Sunday, September 25, 2011

Air Force One Seattle, Obama Seattle Visit

Air Force One Seattle

Air Force One Seattle, Obama Seattle Visit, Obama In Seattle

President Obama came to Seattle WA today (9-25-2011) and when Air Force One took off from Boeing Field, it flew over our house in Federal Way Washington on its way to the next campaign stop in San Francisco California.

If he had taken off from SEATAC airport, then I would have gotten a much better picture as it would be closer, but I am glad I was able to get this.


Friday, September 16, 2011

Job Posting: Fluffer Needed, Fluffer Job Description, Job Fluffer

Job Posting: Fluffer Needed

Fluffer Needed, Fluffer Job Description, Job Fluffer

Seattle based Internet company looking for a Fluffer.

Job Description:
  • Software to Hardware Conversion
  • Knowledge of Fluid Hydraulics
  • Female preferred, but would consider Male
  • On call position
  • Able to work odd hours
  • Must be able to work around Celebrities, Executives, Animals, etc..
  • Be Creative
  • Salary DOE

Fluffer Job Description

I've read that with the introduction of digital photography and Viagra, Fluffers aren't used much now.

This is meant as humor...

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

La Plaza Kent WA, Kent Car Show Shooting, West Kent Shooting

La Plaza Kent WA - Kent Car Show Shooting

La Plaza Kent WA, Kent Car Show Shooting, West Kent Shooting

July 23 2011, there was a gang shooting at a Low Rider Car Show at the La Plaza Kent shopping plaza in Kent Washington. 12 people were injured.

9-14-2011, there were a lot of Sheriff/Police (multi-agency) activity and a King County Sheriff helicopter at 288th & Military in Federal Way at the 7-Eleven store. This was approx at 4:40 pm that I heard the Helicopter. 

They were serving warrents and arrests were made of several individuals. One of the individuals they were looking for was called "Fathead".

This was related to the Kent car show shooting.

You can read more information on the Kent Car Show Shooting.


Vancouver Island Earthquake, Vancouver Earthquake

I Survived the Vancouver Island Earthquake

Victoria Earthquake, Vancouver Earthquake, Victoria BC Earthquake

I was in Victoria BC (Victoria Canada), and was sightseeing and shopping for the day and turned my cell phone on and had several missed calls, and a text message asking if I was ok. 

Apparently there had been a 6.4 earthquake on Vancouver Island on 9-9-2011.  
We felt nothing in Victoria.
The quake was centered off the coast approx 179 miles from Victoria.

Other tourists were getting calls as well, one man got a call from his fiancee in Sweden to see if he was ok.

The earthquake was noticed in several Seattle skyscrapers.

Today 9-15-11 there was another mild Vancouver earthquake.

Vancouver Island Earthquake


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Casey Anthony Rehab, Casey Anthony Sighting, Casey Anthony Watch

Casey Anthony Watch
Casey Anthony Sighting

Casey Anthony Rehab, Casey Anthony AZ, Casey Anthony Arizona

When Casey Anthony won her Court battle, she was whisked away to The Meadows Wickenburg AZ. The Meadows Rehab was treating her for issues with an eating disorder. She has issues.

This is a great place to hide someone, especially a Celebrity.
David Duchovny rehab was at The Meadows in August 2008.


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Scanning Quote, Document Imaging RFP

Penny Imaging Exchange
Scanning Service Bureau

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Document Imaging RFP, Document Scanning RFP, Document Management RFP

Penny Imaging Exchange is unique in that we serve as a wholesale professional conversion backroom operation for consultants, integrators, resellers and bureaus.

We Digitize:
  • Books
  • Microfilm & Fiche
  • Negatives
  • Photographs
  • Oversize documents
  • Historic Books
  • Bound illustration volumes
  • Documents
  • Aperture Cards
  • Transparencies & Xrays
  • Fragile / rare bound volumes
  • Maps
  • Newspapers
  • Large Posters
  • Oversize Card Stock
Valuable and historical documents can be digitized and written to high resolution 35mm & 16mm microfilm in grayscale, providing a safe, long-term (up to 500 years) archive solution for sensitive and valuable assets while also taking advantage of today's digital preservation technology.

The film can be digitized in the future as technology changes.

Penny Imaging Exchange converts grayscale or black & white digital images to film for long term archiving; whether your original documents were scanned from paper books, photos, and other media or even if born digital.

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