbs.

Residential Warranty

3 Years
1 Year

My own pictures:

If you have any questions, please ask. Please feel free to add comments.

Rating: A+

Also, there is another fitness equipment store right across the street from where I purchased my treadmill at Southcenter Mall and they do not sell LifeSpan treadmills. They told me they only sell Consumer Reports treadmills and told me to go to Consumer Reports to get info. FYI- you have to have a paid membership to read Consumer Reports. I couldn't get any of the specifications I needed to see. I wasn't going to buy a membership for 1 item lookup. This is why I have done this review, so that others can get a free treadmill review.

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  1. Treadmill had a little hiccup about a week ago. It just rebooted itself after 4 minutes of use. I completely turned it off and unplugged it and then replugged it in and turned it on and it was fine for my exercise period.