Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vancouver Island Earthquake, Vancouver Earthquake

I Survived the Vancouver Island Earthquake

Victoria Earthquake, Vancouver Earthquake, Victoria BC Earthquake

I was in Victoria BC (Victoria Canada), and was sightseeing and shopping for the day and turned my cell phone on and had several missed calls, and a text message asking if I was ok. 

Apparently there had been a 6.4 earthquake on Vancouver Island on 9-9-2011.  
We felt nothing in Victoria.
The quake was centered off the coast approx 179 miles from Victoria.

Other tourists were getting calls as well, one man got a call from his fiancee in Sweden to see if he was ok.

The earthquake was noticed in several Seattle skyscrapers.

Today 9-15-11 there was another mild Vancouver earthquake.

Vancouver Island Earthquake


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  1. We did not feel this in Seattle area for the latest biq 7+ quake. I would have thought we might, but didn't feel anything here.