Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yankee Grill Renton WA, Yankee Diner Renton

Yankee Grill Renton WA
Yankee Diner Renton
Yankee Grill
1 S. Grady Way
Renton, WA 98055

We ate here on 8/19/11 for dinner and service was slow. It normally is.
I ordered a Turkey Cranberry salad and asked for blue cheese dressing on the side. When the food finally came, I noticed that most of the salad was premade in a mayo and honey dijon dressing, plus my blue cheese on the side. I can't eat mayo without having some problems, so it would have been nice if the waiter would have told me there already was dressing (I thought by saying dressing on the side that would suffice). They remade the salad for me and everything was good after that.
They brought some nice breads out to the table, so that is always nice, and 2 types of butter. Butter and a garlic butter.

I've been here 3 times and it was always slow and normally the waiter (doesn't matter which one) has an attitude. 

At least the food has always been good for us.

They do serve alcohol, as the Holiday Inn has a bar in YankeeGrill.

Yankee Grill Renton Menu
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Rating: B



  1. ***Potential Charge Card Fraud***

    Watch your credit card/debit card receipts here. We went to dinner at Yankee Grill last night 1/13/12, and they took too much of a tip.

    I left a $3 tip (service wasn't that great, it was ok, as they only had 1 waitress, the other one stayed home), and they added a 15% tip of $4.84. I will have to watch this and see what it finalizes out to on my bank statement as it's still pending.

    I didn't authorise 15% or $4.84. I authorized a $3 tip for a total of $35.28.


  2. Once the charge finalized, it was correct. This was a weird way for them to do this. Perhaps if you do not write a tip in, or do not total it, they will take the 15%, so be forwarned.

    Otherwise food is good. They are well know for their Turkey.