Monday, October 3, 2011

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Secret Lead Factory - Little Ticket To Wealth

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10/2/11 - I received a call on Sunday @ 5:09pm from 760-569-6402 or 7605696402 / (760) 569-6402. It was a recorded call for a home business opportunity to make 5 figures per month from Barry in Florida. Barry has a British accent. I have gotten his calls before for Lead Net Pro.

I looked in Google under 760-569-6402 and saw this site:

Which led me to this site for Barry:

***I just got a call back from Barry W @ 305-741-8026 (caller ID shows Barry W)

His name is Barry Williamson
Email is:

This was like talking to a brick wall. He doesn't listen very well. He must be used to talking to people that know nothing about marketing (and he mentioned that you do not need to know anything about online marketing). He said he has been doing online marketing for 15 years now. Well, I've got him beat. They do Network Marketing. In this case it is the (SLF) Secret Lead Factory marketing system to get and sell leads. You are selling leads. Company is Little Ticket To Wealth (LTTW). Home business buyer leads.$50 lite level and $200 Pro level. They are trying to sell the $200 version. There is a one time $200 fee, and a $20 hosting fee monthly. Turnkey business in a box. Includes a lot of tools and info. You get a lot of leads each month.

When you enter your email in the form, you are now a lead (so I suggest you don't unless you want to). He did not want to give me the url unless I was going to enter it into my browser right now.

I never recommend these kind of sites, at least not for search engine marketing. For Network marketing they are fine, or other types of marketing. I would look at the $50 lite version as these system have to offer a lower cost way to do the same thing by Law, and the $50 version is that.

He was difficult to talk to, kind of controlling and very focused on getting me to watch the presentation now. He mentioned it was a generic marketing system that is quite affordable and has been used by many marketers for many years now. They are looking for people to do their network marketing business from home.

I confused him by leaving an 800 # to call me back on. He was confused saying the 760 voicemail system doesnt call 800 numbers. His system called another #, I just happened to give a 800 # as a call back. Not confusing at all, but this guy is inflexible. I personally wouldn't sign up under him because he is difficult to talk to.

Site he gave me is:
It redirects to:
You enter in your email info and then it directs to the Video Presentation:
It redirects to:

Type in another email to get past the form to see the presentation or paste the 3rd url I have listed, because if you leave your email, you are now a lead that will be sold over and over.



  1. Evidently someone didn't like me posting this and has signed me up and I am getting business opportunity emails now. I do take action against these emails, as they are coming to me without my permission.

  2. Hey there Carla, this guy Barry Williamson, came up Barry W. with a number of 305-741-8026 called me this afternoon, took me to the same site, said he was calling all POP members with some crazy 30 ways to make 5 figures a month. I thought it suspicious myself....and my hope is people will not fall victim to him. I already have Secret Lead Factory and Little Ticket To Wealth, why would I need anything a Barry W. is selling, people, beware of Barry Williamson, and if someone from 305-741-8026 calls you, run fast or don't pick up. People like Barry W. need to be stopped dead in their tracks.

  3. Yes, same here. Caller ID showed Barry W.

    There are actually some searches in Google for Barry W and British Barry, which I entered on this page with the original post.

    He's the one making 5 figures monthly off of people that don't know any better.

    Thanks for the comment, and I have signed up for your Blog. :)


  4. I also forgot to mention, I received another automated call from Barry on his system a couple of days ago. Not interested, so please remove.

  5. Called again from Barry W from 323-843-5770. I am not upset, just not interested.

    Be happy, this is free advertising for you.


  6. Barry called again on 10/29/411 @ 12:19pm. I was not available. Called from 760-569-6402

    Please remove me from your call list.


  7. Another automated call fomr 760-569-6402. 35 seconds in length.

    Make 5 figures per month...