Saturday, November 12, 2011

29.130 Mhz, Radio Havana, Mysterious Broadcast, Spanish Radio

29.130 Mhz
Mysterious Broadcast - Spanish Radio
*** Radio Havana ***

Does anyone have any information on a Spanish broadcast station on 29.130 Mhz?
I just heard an ID but couldn't tell what it was, possibly Radio Cuba?

There is Spanish broadcast going on right on 29.130 AM (10 Meters)
11-12-11 @ 2120 (1:20pm PDT), still on @ 2257 (2:57pm PDT), but think it's starting to fade with the greyline right at 2257). S6-S9 here. Comes and goes a bit with propagation but pretty strong actually.

I heard an ID, possibly Radio Cuba. (It faded out on the last part).
It's basically a shortwave broadcast with music, news, commentary,etc..
This is in the Amateur Radio band area not the Shortwave band.

Any info helpful.

11-12-11 @ 9:19pm - It was Radio Havana Cuba (or Radio Habana Cuba)
They were broadcasting in the wrong area...

11-13-11 - Here is the Radio Havana Cuba frequencies list and timetable: Radio Havana Frequencies

Looks like they were on the frequency yesterday illegally, as it doesn't appear to be a harmonic issue.

Note: Sending a reception report to a Shortwave radio broadcaster is a normal, and acceptable part of shortwave radio listening. It lets them know they are being heard and they send you a card or letter confirming the reception.

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  1. I am monitoring it right as I type this. 15:59 PST @ Poulsbo CN87QR. Wait, they just signed off. It is possible that is a harmonic. I would need to do some math to be certain.

  2. The ARRL and FCC have been sent reports regarding this subject advising of the violation of amateur band frequency use for the purpose of broadcasting and are looking forward to an actionable response.