Friday, November 18, 2011

Federal Way Costco Shoplifting, Costco Theft

Federal Way Costco Shoplifting
Federal Way Costco, Costco Shoplifting, Costco Loss Prevention, Costco Theft

On 11-16-11, in the evening, at the Costco Federal Way Washington, I witnessed Costco shoplifting.

It was kind of interesting. We were waiting in line at the door for them to check our receipt, and the man behind me just walked out with a computer monitor under his arm.  One of the employees asked him twice if they could see a receipt, and then he stopped and put the monitor down and another small bag, and it looked like he was going to give a receipt, and then bolted out into the parking lot. The employee man (an older man) ran after him and then other employees called out to him to stop and just let the guy go. He didn't get the items, as he left them when he ran.

The shoplifter was a male, short blond hair, nice looking, blond beard, approx 5'10" to 6' tall, average build/weight, age approx 21-26. (He looks like someone that was at my neighbor's house before, hmmm).

He ran towards the parking lot, into the night.. I did see a small pickup truck leaving right after that out in the parking lot, but unkown if that was his..
Here are some other sites with Costco Shoplifting Policies and stories.

Costco can be exciting sometimes. I know when we went to Costco Scottsdale Arizona several years ago, we saw Mr Fred Goldman (Ron Goldman's father, from the OJ Simpson trial). He came into the Scottsdale Costco right as it was closing and quickly bought some things. That was around the OJ trial time and the Goldman's were harassed by papparazzi.


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