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PetPoint Software, 24PetWatch Complaints, Pet Point

PetPoint Software - 24PetWatch Complaints
Unsolicted Mail - Unsolicited Sales Calls
Privacy Complaint
Release of Privacy Information

 PetPoint Software, 24PetWatch Complaints, Pet Point

Use of the PetPoint software could cause your customers to be contacted by 24PetWatch to continue to be listed in the 24PetWatch pet ID chip database (without your knowledge, or their permission).

24PetWatch sent me a sales letter dated 12-6-2011. I received it on 12-12-11. It had personal & private information on it. It had my name, mailing address, phone #, pet's name, pet type, gender, and pet's microchip #. I did not know this company. (They also called me 2 days later with a recorded sales call).

My pet is microchipped, and I immedietely checked to see if this was the pet chip database we use, or if it was affiliated with the company we use.
By making several phone calls, and finding out that 24PetWatch is part of Pet Health Inc, and they use the PetPoint software for animal shelter management. Not the company I use and not afiliated with them at all.

One thought was that it might be the Vet releasing the information, but after talking to them it was evident it was not them.

I spoke again to the pet microchip database company we deal with and they gave me more information. They said in most cases when consumers are receiving this letter from 24PetWatch, it is generated when you get the pet licensed. People all over the country are getting these letters, as this is a large national database covering US and Canada..

I notified the City Animal Licensing, and they investigated it and found out when the microchip # is entered into the PetPoint software, there is an autofeed to 24PetWatch with your information. After 1 year, you are then contacted to continue your membership. $16.95 per year, or $49.95 for a lifetime membership.
This information is per 24PetWatch themselves when directly questioned about it.

This was unwanted. We already are in a Pet ID database.

This was a bit confusing at first as they state in the letter "When (Pet Name) received his microchip, your emergency contact information was registered free of charge in the 24PetWatch Lost Pet Recovery database". They also state, "Never let (Pet Name) be homeless".  (Pet Name is where my pet's name is stated on the letter). I got the pet microchipped many years ago, so I didnt know how this was occurring at first. Turned out it is from the licensing when they enter the pets microchip #.

The City Shelter had no idea this was occurring. One woman at our Vet's office said she got one of the letters also but didn't put 2 and 2 together that this was happening, and she shredded the letter.

When a shelter or municipality gets the PetPoint software, they have to sign an agreement. One of the areas on the agreement is for Confidentiality. Pet Health Inc. is saying they will not release information to a third party. Pet Health Inc. is the parent company, and then you have PetPoint, and 24PetWatch, and a pet prescription program and insurance as well. So, not sure legally if this is a third party release of information, but it ceratainly is hidden, as nobody knew about it.

Here is the wording for the Confidentiality off the Agreement:

3. Confidentiality. All information relating to the terms of this Agreement provided by either Pethealth or the Client in connection with the ASP Services, including any information relating to such party’s business, operations, customers or otherwise (“Confidential Information”) shall be used by the other party solely for the purpose of rendering services pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise discharging its obligations hereunder and, except as may be required to carry out this Agreement, shall not be disclosed to any third party without the prior consent of the party providing the information. Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit Pethealth or the Client from disclosing Confidential Information when and to the extent required to do so by any regulatory authority, by judicial or administrative process or otherwise by applicable law or regulation.

I was told that I was the only person to have questioned this. I have not seen anyone else reporting this.
I have seen several Audits online by different municipalites and not one Auditor every caught this.
When people license their pets, they need to be able to opt-out of this. It needs to be disclosed when licensing your pet.

Also, 2 days after getting the letter, then they did a recorded sales call also. I then called them to put me on their Do Not Contact list for marketing. I wonder how many letters and calls I would have gotten if I hadn't had them remove my info.

Here is one of the PetPoint Agreements. I have seen several of these online from different Cities, and the only thing different on each one is what State they are written for.


THIS AGREEMENT is made as of _____/_____/_______ by and between Pethealth Software Solutions (USA) Inc.
(“Pethealth”), a Delaware corporation, and _________________________________________________________ (the “Client”).
WHEREAS Pethealth and the Client wish to enter into this Agreement for Pethealth to provide the Client with access to software
and services on an application service provider (“ASP”) basis under the terms and conditions described in this Agreement.
NOW THEREFORE in consideration of the premises and mutual covenants contained herein, and other good and valuable
consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which are hereby acknowledged, the parties hereto agree as follows:
1. Right to Access and Use the Application. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and attached
Schedules A and B:
(i) Pethealth hereby grants to the Client a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable and revocable right to use the
general production version of the PetPoint shelter data management software application, including all updates,
improvements, enhancements and additions thereto (the “Application”) on a remote basis through the ASP for the
purposes set forth herein; and
(ii) The Client is authorized to use all functionality and all configurations of the Application that are made available
through the ASP, including all updates, that are made generally available by Pethealth.
Upon request, Pethealth will provide a complete duplicate of the Client’s data in Microsoft Access format (the “Client’s
Data”) to the Client for their records on a monthly basis. Except for the limited rights granted by this Section 2, in no
event will the Client acquire or retain any other right of access or use or otherwise acquire or retain any right, title or
interest in or to the Application (or any modifications, improvements, enhancements or upgrades thereto or derivative
works based thereon), whether in the form of intellectual property or other ownership rights or interests.
2. Proprietary Rights. The Client acknowledges that the Application (and all modifications, improvements,
enhancements or upgrades thereto or derivative works based thereon) and all Proprietary Information of Pethealth are
and shall at all times remain the sole and exclusive property of Pethealth (or its licensors). The Client agrees that it shall
not: (i) permit any third party to use the Application or any services provided by Pethealth to the Client hereunder (the
“ASP Services”), and (ii) use the Application or the ASP Services for the benefit of any third party. For the purposes of
this Agreement, the term “Proprietary Information” means any and all information relating to the Application and the
ASP Services, including the databases, computer programs, screen formats, report formats, interactive design
techniques, formulae, processes, systems, software, and other information forming part of, relating to or made available
as part of the Application and the ASP Services that is proprietary to Pethealth and/or its licensors and all copyrights,
trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, patents, or other intellectual property and ownership rights of Pethealth and its
relevant licensors related thereto.
3. Confidentiality. All information relating to the terms of this Agreement provided by either Pethealth or the Client in
connection with the ASP Services, including any information relating to such party’s business, operations, customers or
otherwise (“Confidential Information”) shall be used by the other party solely for the purpose of rendering services
pursuant to this Agreement or otherwise discharging its obligations hereunder and, except as may be required to carry
out this Agreement, shall not be disclosed to any third party without the prior consent of the party providing the
information. Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit Pethealth or the Client from disclosing Confidential
Information when and to the extent required to do so by any regulatory authority, by judicial or administrative process
or otherwise by applicable law or regulation.
4. Warranties and Limitations. The application is provided on an "as is, where is" basis without any representation or
warranty or condition of any kind under applicable law, Pethealth disclaims all conditions, terms, representations and
warranties, express or implied, written or oral, statutory or otherwise, including, but not limited to, warranties of
merchantability, quality, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement of intellectual property. The Client
assumes the entire risk as to the performance of the application. Pethealth shall provide no on-site support or on-site
maintenance for the application. In no event will Pethealth be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without
limitation, those damages resulting from lost profits, lost data or business interruption, special, incidental, indirect,
punitive or consequential damages, loss of use, data or profits, business interruption, loss of business information or
other pecuniary loss) arising out of the use, inability to use, or the results of use of the application whether based on
warranty, contract or tort (even if the damages are caused by breach of contract including fundamental breach), or by
the negligence or other fault of Pethealth.
5. Indemnification. The Client shall indemnify and hold Pethealth harmless from and against any loss, damage, claim,
cost, expense or other liability suffered or incurred by Pethealth as a result of any claim or cause of action by a third
party arising out of, based upon or relating to: (i) the Client’s use of the Application and the ASP Services, or (ii)
ownership or rights in any data received by Pethealth from the Client (or its designees) or any information derived
therefrom. Pethealth shall indemnify and hold the Client harmless from and against any loss, damage, claim, cost,
expense or other liability suffered or incurred by Client as a result of any claim or cause of action by a third party
arising out of, based upon or relating to the system design or operation of the Application and the ASP Services. For
the purposes of this Agreement, references to Pethealth or the Client shall include, to the extent applicable, their
affiliates, their directors, officers and employees of such entities.
6. Force Majeure. If Pethealth is prevented, hindered or delayed in whole or in part from or in performing any of its
obligations under this Agreement due to any event beyond its reasonable control (each a “Force Majeure Event”), then
its obligations under this Agreement shall be suspended for so long as the Force Majeure Event continues.
7. Fees And Expenses.
(i) Application Use and ASP Services Fee. The Client will pay Pethealth a monthly Application Use and ASP
Services fee as specified on Schedule A hereto (the “Fee”). The Fee shall be due and payable on a quarterly
basis, as specified on Schedule A hereto.
(ii) Application Services Fees. Upon the Client’s reasonable request, and provided that Pethealth then has
available the necessary resources, Pethealth will provide the Client additional database conversion, training, and
support services in addition to the ASP Services (“Additional Services”), including services where required at
the Client’s facilities. The Client will pay Pethealth for all time and materials, quarterly in arrears, at Pethealth’s
then published service rates, for any Additional Services provided at the request of the Client.
(iii) Discounts. Pethealth will provide the Client with certain discounts to the Fee as described in Schedule A hereto.
(iv) Taxes. The Client shall be responsible for any sales, use, excise, value-added, services, consumption or other
tax that is assessed on the grant of the right to use the Application or the provision of the ASP Services (or any
part thereof) or on any payments due to Pethealth hereunder.
8. Term and Termination. Each party shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement by providing thirty (30) days prior
written notice to the other party, provided, however, that Pethealth shall be entitled to terminate this Agreement
immediately if the Client shall commit a breach of this Agreement. Upon termination of this Agreement for any reason,
the Client shall immediately cease use of the Application and Pethealth shall provide to the Client a complete duplicate
of the Client’s Data in Microsoft Access format.
9. General. This Agreement shall not be assigned by the Client without the prior consent in writing of Pethealth. Any
purported assignment in contravention of this provision shall be null and void. This Agreement shall be binding on and
shall inure to the benefit of the Client and Pethealth and their respective successors and permitted assigns. This
Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida, and the federal laws
of the United States applicable therein without regard to the conflicts of law principles thereof. This Agreement,
together with Schedule A and B attached hereto, constitutes the entire agreement between Pethealth and the Client on
the subject matter hereof and supersedes and terminates as of the date hereof, all prior oral or written agreements,
arrangements or understandings between the parties. The obligations imposed by Sections 2, 3, 4, and 5 shall survive
the termination of this Agreement. This agreement may be reviewed by Client at any time upon request. Terms and
conditions contained in Schedule A and B are subject to change; Client will be notified of intended changes and may
review the revised agreement by request.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement as of the date first written above.
PETHEALTH SOFTWARE CLIENT:_______________________________________________________
SOLUTIONS (USA) INC. BILLING ADDRESS:____________________________________________
1-866-630-7387 _______________________________________________________________
3315 ALGONQUIN ROAD SHIPPING ADDRESS: ___________________________________________
SUITE 450 ________________________________________________________________
ROLLING MEADOWS, IL 60008 EMAIL: ________________________________________________________
FAX: 866-409-8940 FAX: _________________________PHONE:
NAME: Steve Zeidman NAME:
TITLE: Chief Technology Officer TITLE:
SIGNED: _____________________________ SIGNATURE:
1. PetPoint Commitment Deposit: The PetPoint Commitment Deposit is due and payable concurrent with signature of this
Agreement and prior to use and implementation of the Application. In the event that the Client is still using the Application on a
daily basis one year from signature of the Agreement the PetPoint Commitment Deposit will be refunded to Client by Pethealth
in full.
Shelter Category (intakes/yr) PetPoint Commitment Deposit
(<=500/yr) $ 400
(501-1000) $ 600
(1001-2,000) $ 800
(2,001-3,000) $1,000
(3,001-5,000) $1,200
(5,001+) $1,500
2. Monthly Application Use and Service Fee: The Monthly Application Use and Service Fee is payable by the Client on a
quarterly basis (every three months) and will be due on the first day of the first month of each quarter according to the
following monthly fee structure:
Shelter Category (intakes/yr) Monthly Fee Annual Fee
Level 1 (<=1000/yr) $ 100 $ 1,200
Level 2 (1001-5000) $ 200 $ 2,400
Level 3 (5001-10,000) $ 300 $ 3,600
Level 4 (10,001-15,000) $ 500 $ 6,000
Level 5 (15,001-20,000) $ 800 $ 9,600
Level 6 (20,001-30,000) $1,200 $14,400
Level 7 (>30,001) $2,000 $24,000
3. Discount Model: A discount up to 100% can be applied to the Application Use and Service Fee noted above if the Client is
participating in the following programs:
A. 40% discount will be applied if client offers the ShelterCare insurance as described in Schedule B and does not
promote, recommend or advertize any other pet insurance. For the purposes of clarification, the client will not be
required to activate the ShelterCare gift in situations where the adopter refuses to accept the gift.
B. 40% discount will be applied if client agrees to ensure all adopted dogs and cats over the age of 12 weeks are
microchipped and registered in the 24PetWatch pet recovery service (including a valid e-mail address from the
adopter). The Client agrees to exclusively purchase and use the 24PetWatch microchip recovery program for the
implantation of all canine and feline companion animals offered for adoption as well as the implantation and
identification of canine and feline companion animals in the community(ies) serviced by the Client. Registration of the
24PetWatch microchip must be done through the PetPoint application by the Client. For the purposes of clarification,
the Client shall not be required to implant a 24PetWatch microchip into canine and feline companion animals that have
already been microchipped.
C. 20% discount will be applied if the Client agrees to post pets available for adoption on their website(s) using
PetPoint Adoptable Search Module (which is provided at no cost). If client does not have a website, they agree to setup
a homepage on the PetPoint Adoption Search Module. The set up of the PetPoint Adoptable Search Module must be
completed within thirty (30) days of the Client commencing daily use of the ASP. The format used to display animal
data (the “real estate”) cannot be altered by the Client. Pethealth may alter, change or modify the PetPoint Adoptable
Search Module real estate without prior notification. The Client acknowledges that the real estate used to display the
animal data is owned by Pethealth and as such may contain messaging for Pethealth and/or third parties.
4. Monthly Access Fee: Each Client will be provided with a unique access code. This access code will allow the Client to access
the Application in order to configure their software and commence use of the Application. In the event that Client does not
configure their software and commence use of the Application within thirty (30) days following receipt of the access code, a
monthly fee will be charged until such time that the Client commences use of the Application.
1. The Client agrees to explain to all adopters of dogs and cats the ShelterCare insurance offer outlined below:
a. If the dog or cat is microchipped and the Adopter provides an email address at the time of adoption, the prepaid
insurance policy will be issued automatically for 30 days of coverage and emailed to the Adopter. The Adopter
will then have the opportunity to call ShelterCare to extend the prepaid coverage to 45 days.
b. If the dog or cat is not microchipped but the adopter provides an email address at the time of adoption, a limited
time offer to activate the prepaid insurance policy will be emailed to the adopter. The adopter will need to call
ShelterCare to activate.
c. If an adopter does not provide an email address, the Client will provide the adopter with other ShelterCare
insurance offers available at the time.
2. The Client agrees to ensure that proper training is provided to all paid and volunteer personnel that are employed by the
Client in properly administering and presenting the ShelterCare Gift Program at the point of adoption.
3. The Client agrees to ensure physical separation of all ShelterCare Gift Program materials and documents from other
adoption materials upon presentation to the adopter.
4. The Client agrees to display the ShelterCare Gift Program marketing materials prominently at their premises.
5. The Client agrees to re-order ShelterCare Gift Program materials on an “as-needed” basis.
6. The Client agrees to provide Pethealth with space on the home page of the Client’s Website with hyperlinks to
Pethealth’s websites and other marketing opportunities through the Client’s shelter or rescue group as mutually agreed.
The Client agrees to allow Pethealth to use their name and logo in Pethealth marketing materials.
7. The Client agrees to receive an invoice at the conclusion of each calendar year from Pethealth for the total premium
value of ShelterCare Gift of Insurance policies each pet that has received as a result of enrollment by the Client. The
Client agrees to invoice Pethealth for the value of marketing and advertising provided to Pethealth from the Client at
the conclusion of each calendar year. The value of such marketing and advertising shall not exceed the total premium
value of ShelterCare Gift insurance policy coverage provided during the calendar year.
8. Pethealth will defend, indemnify and hold harmless Client from and against any and all claims, actions, losses,
liabilities, damages, settlements, judgments, arbitration awards, costs and expenses including reasonable attorneys’ fees
and expenses (collectively, “Claims”) resulting from any Claims brought against Client based on Client offering
Pethealth products.
After faxing, please remit your PetPoint Application Service Provider Agreement and commitment deposit check to:
PO BOX 2150, BUFFALO, NY 14240

PetPoint Client List (as of 12/26/11)

Company City State Country

Bonnyville & District SPCA Bonnyville Alberta Canada
Calgary Humane Society Calgary Alberta Canada
Furever After Rescue Society Calgary Alberta Canada
Lakeland Humane Society Cold Lake Alberta Canada
Oopsadazy Rescue and Sanctuary Society Calgary Alberta Canada
Prairie Dog Canine Rescue Lethbridge Alberta Canada
Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS) Athabasca Alberta Canada
St. Paul Animal Shelter St Paul Alberta Canada
Tails to Tell Animal Rescue Shelter Ltd. Crossfield Alberta Canada
Big Heart Rescue Society Victoria British Columbia Canada
Crowsnest Pet Rescue Kamloops British Columbia Canada
CSRBC Cocker Spaniel Rescue Surrey British Columbia Canada
Bathurst Animal Shelter/Gloucester SPCA Bathurst New Brunswick Canada
Charlotte County SPCA St Stephen New Brunswick Canada
Fredericton SPCA Fredericton New Brunswick Canada
Oromocto and Area SPCA, Inc Oromocto New Brunswick Canada
Restigouche County SPCA Dalhousie New Brunswick Canada
SPCA Animal Rescue Saint John New Brunswick Canada
Happy Valley-Goose Bay SPCA Happy Valley-goose Bay Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
SPCA NL - St. John's Branch St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
Atlantic Small Dog Rescue Bridgetown Nova Scotia Canada
Cape Breton SPCA Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada
HRM Homeward Bound City Pound Inc Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada
Kings County SPCA Waterville Nova Scotia Canada
Labrador Rescue of Nova Scotia Enfield Nova Scotia Canada
NS SPCA Metro Shelter Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada
Pictou County SPCA New Glasgow Nova Scotia Canada
Yarmouth SPCA Yarmouth Nova Scotia Canada
Action Volunteers for Animals Unionville Ontario Canada
All Breed Canine Rescue
Ontario Canada
Animal Aid Burlington Burlington Ontario Canada
Animal Assistance Society of the Niagara Region St Catharines Ontario Canada
Annex Cat Rescue Toronto Ontario Canada
Arbed Pet Rescue Martintown Ontario Canada
Brant County SPCA Brantford Ontario Canada
Bye Bye Birdie Goose Control Ltd Alliston Ontario Canada
Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport North York Ontario Canada
Canadian West Highland White Terrier Rescue Guelph Ontario Canada
Good Dog Rescue & Arbed Manotick Ontario Canada
Hamilton/Burlington SPCA Hamilton Ontario Canada
Humane Society of Durham Region Whitby Ontario Canada
Humane Society of Kawartha Lakes Lindsay Ontario Canada
K-911 Rescue North Gower Ontario Canada
Kingston Animal Rescue Kingston Ontario Canada
Kingston Humane Society Kingston Ontario Canada
Lanark Animal Welfare Society Smiths Falls Ontario Canada
Lincoln County Humane Society St Catharines Ontario Canada
Navan Animal Rescue Corporation (NARC) Navan Ontario Canada
Niagara Falls Humane Society Niagara Falls Ontario Canada
North Bay Humane Society North Bay Ontario Canada
Northumberland Humane Society Port Hope Ontario Canada
Ontario Canine Rescue Group Selkirk Ontario Canada
Ontario SPCA Provincial Offices Newmarket Ontario Canada
Peterborough Humane Society Peterborough Ontario Canada
Sarnia Humane Society Sarnia Ontario Canada
Simcoe and District Humane Society Simcoe Ontario Canada
SOAR - Southern Ontario Animal Rescue Brampton Ontario Canada
The Animal Guardian Society Blackstock Ontario Canada
The Guelph Humane Society Incorporated Guelph Ontario Canada
Thunder Bay & District Humane Society Thunder Bay Ontario Canada
Tiny Paws Dog Rescue Canada Leamington Ontario Canada
Toronto Humane Society Toronto Ontario Canada
Welland & District Humane Society Welland Ontario Canada
Windsor-Essex County Humane Society Windsor Ontario Canada
Prince Edward Island Humane Society Charlottetown PEI Canada
Animatch L'ile-perrot Quebec Canada
Angel`s Dream Small Animal Rescue Foundation Inc. Middle Lake Saskatchewan Canada
Battlefords Humane Society North Battleford Saskatchewan Canada
Meadow Lake & District Humane Society Meadow Lake Saskatchewan Canada
New Hope Dog Rescue Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
SCAT Street Cat Rescue Program Inc. Registered Charity #BN 88427 1180RR0001 Saskatoon Saskatchewan Canada
A New Leash on Life, Inc. Brownsboro Alabama USA
ADAR Animal Rescue Hayden Alabama USA
Alabama Siberian Husky Rescue Clay Alabama USA
ALSPCA Northport Alabama USA
Animal Adoption Center of Blount County Cleveland Alabama USA
Animal Rescue Foundation Sylacauga Alabama USA
Animal Rescue Foundation - AL Mobile Alabama USA
ARF Malvern Alabama USA
Basset Hound Rescue of Alabama Inc. Leeds Alabama USA
Calhoun County Humane Society Anniston Alabama USA
CARAA (Companion Animal Rescue of Arab, Alabama) Arab Alabama USA
Cherokee Humane Society, Inc. Cedar Bluff Alabama USA
Chihuahua & Toy Breed Rescue Lafayette Alabama USA
City of Auburn Auburn Alabama USA
City of Jackson Animal Control Jackson Alabama USA
Colbert County Animal Control Association Tuscumbia Alabama USA
Crossing Paths Animal Rescue Hayden Alabama USA
Cullman County Animal Shelter Cullman Alabama USA
Dekalb County Animal Adoption Center Fort Payne Alabama USA
East Alabama Humane Society Phenix City Alabama USA
Fairy Dogmother Rescue & Rehab, Inc. Baileyton Alabama USA
Happy Feet Wags and Wiggles Pet Rescue (FKA Butt Ugly Dog and Cat Rescue) Phenix City Alabama USA
Humane Society of Elmore County Wetumpka Alabama USA
Lee County Animal Control Opelika Alabama USA
Lee County Humane Society Auburn Alabama USA
Macon County Humane Society Tuskegee Alabama USA
Maddie`s Adoption Room Northport Alabama USA
Maddie's Adoption Center Loxley Alabama USA
Montgomery Humane Society Montgomery Alabama USA
North Baldwin Animal Shelter Bay Minette Alabama USA
Pets are Worth Saving (PAWS), Inc. Florence Alabama USA
Prattville/Autauga Humane Society Prattville Alabama USA
Rainbow City Animal Control Rainbow City Alabama USA
Randolph County Animal Shelter Wedowee Alabama USA
Russell County Phenix City Animal Shelter Phenix City Alabama USA
Sanctuary Animal Rescue Alabaster Alabama USA
Shelby Humane Society Columbiana Alabama USA
The Haven Fairhope Alabama USA
The Humane Society of Escambia County Brewton Alabama USA
The Humane Society of Etowah County Gadsden Alabama USA
T-Town PAWS, Inc. Tuscaloosa Alabama USA
Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter Tuscaloosa Alabama USA
Arkansas Pet Rescue Harrison Arkansas USA
Arkansas Southern Dog Rescue Ward Arkansas USA
Cabot Animal Shelter Cabot Arkansas USA
Feline Friends Bella Vista Arkansas USA
Humane Society of Faulkner County Greenbrier Arkansas USA
Last Chance Arkansas Little Rock Arkansas USA
Northeast Arkansans for Animals Jonesboro Arkansas USA
Northwest Arkansas Animal Rescue Springdale Arkansas USA
Out of the Woods Little Rock Arkansas USA
Ozark Humane Society Harrison Arkansas USA
Ozark Mountain Basset Rescue, Inc. Fayetteville Arkansas USA
Paragould Animal Welfare Society Paragould Arkansas USA
Sebastian County Humane Society Fort Smith Arkansas USA
Adopted at the Maddie's Projects Adoption Center Gilbert Arizona USA
AARTA - Akita Advocates Relocation Team Arizona Chandler Arizona USA
AJs Best Friends Rescue Gilbert Arizona USA
All About Animals Rescue Glendale Arizona USA
Almost Home Boxer Rescue Phoenix Arizona USA
Animal Rescue Center # 17053189086034 Phoenix Arizona USA
Arizona Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Mesa Arizona USA
Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA Phoenix Arizona USA
Arizona Beagle Rescue Phoenix Arizona USA
Arizona Greyhound Rescue Tucson Arizona USA
Arizona Poodle Rescue Maricopa Arizona USA
AZ Chihuahua Rescue Mesa Arizona USA
AZ Cocker Rescue Scottsdale Arizona USA
AZ Desert Rotti's and Pals Patagonia Arizona USA
Beagles of Arizona Rescue Club Phoenix Arizona USA
Cat A Do Cat Co-Op Mesa Arizona USA
Circle L Rescue Ranch / Feathers Foundation Scottsdale Arizona USA
Coppercloud Ranch Pet Rescue Scottsdale Arizona USA
Desert Dogs Rescue Inc Tonopah Arizona USA
Desert Paws Rescue - AZ Mesa Arizona USA
Exotic Heritage Cat Association of America Kingman Arizona USA
Faith`s Animal Rescue Tonopah Arizona USA
Finding Fido Animal Rescue Phoenix Arizona USA
Foothills Animal Rescue Scottsdale Arizona USA
Foundation for Animals in Risk Tucson Arizona USA
Good Kitties Chandler Arizona USA
HALO Animal Rescue Phoenix Arizona USA
Haven Animal Rescue Phoenix Arizona USA
Home "Fur" Good Animal Rescue and Placement Phoenix Arizona USA
HOPE Animal Shelter Tucson Arizona USA
Humane Society of Central Arizona Payson Arizona USA
Humane Society of the White Mountains Lakeside Arizona USA
Humane Society of Wickenburg Wickenburg Arizona USA
Humane Society of Yuma, Inc. Yuma Arizona USA
Kit Kat Rescue Chandler Arizona USA
Little Rascals Rescue Phoenix Arizona USA
Lost Our Home Pet Foundation Scottsdale Arizona USA
Lost Paws Phoenix Arizona USA
Love A Bull Rescue Queen Creek Arizona USA
Lucky Dog Rescue Inc Scottsdale Arizona USA
Mini Mighty Mutts Rescue Phoenix Arizona USA
New Hope Cattle Dogs Phoenix Arizona USA
Nine Lives Foundation Phoenix Arizona USA
Not So Grande Dachshund and Small Dog Rescue Tucson Arizona USA
Paws & Claws Pet Fostering Phoenix Arizona USA
Pet Allies Show Low Arizona USA
Phoenix Pets Alive Scottsdale Arizona USA
SAFE - Savings Animals From Euthanasia Tucson Arizona USA
Santa Cruz Humane Society Nogales Arizona USA
Soft n Touch Animal Rescue Phoenix Arizona USA
Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue Tucson Arizona USA
Sun Valley Animal Shelter Glendale Arizona USA
The Center for Animal Rescue and Adoption Tucson Arizona USA
The Hermitage Cat Shelter Tucson Arizona USA
Tuffie`s Animal Rescue Glendale Arizona USA
Valley Dogs Gilbert Arizona USA
Valley Humane Society, Inc Casa Grande Arizona USA
Woofs Wiggles n Wags Scottsdale Arizona USA
Yavapai Humane Society Prescott Arizona USA
A Wish for Animals Laguna Hills California USA
ABC Cat Rescue San Jose California USA
Above Borders Across Breeds Rescue Oakland California USA
AFAR/ North County Humane Society Atascadero California USA
Agee Memorial Wildlife Fund
California USA
American Animal Care Center Fremont California USA
Anderson Police Department Animal Services Anderson California USA
Animal Rescue of Fresno Fresno California USA
Animal Shelter Relief Rescue Santa Cruz California USA
Bakersfield SPCA Bakersfield California USA
Bay Area Boxer Rescue San Jose California USA
Beagles & Buddies El Monte California USA
Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society Berkeley California USA
Best Friends Animal Society, LA Programs Sun Valley California USA
Bichons and Buddies Los Angeles California USA
Boxer Orange County Animal Rescue, Inc. Huntington Beach California USA
Butte Humane Society Chico California USA
California Underdog Rescue & Education Lemoore California USA
Cat Support Network Pittsburg California USA
Central Coast Border Collie & Herding Dog Rescue Paso Robles California USA
Central Valley Animal Lovers Fresno California USA
Central Valley Rescue Railroad Lindsay California USA
Chako Pit Bull Rescue Sacramento California USA
City of Costa Mesa / Animal Licensing Costa Mesa California USA
Companion Animal Rescue Effort (C.A.R.E.) Campbell California USA
Coronado Animal Care Facility Coronado California USA
D & S Loving Animal Rescue / Pet Integrity Ridgecrest California USA
Emmie's Animal Rescue Coyote California USA
Feline Friends Clovis California USA
Finding Keepers 4 Creatures San Jose California USA
Fresno Bully Rescue Fresno California USA
Friends of Orange County`s Homeless Pets Menifee California USA
Golden Gate Basset Rescue Petaluma California USA
H.A.L.O - East Contra Costa Homeless Animals` Lifeline Organization Antioch California USA
Happy Angels Dog Rescue Los Angeles California USA
Have-A-Heart Humane Society Tehachapi California USA
Haven Humane Society Redding California USA
Healdsburg Animal Shelter Healdsburg California USA
Heaven on Earth Society for Animals Van Nuys California USA
Humane Society of Inland Mendocino County Redwood Valley California USA
Humane Society of the Sierra Foothills Auburn California USA
Katmom/Dogdad Rescue Fair Oaks California USA
Kings SPCA Hanford California USA
Kitty Come Home Rocklin California USA
Lake County Animal Services Lakeport California USA
Laton Animal Rescue & Care Riverdale California USA
Long Beach Felines Long Beach California USA
Madera County Animal Services Madera California USA
Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue Tehachapi California USA
Mini Mutts N Meows Temecula California USA
Moondoggies Rescue, Inc Westlake Village California USA
Napa Humane Napa California USA
Noah's B'Ark North Santa Rosa California USA
NorSled Rescue Vallejo California USA
Not So Purrrfect Angels Fresno California USA
Oakland Animal Shelter Oakland California USA
OC Small Paws, Inc. Fountain Valley California USA
Orange County Humane Society Huntington Beach California USA
PAL Humane Society Wrightwood California USA
Pardon Me In Norco California USA
Pawsitive Connections Kingsburg California USA
Pet Awareness Welfare Society for San Jose Animal Care Services Campbell California USA
Pet Matchmaker Rescue Bakersfield California USA
Pets Lifeline Sonoma California USA
Pets Without Partners Redding California USA
Placer SPCA Roseville California USA
RAIN - Rescuing Animals In Need,Inc Sacramento California USA
Rescue Alliance of Hairless & Other Breeds, Inc Templeton California USA
Rescue House San Diego California USA
Sacramento SPCA Sacramento California USA
San Diego AWOL Escondido California USA
Sanger Animal Services Sanger California USA
Santa Cruz SPCA Santa Cruz California USA
Santa Maria Valley Humane Society Santa Maria California USA
Save a Small Dog Rescue, Inc. Phelan California USA
Second Chance Pet Adoptions Westminster California USA
Second Chance Pet Rescue / CORNING ANIMAL SHELTER Corning California USA
Selma Animal Shelter Selma California USA
Sequoia Humane Society Eureka California USA
Siskiyou Humane Society Inc. Mount Shasta California USA
Special Pets Rescue Lower Lake California USA
Stonecliffe Animal Rescue Lemoore California USA
Sun City K9 Adoptions Sun City California USA
Support Our Shelter Albion California USA
The San Francisco SPCA San Francisco California USA
Valley Humane Society Pleasanton California USA
Victor Valley Animal Protective League Apple Valley California USA
Voice For The Animals Foundation Santa Monica California USA
Wag Again K9 Rescue Temecula California USA
Yucaipa Animal Placement Society Yucaipa California USA
A Puppy's Voice Fort Collins Colorado USA
Animal House Rescue & Grooming Fort Collins Colorado USA
Animal Rescue Connection - CO Greeley Colorado USA
Animal Rescue of the Rockies Breckenridge Colorado USA
Ark-Valley Humane Society, Inc. Buena Vista Colorado USA
Big Dogs Huge Paws, Inc Aurora Colorado USA
Breeders Release Adoption Services Boncarbo Colorado USA
Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue, Inc. Colorado Springs Colorado USA
City of Boulder Boulder Colorado USA
Clear Creek Co. Animal Control & Shelter Dumont Colorado USA
Colorado Canine Rescue Englewood Colorado USA
Colorado Dachshund Rescue Fort Collins Colorado USA
Denkai Animal Sanctuary Greeley Colorado USA
DMK Rehoming Denver Colorado USA
Dreampower Animal Rescue Colorado Springs Colorado USA
Eagle County Animal Services Eagle Colorado USA
Every Creature Counts Fort Lupton Colorado USA
Fort Collins Cat Rescue Fort Collins Colorado USA
Fort Morgan Humane Society Fort Morgan Colorado USA
Humane Society of Boulder Valley Boulder Colorado USA
Humane Society of Weld County Evans Colorado USA
Intermountain Humane Society Conifer Colorado USA
Isla Animals Aurora Colorado USA
La Plata County Humane Society Durango Colorado USA
Lifeline Puppy Rescue Brighton Colorado USA
Longmont Humane Society Longmont Colorado USA
Mariah’s Promise Divide Colorado USA
National Mill Dog Rescue Colorado Springs Colorado USA
Retriever Rescue of Colorado Denver Colorado USA
Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue Broomfield Colorado USA
Roice Hurst Humane Society Grand Junction Colorado USA
Second Chance Humane Society (SCHS) Ridgway Colorado USA
Teller County Regional Animal Shelter Divide Colorado USA
Upper Rio Grande Animal Society - Conour Animal Shelter Monte Vista Colorado USA
4 Lucky Dogz Rescue Danielson Connecticut USA
Animal Rescue Fund, Inc. Waterford Connecticut USA
C.A.T.S. Northeast Inc Mansfield Center Connecticut USA
Companion Pet Rescue & Transport of W. TN, Inc. Glastonbury Connecticut USA
Connecticut Cat Connection Windsor Connecticut USA
Connecticut Humane Society Newington Connecticut USA
New Day Rescue & Adoptions Bloomfield Connecticut USA
New Fairfield/Sherman Animal Welfare Society New Fairfield Connecticut USA
PawSafe Animal Rescue Danbury Connecticut USA
SPCA of Connecticut Monroe Connecticut USA
Tails of Courage Norwalk Connecticut USA
The Simon Foundation, Inc. Bloomfield Connecticut USA
Washington Animal Rescue League Washington District of Columbia USA
Washington Humane Society Washington District of Columbia USA
Washington Humane Society/DC Animal Care and Control Washington District of Columbia USA
Faithful Friends, Inc. Wilmington Delaware USA
Citrus County Animal Services Inverness Florida USA
A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue Inc. West Palm Beach Florida USA
Adopt-A-Rescued-Kitty Atlantic Beach Florida USA
Alachua County Humane Society Gainesville Florida USA
Alaqua Animal Refuge Freeport Florida USA
Allen Babcock Dog & Cat Rescue, Inc Fort Lauderdale Florida USA
Animal Aid, Inc. Boca Raton Florida USA
Animal Care Society Inc. DBA Clewiston Critter Care Animal Clinic Clewiston Florida USA
Animal Network Kitty Korner Ellenton Florida USA
Animal Refuge Center Inc. North Fort Myers Florida USA
Animal Rescue Coalition Sarasota Florida USA
Animal Rescue Movement, Inc. Middleburg Florida USA
Animal Welfare League of Charlotte County Port Charlotte Florida USA
ARNI Foundation Daytona Beach Florida USA
Big Dog Ranch Rescue Wellington Florida USA
Boston Terrier Rescue of FL Delray Beach Florida USA
Bradford County Paws Starke Florida USA
Brooke`s Legacy Animal Rescue, Inc. Naples Florida USA
Caloosa Humane Society Labelle Florida USA
Candy`s Cats, Inc. Orlando Florida USA
Canine Castaways, Inc. Arcadia Florida USA
CARE (Companion Animal Rescue Endeavor) Tallahassee Florida USA
Cat Depot, Inc Sarasota Florida USA
Cats Angels Inc. SPCA Fernandina Beach Florida USA
Central Brevard Humane Society Cocoa Florida USA
CHAT Citizens For Humane Animal Treatment/Wakulla County Humane Society Crawfordville Florida USA
City of Palatka Animal Control Palatka Florida USA
Collier County Animal League Naples Florida USA
Crone`s Creatures Greyhound Adoptions Ocala Florida USA
Dachshund Adoption Rescue & Education (DARE) Jacksonville Florida USA
Dobermann Rescue of Lake Placid, Inc. Lake Placid Florida USA
EARS Animal Rescue Sanctuary Englewood Florida USA
Elite Greyhound Loxahatchee Florida USA
First Coast No More Homeless Pets Jacksonville Florida USA
Flagler Humane Society Palm Coast Florida USA
Florida Boxer Rescue Eustis Florida USA
Florida Humane Society Pompano Beach Florida USA
Florida Keys SPCA Key West Florida USA
Florida Poodle Rescue Saint Petersburg Florida USA
Gainesville Pet Rescue Gainesville Florida USA
German Shepherd Rescue of Central Florida Summerfield Florida USA
Gilchrist Animal Services Bell Florida USA
Gold Coast Greyhound Adoptions, Inc. Clearwater Florida USA
Greyhound Rescue & Adoptions of Tampa Bay, Inc. Tampa Florida USA
Gulf Coast Humane Society Fort Myers Florida USA
Gulf Shore Animal League Bradenton Florida USA
Haile`s Angels Pet Rescue Gainesville Florida USA
Halifax Humane Society Daytona Beach Florida USA
Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary Inc. High Springs Florida USA
Haven On Earth Animal League Fort Myers Florida USA
Helping Hands Rescue Newberry Florida USA
Helping Paws Humane Society Saint Cloud Florida USA
Here Kitty Kitty Adoptions Elfers Florida USA
Home at Last Pet Adoptions, Inc. Homosassa Florida USA
Honor Sanctuary Animal Rescue Inc. Bradenton Florida USA
Humane Society at Lakewood Ranch Sarasota Florida USA
Humane Society of Bay County Panama City Florida USA
Humane Society of Greater Miami Adopt-A-Pet North Miami Beach Florida USA
Humane Society of Highlands County Sebring Florida USA
Humane Society of Inverness Inverness Florida USA
Humane Society of Manatee County Bradenton Florida USA
Humane Society of Northeast Florida Hollister Florida USA
Humane Society of Pinellas Clearwater Florida USA
Humane Society of Sarasota County, Inc. Sarasota Florida USA
Humane Society of Tampa Bay Tampa Florida USA
Humane Society of the Nature Coast, Inc. Brooksville Florida USA
Humane Society of the Treasure Coast Palm City Florida USA
Husky Haven of Florida Inc. Clearwater Florida USA
Jacksonville Humane Society, Inc. Jacksonville Florida USA
Jefferson County Humane Society, Inc. Monticello Florida USA
Labor of Love Tampa Florida USA
Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida Lake Monroe Florida USA
Lake City Humane Society, Inc. Lake City Florida USA
Leon County Humane Society Tallahassee Florida USA
Levy County Animal Services Bronson Florida USA
LUV - A - PET West Palm Beach Florida USA
Napier`s Log Cabin Horse & Animal Sanctuary Bradenton Florida USA
Nassau County Animal Services Fernandina Beach Florida USA
Nassau Humane Society Fernandina Beach Florida USA
No Paw Left Behind Pompano Beach Florida USA
North Florida Animal Rescue Wellborn Florida USA
Octavio Feline Foundation Miami Florida USA
Paws in Prison Crawfordville Florida USA
Pet Haven Rescue, Inc. Loxahatchee Florida USA
Phoenix Animal Rescue Alachua Florida USA
Planned Pethood of Pasco Zephyrhills Florida USA
Poodle and Pooch Rescue of Florida Orlando Florida USA
Rescued Unwanted Furry Friends (RUFF) Fort Walton Beach Florida USA
Rugaz Rescue Inc. New Port Richey Florida USA
S.A.F.E. Society of Florida Elfers Florida USA
Safe Animal Shelter Middleburg Florida USA
Safe Harbor Animal Rescue of the Keys, Inc. Marathon Florida USA
Safe Haven Animal Rescue of Florida Bradenton Florida USA
Saving Animals Via Education (S.A.V.E.) Ponte Vedra Beach Florida USA
South Florida Boxer & Pit BUll Rescue Corp Port Saint Lucie Florida USA
South Florida Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation Inc. / DBA Get a Life Pet Rescue Plantation Florida USA
SPCA Inc. Lakeland Florida USA
SPCA of North Brevard, Inc. Titusville Florida USA
SPCA Suncoast New Port Richey Florida USA
SPCA Tampa Bay Largo Florida USA
St. Francis Animal Rescue Venice Florida USA
Suncoast Animal League Palm Harbor Florida USA
Suncoast Humane Society Englewood Florida USA
Suwannee Valley Humane Society,Inc. Madison Florida USA
The Cat Network, Inc. Miami Florida USA
The Humane Society Naples Naples Florida USA
The Humane Society of St. Lucie County Fort Pierce Florida USA
Wakulla County Animal Control Crawfordville Florida USA
We Care Rottweiler Rescue, 90-0101545 ENI De Leon Springs Florida USA
Alcovy Pet Rescue Winder Georgia USA
All Paws Crossed Gay Georgia USA
Animal Haven of Hope Society, Inc Hinesville Georgia USA
Animal Lover`s Rescue of Middle GA Fort Valley Georgia USA
Animals Deserve Better Marietta Georgia USA
Athens Area Humane Society Watkinsville Georgia USA
Athens Canine Rescue Athens Georgia USA
Atlanta Beagle Rescue Atlanta Georgia USA
Atlanta Humane Society Atlanta Georgia USA
Boggs Mountain Humane Shelter Tiger Georgia USA
BullyWag, Inc. Douglasville Georgia USA
Carroll County Animal Control Carrollton Georgia USA
Cindy`s K-9 Angels, Inc. Duluth Georgia USA
Claws & Paws Rescue, Inc Buena Vista Georgia USA
Clover Run Rescue Jefferson Georgia USA
Coastal Pet Rescue, Inc. Savannah Georgia USA
Colbert Veterinary Rescue Services, Inc Colbert Georgia USA
Companion Animal Rescue and Eduction Inc Molena Georgia USA
Companion Animal Rescue Inc. Madison Georgia USA
Dawson County Humane Society & Animal Shelter Dawsonville Georgia USA
Dog Pack Rescue Calhoun Georgia USA
Dolly Good Puppy Society Inc. Barnesville Georgia USA
Etowah Valley Humane Society Cartersville Georgia USA
Fancy Feline Rescue of the South, Inc. Powder Springs Georgia USA
Field of Dreams Gun Dog Rescue, Inc Conyers Georgia USA
Forgotten Animals Rescue,Inc. Lilburn Georgia USA
Forgotten K9s Inc. Commerce Georgia USA
Forsyth County Animal Shelter Cumming Georgia USA
FURever Friends Humane Society Gray Georgia USA
Georgia Animal Rescue and Defence, Inc (GARD) Pembroke Georgia USA
Georgia Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation Cochran Georgia USA
Georgia Homeless Pets Atlanta Georgia USA
Georgia Humane Society Greenville Georgia USA
Georgia SPCA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Suwanee Georgia USA
Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta Peachtree City Georgia USA
Hall County Animal Shelter Gainesville Georgia USA
Haralson County Animal Control Buchanan Georgia USA
Heartsong Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Inc. Augusta Georgia USA
Henry County Animal Control Mcdonough Georgia USA
Homeless Pets Foundation Marietta Georgia USA
Humane Society of Camden County Kingsland Georgia USA
Humane Society of Evans County, GA Inc. Daisy Georgia USA
Humane Society of Griffin-Spalding County Experiment Georgia USA
Humane Society of Harris County Hamilton Georgia USA
Humane Society of Morgan County, Inc. Madison Georgia USA
Humane Society of Northeast Georgia Gainesville Georgia USA
Humane Society of South Coastal Georgia Brunswick Georgia USA
Humane Society of Valdosta/Lowndes County Valdosta Georgia USA
Humane Society's Mountain Shelter Blairsville Georgia USA
Jasper County Animal Control Monticello Georgia USA
Lakeland/Lanier Animal Shelter Lakeland Georgia USA
Leftover Pets Braselton Georgia USA
Liberty Humane Shelter Hinesville Georgia USA
Lowndes County Animal Services Valdosta Georgia USA
Lumpkin County Animal Shelter Dahlonega Georgia USA
Miss Kitty Feline Sanctuary, Inc. Thomasville Georgia USA
Moultrie/Colquitt County Humane Society Moultrie Georgia USA
Muscogee County Humane Society Columbus Georgia USA
Nick of Time Rescue Grovetown Georgia USA
Oconee County Animal Control Bishop Georgia USA
Old Fella Burke County Animal Rescue, Inc Waynesboro Georgia USA
Open Door Animal Rescue Covington Georgia USA
PAWS Atlanta Decatur Georgia USA
PAWS Humane Columbus Georgia USA
Pawsitive Causes Pet Rescue, Inc. Monticello Georgia USA
Peach County Animal Rescue Fort Valley Georgia USA
Peach State Canine Rescue Fort Valley Georgia USA
People for Animal Welfare In the South Donalsonville Georgia USA
Pets To Be Inc Lilburn Georgia USA
Pickens Animal Rescue, Inc. Jasper Georgia USA
Pickens County Animal Control Jasper Georgia USA
Polk County Animal Control Cedartown Georgia USA
Posey Shelter Pet Promoters Inc. Cedartown Georgia USA
Rabun County Animal Control Tiger Georgia USA
Safe Haven Animal Rescue Hamilton Georgia USA
SmallDog Rescue and Humane Society Atlanta Georgia USA
SNACS, Inc. Fort Valley Georgia USA
Southern Comfort Animal Rescue Macon Georgia USA
Southern Hope Humane Society Powder Springs Georgia USA
STARS of Georgia Register Georgia USA
Sumter Humane Society Americus Georgia USA
The Habersham County Animal Shelter Clarkesville Georgia USA
The Humane Society for Greater Savannah Savannah Georgia USA
Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society Thomasville Georgia USA
TLC Humane Society Dahlonega Georgia USA
tri county animal rescue Buena Vista Georgia USA
Tri State Pet Rescue Mc Caysville Georgia USA
Walker County Animal Shelter Chickamauga Georgia USA
White County Animal Control Cleveland Georgia USA
Kauai Humane Society Lihue Hawaii USA
Malama Popoki Mililani Hawaii USA
Oahu SPCA Kapolei Hawaii USA
AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport, Inc. Adel Iowa USA
Almost Home / Humane Society of North Central Iowa Fort Dodge Iowa USA
Animal Rescue League of Iowa Des Moines Iowa USA
Animal Rescue League of Marshalltown Marshalltown Iowa USA
Animal Rescue of Carroll Carroll Iowa USA
Animal Welfare Foundation of Iowa Anamosa Iowa USA
APE - Animal Protection Education Paton Iowa USA
Boone Area Humane Society Boone Iowa USA
Cedar Valley Humane Society Cedar Rapids Iowa USA
Dubuque Regional Humane Society Dubuque Iowa USA
Furry Friends Refuge West Des Moines Iowa USA
Harrison County Humane Society of Iowa Logan Iowa USA
Heartland Humane Society Ottumwa Iowa USA
Hounds Haven Basset Rescue Indianola Iowa USA
Humane Society of Perry Perry Iowa USA
Humane Society of Scott County Davenport Iowa USA
Iowa Pet Adoptions Des Moines Iowa USA
Jasper County Animal Rescue League and Humane Society Newton Iowa USA
Jewell Animal Hospital Jewell Iowa USA
Last Hope Animal Rescue Shellsburg Iowa USA
Marion County Humane Society Knoxville Iowa USA
Mississippi Valley German Shepherd Rescue Cedar Rapids Iowa USA
Montgomery County Animal Rescue Red Oak Iowa USA
Noah`s Ark Animal Foundation Fairfield Iowa USA
P.E.T.S. Panora Iowa USA
Paws & More Animal Shelter Washington Iowa USA
PAWS of Greene County Jefferson Iowa USA
People for Paws (People 4 Paws) Shenandoah Iowa USA
Powershiek Animal League Shelter (PALS) Grinnell Iowa USA
Soaring with 2nd Chances Knoxville Iowa USA
South Hamilton Animal Alliance Jewell Iowa USA
Stephen Memorial Animal Shelter Oskaloosa Iowa USA
TigeraCat Rescues Waterloo Iowa USA
Waverly Humane Society Waverly Iowa USA
Canyon County Animal Shelter Caldwell Idaho USA
City of Rexburg Animal Shelter Rexburg Idaho USA
For the Love of Pets Foundation Hamer Idaho USA
Four Paws Pet Adoptions Inc. Rexburg Idaho USA
Idaho Humane Society Boise Idaho USA
Kootenai Humane Society Hayden Idaho USA
Lemhi County Humane Society, Inc. / Salmon Animal Shelter Salmon Idaho USA
Lewis Clark Animal Shelter Lewiston Idaho USA
MCPAWS Regional Animal Shelter Mccall Idaho USA
Northwest Animal Companions Boise Idaho USA
Panhandle Animal Shelter Ponderay Idaho USA
Second Chance Animal Adoption Bonners Ferry Idaho USA
Simply Cats Adoption Center Boise Idaho USA
2nd Chance Animal Rescue Vandalia Illinois USA
4 Paws 4 U 4 Ever West Chicago Illinois USA
Almost Home Animal Rescue Grant Park Illinois USA
Almost Home Foundation Elk Grove Village Illinois USA
Anderson Animal Shelter South Elgin Illinois USA
Animal Care League Oak Park Illinois USA
Animal House Shelter Huntley Illinois USA
Animal Rescue Foundation of Illinois Glen Ellyn Illinois USA
Annie`s Little Angels Small Breed Rescue Plainfield Illinois USA
Bond County Humane Society Greenville Illinois USA
Broad Shoulders Animal Rescue **WINTER SPECIALS!** Chicago Illinois USA
Cache Creek Animal Rescue Anna Illinois USA
Castaway Pet Rescue Crystal Lake Illinois USA
CATSNAP Savoy Illinois USA
Cause 4 Paws Rescue Calumet City Illinois USA
Chicago Canine Rescue Foundation, IL Dept of Ag. 10388 Chicago Illinois USA
Chicago Pet Rescue Chicago Illinois USA
Chicago Pit Stop Rescue Chicago Illinois USA
Chicagoland Bully Breed Rescue Chicago Illinois USA
Crawford County Humane Society Robinson Illinois USA
Douglas County Animal Control Tuscola Illinois USA
Eye on the Sparrow Yorkville Illinois USA
Felines and Canines Chicago Illinois USA
Feral Feline Project Wheeling Illinois USA
Fixin’ Feral Felines Dekalb Illinois USA
Fox Valley Helping Paws Woodstock Illinois USA
Free Spirit Siberian Rescue Harvard Illinois USA
Fresh Start Animal Rescue Belvidere Illinois USA
Friendly & Feral Cat Rescue Rolling Meadows Illinois USA
Friends Forever Humane Society Freeport Illinois USA
Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control Chicago Illinois USA
Fur Angels Aurora Illinois USA
Hannah's Safe Haven University Park Illinois USA
Happy Tails Animal Shelter Rock Falls Illinois USA
Heartland Animal Shelter Northbrook Illinois USA
Herrin Animal Control Herrin Illinois USA
Highland Animal Shelter Highland Illinois USA
Hinsdale Humane Society Hinsdale Illinois USA
Homeward Bound Pet Shelter Decatur Illinois USA
Hope Rescues Alton Illinois USA
Humane Society of Decatur & Macon County Decatur Illinois USA
Humane Society of Fulton County Canton Illinois USA
Illinois Doberman Rescue Plus Barrington Illinois USA
It's A Pittie Rescue Peotone Illinois USA
Jellystone Barks Rescue Rangers Yorkville Illinois USA
Joliet Township Animal Control Joliet Illinois USA
Kendall County Animal Control Yorkville Illinois USA
King's Promise All Breed Rescue Frankfort Illinois USA
Lean On Me Doberman Rescue Plainfield Illinois USA
Macoupin County Animal Control Carlinville Illinois USA
Marion Animal Control Marion Illinois USA
Marion Regional Humane Society Marion Illinois USA
Metro East Humane Society Edwardsville Illinois USA
Midwest Animal Rescue Service Chicago Illinois USA
Midwest Mastiff Rescue Gurnee Illinois USA
Naperville Area Humane Society Naperville Illinois USA
NAWS - Nat'l Animal Welfare Society of the U.S. Frankfort Illinois USA
Noahs Ark Animal Sanctuary, Inc. Rockford Illinois USA
On Angels' Wings, Inc. Crystal Lake Illinois USA
Open Doors Animal Rescue Hampshire Illinois USA
PAWS Animal Shelter Tinley Park Illinois USA
Petropolis Inc Round Lake Illinois USA
Pets Without Parents of Central Illinois *License #11651* Easton Illinois USA
Pioneer Animal Welfare Society Palestine Illinois USA
Prairieland Anti-Cruelty Program Champaign Illinois USA
Project Rescue Chicago Chicago Illinois USA
Purrs From The Heart Riverside Illinois USA
Quincy Animal Shelter Quincy Illinois USA
Quincy Humane Society, Inc Quincy Illinois USA
Rollover Animal Rescue Des Plaines Illinois USA
Romeoville Humane Society Romeoville Illinois USA
Second City Canine Rescue Medinah Illinois USA
South Suburban Humane Society Chicago Heights Illinois USA
Spay Illinois Momence Illinois USA
St. Francis Care Murphysboro Illinois USA
TAILS Humane Society Dekalb Illinois USA
The Anti-Cruelty Society Chicago Illinois USA
The Labrador Connection Woodstock Illinois USA
Urban Wolf Canine Rescue North Aurora Illinois USA
West Suburban Humane Society Downers Grove Illinois USA
Will County Humane Society Shorewood Illinois USA
Windy City Animal Foundation Chicago Illinois USA
Wright-Way Rescue Niles Illinois USA
Young at Heart Pet Rescue Palatine Illinois USA

Evansville Indiana USA
Adoption and Rescue Center By Clay County Humane Society Brazil Indiana USA
Almost Home Humane Society Lafayette Indiana USA
Animal Adoption Network Laconia Indiana USA
Animal Outreach of Shelby County Shelbyville Indiana USA
Animal Protection Association Jeffersonville Indiana USA
Animal Protection League Inc. Anderson Indiana USA
Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County Pierceton Indiana USA
Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County Crawfordsville Indiana USA
Another Chance for Animals Evansville Indiana USA
Casa Del Toro Bully Breed Education & Rescue Pittsboro Indiana USA
Cherished Life Carmel Indiana USA
City of Rushville Animal Shelter Rushville Indiana USA
Countryside Animal Rescue Anderson Indiana USA
CPR Fund Crown Point Indiana USA
Dog It Dig It Rescue Terre Haute Indiana USA
Dubois County Humane Society Jasper Indiana USA
For the Love of Jenny Animal Rescue Lowell Indiana USA
Frenzy Animal Rescue, Inc. New Palestine Indiana USA
Fur Heaven`s Sake Doggie Rescue New Haven Indiana USA
Gracie`s H.E.A.R.T. of Gold Rescue Marion Indiana USA
Greensburg Decatur Co Animal Control Greensburg Indiana USA
Happy Labs Rescue, Inc Columbus Indiana USA
Humane Society Calumet Area Munster Indiana USA
Humane Society for Hamilton County Noblesville Indiana USA
Humane Society of Indianapolis Indianapolis Indiana USA
Humane Society of Johnson County Franklin Indiana USA
Humane Society of Putnam County - The Greencastle Indiana USA
Illiana Rescue Dyer Indiana USA
Indiana Petite Paws Rescue Angels, Inc Greenwood Indiana USA
Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue Indianapolis Indiana USA
Joey`s Home Senior Dog Rescue, Inc. Terre Haute Indiana USA
Johnson County Animal Control Franklin Indiana USA
Kokomo Humane Society Kokomo Indiana USA
Loving Heart Animal Shelter Lafayette Indiana USA
Madison County SPCA Humane Society--CURRENT LITE CLIENT Anderson Indiana USA
Madison County SPCA Humane Society--FORMER LITE CLIENT Anderson Indiana USA
Marion-Grant County Humane Society Marion Indiana USA
Mended Hearts Indy Indianapolis Indiana USA
Michiana Pet Advocacy Center, INC South Bend Indiana USA
Morgan County Humane Society Martinsville Indiana USA
New Albany Floyd County Animal Control & Shelter New Albany Indiana USA
Newton County Animal Control Morocco Indiana USA
Northwest Indiana German Shepherd Dog Rescue Lake Village Indiana USA
Orange County Humane Society - IN Paoli Indiana USA
Our Lil` Bit of Heaven Animal Rescue and Sanctuary Poland Indiana USA
Owen County Humane Society Spencer Indiana USA
Partners for Animal Welfare Society Greenfield Indiana USA
PAWS of Dearborn County Lawrenceburg Indiana USA
PC Pound Puppies Poseyville Indiana USA
People Assisting Animals In Need Batesville Indiana USA
Porter County Animal Shelter Valparaiso Indiana USA
Posey Humane Society Mount Vernon Indiana USA
Ripley County Humane Society Osgood Indiana USA
Robdars Houndsong Rescue Hammond Indiana USA
Scraps Marengo Indiana USA
Seniors 4 Seniors Franklin Indiana USA
Smiling K9's Rescue Ossian Indiana USA
South Bend Animal Care & Control South Bend Indiana USA
Southern Indiana Animal Rescue Jeffersonville Indiana USA
Southside Animal Shelter Indianapolis Indiana USA
Steuben County Humane Society Inc. Angola Indiana USA
Terre Haute Humane Society Terre Haute Indiana USA
The Ark Fostercare Program Fillmore Indiana USA
The Humane Society of Elkhart County Bristol Indiana USA
The Humane Society of Sullivan County Sullivan Indiana USA
Vanderburgh Humane Society Evansville Indiana USA
Warrick Humane Society Newburgh Indiana USA
White River Humane Society Bedford Indiana USA
Wichester Animal Control and Rescue Winchester Indiana USA
Alex`s House Rosalia Kansas USA
Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland Shawnee Mission Kansas USA
Caring Hands Humane Society Newton Kansas USA
Cowley County Humane Society Winfield Kansas USA
Eskie House Wichita Kansas USA
Forever Friends Animal League Shawnee Mission Kansas USA
Furever Friends Madison Kansas USA
Happy Tails Animal Rescue Topeka Kansas USA
Heartland SPCA Shawnee Kansas USA
Jefferson County Humane Society Valley Falls Kansas USA
Kansas Humane Society Wichita Kansas USA
Kansas K-9 ResQ Wichita Kansas USA
Lawrence Humane Society Lawrence Kansas USA
Lifeline Animal Placement Wichita Kansas USA
Pawnee County Humane Society Larned Kansas USA
Pottawatomie County Caring Hearts Humane Society Westmoreland Kansas USA
Pratt Area Humane Society Pratt Kansas USA
Barren River Animal Welfare Association Glasgow Kentucky USA
BC's K9 Rescue Irvington Kentucky USA
Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society Bowling Green Kentucky USA
Campbell County Animal Shelter Melbourne Kentucky USA
Clark County Animal Shelter Winchester Kentucky USA
Corgi Rescue & Adoption of Northern KY (CRANKY) Warsaw Kentucky USA
Daviess County Animal Shelter Owensboro Kentucky USA
Frankies Furry Friends Rescue Alexandria Kentucky USA
Friends of the Shelter Franklin Kentucky USA
Gallatin Area Greyhound Adoption Warsaw Kentucky USA
Gallatin County Animal Shelter Sparta Kentucky USA
Grant County Animal Shelter Williamstown Kentucky USA
Henry/Trimble Animal Shelter Eminence Kentucky USA
Hopkins County Humane Society Madisonville Kentucky USA
Humane Society of Henderson County Henderson Kentucky USA
Humane Society of Nelson County Bardstown Kentucky USA
Jack's Place, Inc White Plains Kentucky USA
Kentucky Humane Society Louisville Kentucky USA
Kentucky Tails Ft Mitchell Kentucky USA
Logan County Humane Society Russellville Kentucky USA
Lost But Loved (L.B.L.) Animal Rescue Murray Kentucky USA
Mayfield-Graves County Animal Shelter Mayfield Kentucky USA
Mercer County Humane Society Harrodsburg Kentucky USA
New Hope Animal Rescue Center Henderson Kentucky USA
Pampered Pets Animal Rescue Newport Kentucky USA
Paws, Claws & More Rescue/Transport Paducah Kentucky USA
Pay It Forward Animal Welfare Network Henderson Kentucky USA
RePets Animal Rescue Bowling Green Kentucky USA
Rescue Angels Inc. Covington Kentucky USA
Rescue Our Shelter Animals and Strays Alexandria Kentucky USA
Shelby County Animal Shelter/No Kill Mission Shelbyville Kentucky USA
Shelby County Humane Society Shelbyville Kentucky USA
Somerset-Pulaski Humane Society Eubank Kentucky USA
Stray Animal Adoption Program Newport Kentucky USA
Taylor County Animal Services Campbellsville Kentucky USA
The Pet Castle, Inc. Animal Rescue Florence Kentucky USA
Acadia Parish Animal Control Crowley Louisiana USA
Acadiana Humane Society Sunset Louisiana USA
Acadiana Humane Society & Cat Ranch Sunset Louisiana USA
Animal Rescue Foundation of Louisiana Sunset Louisiana USA
APAWS - Animal Protection and Welfare Society Baton Rouge Louisiana USA
Ascension Parish Animal Shelter Sorrento Louisiana USA
Caddo Parish Animal Shelter Shreveport Louisiana USA
Cat Haven, Inc. Baton Rouge Louisiana USA
Companion Animal Alliance Baton Rouge Louisiana USA
Heart of Louisiana Humane Society Winnfield Louisiana USA
Humane Society of Louisiana, Magnolia Chapter Bogalusa Louisiana USA
Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter New Orleans Louisiana USA
Jefferson SPCA New Orleans Louisiana USA
LA D.A.W.G. Slidell Louisiana USA
Lafayette Animal Aid Carencro Louisiana USA
Louisiana SPCA New Orleans Louisiana USA
PAAW People Assisting Animal Welfare Youngsville Louisiana USA
Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Belle Chasse Louisiana USA
Plaquemines Parish Animal Shelter Belle Chasse Louisiana USA
Sabine Humane Society Many Louisiana USA
St. Bernard Parish`s Animal Shelter Violet Louisiana USA
St. Charles Humane Society - LA Luling Louisiana USA
St. Francis Animal Sanctuary Mandeville Louisiana USA
St. Landry Parish Animal Control Opelousas Louisiana USA
St. Tammany Humane Society Covington Louisiana USA
T.B. Yopp, Jr. Animal Facility Grand Cane Louisiana USA
YELP! Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Louisiana USA
Animal Protection Center of Southeastern Massachusetts Inc. Brockton Massachusetts USA
Animal Rescue Merrimack Valley Bradford Massachusetts USA
Animal Shelter Inc. of Sterling Sterling Massachusetts USA
Baypath Humane Society Hopkinton Massachusetts USA
Berkshire Humane Society Pittsfield Massachusetts USA
Brockton Blue Dog Shelter Brockton Massachusetts USA
Broken Tail Rescue Worcester Massachusetts USA
Cape Ann Animal Aid Gloucester Massachusetts USA
Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society Leverett Massachusetts USA
Dog Orphans Humane Society Douglas Massachusetts USA
Feline Friends, Inc. Feeding Hills Massachusetts USA
Forever Home Rescue New England Walpole Massachusetts USA
Friends of Swansea Feral Cats
Massachusetts USA
Gardner Animal Control Facility Gardner Massachusetts USA
Great Dog Rescue NE, Inc. Andover Massachusetts USA
Holliston Meadows Holliston Massachusetts USA
Humane Society and Shelter-Southcoast Dartmouth Massachusetts USA
Lowell Humane Society Lowell Massachusetts USA
Marshfield Animal Control Marshfield Massachusetts USA
Metrowest Animal Awareness Society Hudson Massachusetts USA
New Beginnings Dog Rescue Bondsville Massachusetts USA
New England All Breed Rescue Leicester Massachusetts USA
Pets In Need Animal Rescue Inc. Dracut Massachusetts USA
Protection of Animals in Wakefield Society Wakefield Massachusetts USA
Quincy Animal Shelter Quincy Massachusetts USA
Second Chance Animal Shelter, Inc. East Brookfield Massachusetts USA
Swansea / Somerset Animal Control & Town of Swansea Animal Shelter Swansea Massachusetts USA
Templeton Animal Shelter Templeton Massachusetts USA
Underdog ResQ, Inc. Boston Massachusetts USA
Worcester Animal Rescue League Worcester Massachusetts USA
Allegany County Animal Control and Shelter Cumberland Maryland USA
Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter, Inc. (BARCS) Baltimore Maryland USA
Baltimore Humane Society Reisterstown Maryland USA
Frederick County Animal Control Division Frederick Maryland USA
Humane Society of Charles County Waldorf Maryland USA
Humane Society of Harford County Fallston Maryland USA
Humane Society of Washington County Hagerstown Maryland USA
Mid-Atlantic Border Collie Rescue Chestertown Maryland USA
Montgomery County Humane Society Rockville Maryland USA
Patuxent Animal Welfare Society Annapolis Maryland USA
Purr Haven Inc. Rohrersville Maryland USA
Recycled Love Rescue Baltimore Maryland USA
Southern Maryland Spay and Neuter Port Republic Maryland USA
The Feline Rescue Association, Inc. Stevenson Maryland USA
The SPCA of Anne Arundel County Annapolis Maryland USA
Above and Beyond Great Dane Rescue Lewiston Maine USA
Bangor Humane Society Bangor Maine USA
Coastal Humane Society, Inc. Brunswick Maine USA
Franklin County Animal Shelter Farmington Maine USA
Greater Androscoggin Humane Society Lewiston Maine USA
Houlton Humane Society Houlton Maine USA
Humane Society Waterville Area Waterville Maine USA
Kennebec Valley Humane Society Augusta Maine USA
SPCA of Hancock County Ellsworth Maine USA
Pound Buddies Animal Shelter & Adoption Center Muskegon Michigan USA
A.C. Paw - Antrim County Pet & Animal Watch Mancelona Michigan USA
Allen Park Animal Shelter Allen Park Michigan USA
Almost Home Animal Rescue League West Bloomfield Michigan USA
Always Hope Animal Rescue Howell Michigan USA
ANGEL Animal Rescue and Veterinary Clinic Chase Michigan USA
Antrim County Animal Shelter Bellaire Michigan USA
Basil's Buddies Trenton Michigan USA
Capital Area Humane Society Lansing Michigan USA
Cascades Humane Society Jackson Michigan USA
Charlevoix Area Humane Society Boyne City Michigan USA
Elk Country Animal Shelter Atlanta Michigan USA
Faithful Friends Animal Rescue Shelby Michigan USA
Fortunate Feline Adoption League East Pointe Michigan USA
Friends of Michigan Animal Rescue Belleville Michigan USA
Golden Years Alaskan Malamute Rescue Muskegon Michigan USA
Great Lakes Mastiff Rescue, Inc. West Branch Michigan USA
Guardian Angel Animal Rescue Livonia Michigan USA
Harbor Humane Society West Olive Michigan USA
Humane Society of Huron Valley Ann Arbor Michigan USA
Humane Society of Midland County Midland Michigan USA
Humane Society of West Michigan Grand Rapids Michigan USA
Huron Humane Society Alpena Michigan USA
Indian Creek Sanctuary Temperance Michigan USA
Lenawee Humane Society Adrian Michigan USA
Little Traverse Bay Humane Society Harbor Springs Michigan USA
Menominee Animal Shelter Menominee Michigan USA
Metro Area Animal Adoption Association Detroit Michigan USA
Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue Kent City Michigan USA
Missaukee Humane Society Lake City Michigan USA
No Place Like Home Rescue of Michigan Warren Michigan USA
Northwoods Animal Shelter, Inc. Iron River Michigan USA
Ogemaw County Humane Society West Branch Michigan USA
PapAdopters and Placement Service Walled Lake Michigan USA
Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren Warren Michigan USA
Pet Angel Adoption & Rescue Inc Frankenmuth Michigan USA
Petastic Animal Rescue Eaton Rapids Michigan USA
Pixie's Animal Welfare Society Brighton Michigan USA
Refurbished Pets of Southern Michigan Coldwater Michigan USA
ResQ 4 Paws Ortonville Michigan USA
Sanilac County Humane Society-MI Carsonville Michigan USA
SPCA of Southwest Michigan Kalamazoo Michigan USA
Voiceless-MI East Lansing Michigan USA
Waggin` Tails Dog Rescue Northville Michigan USA
WiggleButtz Boxer Rescue Warren Michigan USA
Animal Humane Society Minneapolis Minnesota USA
Camp Companion, Inc Rochester Minnesota USA
Friends of Animals Cloquet Minnesota USA
Headwaters Animal Shelter Park Rapids Minnesota USA
Hiawatha Animal Humane Society Lake City Minnesota USA
Homeward Bound Rescue Monticello Minnesota USA
Humane Society of Freeborn County Albert Lea Minnesota USA
Humane Society of Otter Tail County Fergus Falls Minnesota USA
Paws and Claws Humane Society Rochester Minnesota USA
Prairie's Edge Humane Society Faribault Minnesota USA
Silver Dragon Pets Brainerd Minnesota USA
Star of the North Humane Society Coleraine Minnesota USA
The Humane Society of Kandiyohi Cty Willmar Minnesota USA
Tri-County Humane Society Saint Cloud Minnesota USA
Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue Inver Grove Heights Minnesota USA
WhipStaff Ranch and Rescue Solway Minnesota USA
Winona Area Humane Society Winona Minnesota USA
Animal Adoption & Resource Center Joplin Missouri USA
CARE Clinton Missouri USA
Carthage Humane Society Carthage Missouri USA
Central Missouri Humane Society Columbia Missouri USA
Columbia Boone County Animal Control Columbia Missouri USA
Columbia Second Chance Boonville Missouri USA
Country Acres Rescue Manchester Missouri USA
Diana`s Grove Dog Rescue Cabool Missouri USA
Doggy Doodles Adoptions Saint Louis Missouri USA
Foxwood Animal Rescue Kansas City Missouri USA
Furry Kids Refuge Lees Summit Missouri USA
HALO-Helping Animals Live On Clinton Missouri USA
Heart of America Poodle and Friends K-9 Rescue Moscow Mills Missouri USA
Humane Society of Southwest Missouri Springfield Missouri USA
Independence Animal Services Independence Missouri USA
Kansas City Animal Health & Public Safety Kansas City Missouri USA
MoKan Greyhound Adoption Independence Missouri USA
New Nodaway Humane Society Maryville Missouri USA
Paw-riffic Animal Rescue, Inc. Wentzville Missouri USA
Pet Rescue Services Lonedell Missouri USA
Project Precious Paws Columbia Missouri USA
Sikeston Area Humane Society Sikeston Missouri USA
Small Survivors Warrensburg Missouri USA
Something Special Castaways Rescue Raymore Missouri USA
St. Francois Society Saint Louis Missouri USA
Stray Haven Rescue Arnold Missouri USA
Taney County Health Department Hollister Missouri USA
The Animal Rescue Alliance (T.A.R.A.) Independence Missouri USA
Vernon County People for Pets, Inc Nevada Missouri USA
Wayside Waifs Humane Society Kansas City Missouri USA
9 Lives Cat Rescue University Mississippi USA
Cleveland-Bolivar County Animal Shelter Cleveland Mississippi USA
Humane Society of South Mississippi Gulfport Mississippi USA
IDA-Project Hope Sanctuary Grenada Mississippi USA
Leflore County Humane Society Greenwood Mississippi USA
Oxford Lafayette Humane Society Oxford Mississippi USA
Pearl River County SPCA Picayune Mississippi USA
Southern Pines Animal Shelter Hattiesburg Mississippi USA
Tupelo Lee Humane Society Tupelo Mississippi USA
Waveland Animal Shelter Waveland Mississippi USA
Animal Control Office Hamilton Montana USA
Beartooth Humane Alliance Red Lodge Montana USA
Bitter Root Humane Association Hamilton Montana USA
Chelsea Bailey Butte Silver Bow Animal Shelter Butte Montana USA
Flathead County Animal Shelter Kalispell Montana USA
Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter Bozeman Montana USA
Help for Homeless Pets Billings Montana USA
Humane Society of Northwest Montana Kalispell Montana USA
Humane Society of Western Montana Missoula Montana USA
Last Chance Cat Sanctuary, Inc. Billings Montana USA
Pintler Pets Humane Society Anaconda Montana USA
Rimrock Humane Society Roundup Montana USA
Selina Memorial Animal Rescue Whitehall Montana USA
Stafford Animal Shelter Livingston Montana USA
All Dogs` Heaven Troutman North Carolina USA
American Pit Bull Foundation Charlotte North Carolina USA
Angels of Gaston Animal Rescue Dallas North Carolina USA
Animal Adoption and Rescue Foundation (AARF) Winston Salem North Carolina USA
Animal Compassion Network Asheville North Carolina USA
Animal Lovers Assistance League, Inc. Maple North Carolina USA
Asheville Humane Society Asheville North Carolina USA
Avery County Humane Society Newland North Carolina USA
Beaufort County Animal Control Washington North Carolina USA
Best Buddies Companion Rescue & Adoption Pittsboro North Carolina USA
Best Friend Pet Adoption Cary North Carolina USA
Blue Ridge Humane Society Hendersonville North Carolina USA
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Asheville North Carolina USA
Burke County Friends for Animals Morganton North Carolina USA
Cabarrus Pets Society Concord North Carolina USA
Carolina Animal Rescue & Adoption Sanford North Carolina USA
Carolina P.A.W.S. Waxhaw North Carolina USA
Cashiers-Highlands Humane Society Cashiers North Carolina USA
Catering to Cats & Dogs Cornelius North Carolina USA
Edgecombe Nash Humane Society Rocky Mount North Carolina USA
Fayetteville Animal Protection Society, Inc Fayetteville North Carolina USA
Foothills Humane Society - NC Columbus North Carolina USA
Fran`s Felines New Bern North Carolina USA
Franklin County Humane Society Youngsville North Carolina USA
FurEver Friends Animal Rescue Network and Sanctuary Old Fort North Carolina USA
Great Dane Rescue of the Carolinas Huntersville North Carolina USA
Greater Charlotte SPCA Charlotte North Carolina USA
Guilford County Animal Shelter Greensboro North Carolina USA
Happy Hills Animal Foundation, Inc Staley North Carolina USA
Heaven and Earth Animal Rescue Team (HEART) Youngsville North Carolina USA
Heavensown Rescue Waxhaw North Carolina USA
Hoke County Animal Shelter Raeford North Carolina USA
Hominy Valley German Shepherd Rescue Candler North Carolina USA
Humane Society of Catawba County Hickory North Carolina USA
Humane Society of Charlotte Charlotte North Carolina USA
Humane Society of Eastern Carolina Greenville North Carolina USA
Huntersville Animal Services Huntersville North Carolina USA
J and J`s Homeless Pet Rescue Washington North Carolina USA
Kreitzers Critter Corral Puppy Rescue Harrisburg North Carolina USA
Lincoln County Animal Services Lincolnton North Carolina USA
Logan's Run Rescue Marble North Carolina USA
Macon County H.S. - NC Franklin North Carolina USA
Madison County Animal Shelter Marshall North Carolina USA
Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc, Spruce Pine North Carolina USA
NC Pet Adoption League Greensboro North Carolina USA
North Carolina Rottweiler Rescue Raleigh North Carolina USA
Operation Topcat Sneads Ferry North Carolina USA
Outer Banks SPCA/OBSPCA Manteo North Carolina USA
Paw-Fect Match Rescue Holly Springs North Carolina USA
Paws4Ever Mebane North Carolina USA
Pet Soup Rescue Asheville North Carolina USA
Pitt County Animal Shelter Greenville North Carolina USA
Pity 4 Us Rescue Pineville North Carolina USA
Private Label Rescue and Pet Placement Greensboro North Carolina USA
Project HALO - Helping Animals Live On Charlotte North Carolina USA
Pug Rescue of North Carolina, Inc Summerfield North Carolina USA
Puppy Paws Rescue Louisburg North Carolina USA
Purrrfect Friends Feline Shelter And Adoptions Goldsboro North Carolina USA
Robeson County Animal Shelter Saint Pauls North Carolina USA
Rockingham County Animal Shelter Reidsville North Carolina USA
Rockingham County Government Animal Shelter Reidsville North Carolina USA
Schnauzer Rescue of the Carolinas Lenoir North Carolina USA
Scotland County Humane Society Laurinburg North Carolina USA
Sound Pet Animal Rescue and Referral Cary North Carolina USA
SPCA of Franklin County Youngsville North Carolina USA
SPCA of Northeastern North Carolina Elizabeth City North Carolina USA
SPCA of the Triad Greensboro North Carolina USA
Stanly County Humane Society Albemarle North Carolina USA
The Animal Awareness Society Randleman North Carolina USA
THE HAVEN-Friends for Life Raeford North Carolina USA
The Humane Society of Lincoln County Lincolnton North Carolina USA
Transylvania Animal Alliance Group Brevard North Carolina USA
Triangle Italian Greyhound Rescue NC Pittsboro North Carolina USA
Tri-County Animal Rescue Alexis North Carolina USA
Warren County Animal Ark Warrenton North Carolina USA
Watauga Humane Society Boone North Carolina USA
Wayne County Animal Adoption & Education Center Goldsboro North Carolina USA
Circle of Friends Humane Society Grand Forks North Dakota USA
Souris Valley Animal Shelter Minot North Dakota USA
Beatrice Humane Society Beatrice Nebraska USA
Bottle Babies Rescue Omaha Nebraska USA
Central Nebraska Humane Society Grand Island Nebraska USA
Heartland Pet Connection Hastings Nebraska USA
Kearney Area Animal Shelter Kearney Nebraska USA
Saunders County Lost Pets Wahoo Nebraska USA
Taysia Blue Siberian Husky Rescue Omaha Nebraska USA
Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire Bedford New Hampshire USA
Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire - North Conway New Hampshire USA
Humane Society for Greater Nashua Nashua New Hampshire USA
Lakes Region Humane Society Ossipee New Hampshire USA
Life's Little Paws New Durham New Hampshire USA
Manchester Animal Shelter Manchester New Hampshire USA
Monadnock Humane Society Swanzey New Hampshire USA
New England Basset Hound Rescue, Inc Bedford New Hampshire USA
New Hampshire Humane Society Laconia New Hampshire USA
Peace and Paws Hillsborough New Hampshire USA
Salem Animal Rescue League Salem New Hampshire USA
White Mountain Foster & Rescue Wentworth New Hampshire USA
All They Need is Love Thorofare New Jersey USA
Almost Home Animal Shelter Pennsauken New Jersey USA
Animal Control Solutions Flemington New Jersey USA
Animal Welfare Association of New Jersey Voorhees New Jersey USA
Camden County Animal Shelter Blackwood New Jersey USA
Coming Home Rescue Rockaway New Jersey USA
Companion Animal Rescue & Education Bayonne New Jersey USA
Companion Animal Trust Jersey City New Jersey USA
Doggie Dog World Rescue Society, Inc Pompton Lakes New Jersey USA
Greyhound Angel`s Adoption Pennsauken New Jersey USA
Hope Animal Rescue South River New Jersey USA
Humane Society of Ocean City Ocean City New Jersey USA
JerseyCats Jersey City New Jersey USA
Liberty Humane Society Jersey City New Jersey USA
Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter East Hanover New Jersey USA
New Beginnings Pet Rescue Beachwood New Jersey USA
Noah`s Ark Animal Welfare Association, Inc Ledgewood New Jersey USA
One Step Closer Animal Rescue-OSCAR Sparta New Jersey USA
Paws 2 Your Heart Inc. Lafayette New Jersey USA
Paws-itive Kneads Ridgefield New Jersey USA
Plainfield Area Humane Society Plainfield New Jersey USA
Purrs and Pups Animal Rescue Team Riverdale New Jersey USA
Somerset Regional Animal Shelter Bridgewater New Jersey USA
St. Hubert`s Animal Welfare Center Madison New Jersey USA
Voorhees Animal Orphanage Voorhees New Jersey USA
ANEW of NM Albuquerque New Mexico USA
Animal Service Center of the Mesilla Valley Las Cruces New Mexico USA
Española Valley Humane Society Espanola New Mexico USA
High Plains Humane Society Clovis New Mexico USA
Jemez Valley Animal Amigos Jemez Springs New Mexico USA
KATO FOUNDATION Alamogordo New Mexico USA
Lodestar Dog Ranch Albuquerque New Mexico USA
Noah`s Ark Animal Shelter Carlsbad New Mexico USA
PACA/AAR Albuquerque New Mexico USA
Raton Humane Society Raton New Mexico USA
Socorro Animal Shelter Socorro New Mexico USA
Stray Hearts Animal Shelter Taos New Mexico USA
Watermelon Mountain Ranch Rio Rancho New Mexico USA
All Fur Love Animal Society Las Vegas Nevada USA
Carson City Animal Services Carson City Nevada USA
Elko Animal Shelter Elko Nevada USA
Friends of Castaway Companions Animal Shelter Winnemucca Nevada USA
Lander County Animal Shelter Battle Mountain Nevada USA
Lyon County Animal Services Silver Springs Nevada USA
Pet Network Humane Society Incline Village Nevada USA
Southern Nevada Shetland Sheepdog Club (Sheltie Rescue Of Southern Nevada) Las Vegas Nevada USA
SPCA of Northern Nevada Reno Nevada USA
A Tail at a Time New York New York USA
All About Spay Neuter Inc Howard Beach New York USA
Angel Paws Rescue Haven Gloversville New York USA
Animal Center of Queens, Inc. Rego Park New York USA
Animal Farm Foundation Bangall New York USA
Animal Service League, Inc. Rochester New York USA
Animalkind Inc. Hudson New York USA
Anjellicle Cats Rescue New York New York USA
Another Chance Pet Rescue Rochester New York USA
Big Dogs, Big Hearts Rescue Inc. Bloomfield New York USA
BrightStar German Shepherd Rescue Inc. Churchville New York USA
Buffalo Humane Buffalo New York USA
Chautauqua County Humane Society Jamestown New York USA
Chemung County Humane Society & SPCA, Inc. Elmira New York USA
Chenango SPCA Norwich New York USA
City of Buffalo Animal Shelter Buffalo New York USA
Columbia-Greene Humane Society/SPCA Hudson New York USA
Committed Canines Dog Services Carmel New York USA
Companion Animal Network Television Fresh Meadows New York USA
Dog Habitat Rescue Brooklyn New York USA
Dutchess County SPCA, Inc Hyde Park New York USA
Finger Lakes SPCA Bath New York USA
Forever Home Greyhound Adoptions Middleburg New York USA
Going to the Dogs Perry New York USA
Habitat For Cats Rochester New York USA
HEART Animal Rescue & Adoption Team Hamburg New York USA
HiTor Animal Care Center Pomona New York USA
HOPE of NY (Helping Orphaned Pets Everyday) Rochester New York USA
Humane Society of Schuyler County Montour Falls New York USA
Humane Society of Yates County Penn Yan New York USA
In Our Hands Rescue Brooklyn New York USA
Jefferson County SPCA Watertown New York USA
KittyCorner of CNY Inc. Liverpool New York USA
Life Long Tails Rescue Vestal New York USA
Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester Fairport New York USA
Mohawk Hudson Humane Society Menands New York USA
Montgomery County SPCA Amsterdam New York USA
Oswego County Humane Society, Inc. Oswego New York USA
Perfect Pets Rescue, Inc. Red Hook New York USA
Picasso Veterinary Fund New York New York USA
Potsdam Humane Society Potsdam New York USA
Putnam Felines Inc Putnam Valley New York USA
Ready for Rescue New York New York USA
Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions Rochester New York USA
Rochester Animal Services Rochester New York USA
Sean Casey Animal Rescue Brooklyn New York USA
Second Chance Sheltering Network, Inc Spring Brook New York USA
SPCA of Niagara Niagara Falls New York USA
SPCA of Tompkins County Ithaca New York USA
SPCA Serving Erie County Tonawanda New York USA
Stevens-Swan Humane Society of Oneida County Utica New York USA
Sullivan County SPCA Rock Hill New York USA
Susquehanna SPCA Cooperstown New York USA
Tails of Love Animal Rescue Staten Island New York USA
The Humane Society Binghamton New York USA
The Rottie Connections (TRC) Montgomery New York USA
Throwaway Pups Rescue Westport New York USA
Ulster County SPCA Kingston New York USA
Wanderers' Rest Humane Association Canastota New York USA
Warwick Valley Humane Society Warwick New York USA
4 Paws Sake Sylvania Ohio USA
A New Leash on Life Rescue Olmsted Falls Ohio USA
A Purrfect Start Grove City Ohio USA
Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary Salem Ohio USA
All Dogs` Heaven Lakewood Ohio USA
Angels for Animals Rescue League Lima Ohio USA
Animal Adoption Foundation Hamilton Ohio USA
Animal Friends Humane Society Hamilton Ohio USA
Animal Welfare League of Trumbull County, Inc Warren Ohio USA
Ashtabula County Animal Protective League Ashtabula Ohio USA
Berea Animal Rescue Berea Ohio USA
Bullieangel Rescue and Haven Ashtabula Ohio USA
Capital Area Humane Society Hilliard Ohio USA
CHA Animal Shelter Columbus Ohio USA
Cleveland Animal Protective League Cleveland Ohio USA
Colony Cats Dublin Ohio USA
Columbus Cocker Rescue New Albany Ohio USA
Defiance County Humane Society Defiance Ohio USA
Fairfield Area Humane Society Lancaster Ohio USA
Fourgotten Paws Animal Rescue Cincinnati Ohio USA
Friendship Animal Protective League of Lorain County Elyria Ohio USA
Geauga Humane Society's Rescue Village Novelty Ohio USA
Hairy Houdini Siberian Husky Rescue Delta Ohio USA
Hardin County Dog Shelter Kenton Ohio USA
Hardin County Dog Shelter Kenton Ohio USA
Head to Tail Animal Shelter Toledo Ohio USA
Henry County Humane Society Napoleon Ohio USA
Holmes County Dog Warden's Department Millersburg Ohio USA
Humane Society of Columbiana County Salem Ohio USA
Humane Society of Erie County Sandusky Ohio USA
Humane Society of Greater Dayton Dayton Ohio USA
Humane Society of Richland County Mansfield Ohio USA
Humane Society of Sandusky County Fremont Ohio USA
Humane Society Serving Clark County Inc. Springfield Ohio USA
Humane Society Serving Logan County Bellefontaine Ohio USA
Huron County Humane Society Norwalk Ohio USA
It`s a RUFF Life Rescue North Lima Ohio USA
Knox County Animal Shelter Mount Vernon Ohio USA
Lake County Dog Shelter Painesville Ohio USA
Lake Humane Society & Adoption Center Mentor Ohio USA
Licking County Humane Society Heath Ohio USA
Luv4k9s Dayton Ohio USA
Luvfurmutts Cincinnati Ohio USA
Maumee Valley Save-A-Pet Toledo Ohio USA
Medina County SPCA Medina Ohio USA
Noahs Ark Animal Shelter Cincinnati Ohio USA
Ohio Alleycat Resource & Spay/Neuter Clinic Cincinnati Ohio USA
Ohio Great Dane Rescue Waterville Ohio USA
Old Mason Animal Rescue of Ohio Huron Ohio USA
One of a Kind Pet Rescue Akron Ohio USA
PAWS Adoption Center Middletown Ohio USA
Pawsibilities, The Humane Society of Greater Akron Twinsburg Ohio USA
Pet Alliance Amelia Ohio USA
Pickaway County Dog Shelter Circleville Ohio USA
Powell Animal Welfare Society Powell Ohio USA
Robyn`s Nest Inc. Animal Rescue Camden Ohio USA
Ross County Humane Society Chillicothe Ohio USA
Service Dog 4 U Edison Ohio USA
Shelby County Humane Society Sidney Ohio USA
Shelter Dogs of America Mansfield Ohio USA
Sierra`s Haven For New and Used Pets Portsmouth Ohio USA
Stark County Humane Society Louisville Ohio USA
Summit County Animal Control Akron Ohio USA
Team Greyhound Adoption of Ohio Columbus Ohio USA
Teddy's Rescue and Sanctuary Findlay Ohio USA
Tender Loving Canine Rescue - Specializing in the American Eskimo Grove City Ohio USA
The Canine Collective Delaware Ohio USA
The Society for the Improvement of Conditions for Stray Animals Kettering Ohio USA
Union County Humane Society Marysville Ohio USA
Wayne County Humane Society, Inc. Wooster Ohio USA
Williams County Humane Society Bryan Ohio USA
Central Oklahoma Humane Society Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA
Elk City Animal Shelter Elk City Oklahoma USA
Frederick Animal Shelter Frederick Oklahoma USA
Friends with Four Paws Yukon Oklahoma USA
Heartland Lab Rescue Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA
Humane Society of Tulsa Tulsa Oklahoma USA
Miami Animal Alliance Miami Oklahoma USA
Misfits, Mutts and Meows, Inc. Crescent Oklahoma USA
Paw Paws Rescue Inc. Frederick Oklahoma USA
Pet Angels Rescue Edmond Oklahoma USA
Red Dirt Boxer Rescue Harrah Oklahoma USA
Second Chance Animal Sanctuary Norman Oklahoma USA
The Bella Foundation Oklahoma City Oklahoma USA
Tulsa Boxer Rescue Broken Arrow Oklahoma USA
Washington County SPCA Bartlesville Oklahoma USA
Adopt A Dog Inc Hood River Oregon USA
All for Dogs Rescue of Central Oregon Bend Oregon USA
Ani-Care Animal Shelter Ontario Oregon USA
Blue Mountain Humane Association La Grande Oregon USA
Cats Galore Milton Freewater Oregon USA
Committed Alliance to Strays - CATS Medford Oregon USA
Dogs for the Deaf Central Point Oregon USA
Family Dogs New Life Shelter Portland Oregon USA
FATE from the Heart Animal Rescue Beaverton Oregon USA
Florence Area Humane Society Florence Oregon USA
Friends of Coos County Animals Inc. Coos Bay Oregon USA
Greenhill Humane Society Eugene Oregon USA
Heartland Humane Society Corvallis Oregon USA
Home At Last Humane Society The Dalles Oregon USA
Humane Society of Central Oregon Bend Oregon USA
Humane Society of the Ochocos Prineville Oregon USA
Klamath Humane Society Klamath Falls Oregon USA
New Beginnings SPCA Roseburg Oregon USA
Oregon Fostering and Adoption Network Inc (ORFAN) Springfield Oregon USA
Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals Beaverton Oregon USA
Oregon Outback Humane Society Lakeview Oregon USA
Purrfect Fit Cat Adoptions Hood River Oregon USA
Rogue Valley Humane Society Grants Pass Oregon USA
SafeHaven Humane Society Albany Oregon USA
Salem Friends of Felines Salem Oregon USA
Save The Pets Eugene Oregon USA
Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center Roseburg Oregon USA
Shelter Animal Resource Alliance Eugene Oregon USA
Southern Oregon Humane Society Medford Oregon USA
The Cat`s Pajamas Eugene Oregon USA
The Pixie Project Portland Oregon USA
West Coast Dog and Cat Rescue-OR Eugene Oregon USA
Willamette Humane Society Salem Oregon USA
All 4 Paws Rescue Inc Chest Springs Pennsylvania USA
Animal Care and Control Team Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
Animal Care and Welfare, Inc. Georgetown Pennsylvania USA
Animal Care Sanctuary East Smithfield Pennsylvania USA
Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA
Animal Welfare Society of Monroe (AWSOM) Stroudsburg Pennsylvania USA
Applebrook Rescue, Inc. West Chester Pennsylvania USA
Beagle Rescue League, Inc.
Pennsylvania USA
Better Days Animal League Shippensburg Pennsylvania USA
Bucks County SPCA New Hope Pennsylvania USA
Calico Creek Critters Rescue Brownsville Pennsylvania USA
Camp Papillon Pet Adoption and Rescue Stroudsburg Pennsylvania USA
Cat's Peek Rescue New Ringgold Pennsylvania USA
Central Pennsylvania Humane Society Altoona Pennsylvania USA
Clarion PAWS Clarion Pennsylvania USA
Clearfield County SPCA Philipsburg Pennsylvania USA
Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter, Inc Chambersburg Pennsylvania USA
Furever Home Adoption Center East Petersburg Pennsylvania USA
Hazleton Animal Shelter Hazleton Pennsylvania USA
Helping The Helpless Pets Coatesville Pennsylvania USA
Humane League of Lancaster County Lancaster Pennsylvania USA
Huntingdon County Humane Society Huntingdon Pennsylvania USA
Kitty Cottage Adoption Center Norristown Pennsylvania USA
Klemko Akita Family Rescue Lewisberry Pennsylvania USA
Last Chance Ranch Inc. Animal Rescue Quakertown Pennsylvania USA
Lawrence County Humane Society New Castle Pennsylvania USA
Lehigh County Humane Society Allentown Pennsylvania USA
Lycoming County SPCA Williamsport Pennsylvania USA
Meyers Animal Shelter Adams County SPCA Gettysburg Pennsylvania USA
Mollys Place Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania USA
Morris Animal Refuge Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
National Brittany Rescue and Adoption Network Curwensville Pennsylvania USA
Northeast Animal Rescue Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
Operation Ava Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
PACCA Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
PALS- Pet Adoption Lifecare Society Broomall Pennsylvania USA
PAWS, the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
Pennsylvania Stray Save, Inc. Berwick Pennsylvania USA
Pennsylvania Student Chapter Association of Shelter Vets Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
Pet Adoption League Yukon Pennsylvania USA
Pets Come First Centre Hall Pennsylvania USA
Pike County Humane Society Shohola Pennsylvania USA
Plain and Fancy Animal Rescue, Inc. Denver Pennsylvania USA
Rainbow Tail Rescue
Pennsylvania USA
Ruth Steinert Memorial SPCA Pine Grove Pennsylvania USA
SPCA of Luzerne County Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania USA
Spicers Save a Pet Reeders Pennsylvania USA
Street Tails Animal Rescue Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
The A.N.N.A. Shelter Erie Pennsylvania USA
The Butler County Humane Society Renfrew Pennsylvania USA
The Center for Animal Health and Welfare Easton Pennsylvania USA
The Humane Society of Harrisburg Area, Inc Harrisburg Pennsylvania USA
The Pennsylvania SPCA Philadelphia Pennsylvania USA
The Phoenix Rescue Group Carlisle Pennsylvania USA
True Friends Animal Welfare Center Montrose Pennsylvania USA
White Oaks Animal Safe Haven Mckeesport Pennsylvania USA
All for the Animals, Inc. Warren Rhode Island USA
Aiken SPCA Aiken South Carolina USA
Anderson County P.A.W.S. Anderson South Carolina USA
Animal Protection League of South Carolina Hopkins South Carolina USA
Animal Rescue & Relief, Inc. Charleston South Carolina USA
Animal Shelter of Clarendon County Manning South Carolina USA
Barnwell County Animal Shelter Barnwell South Carolina USA
Beaufort County Animal Shelter & Control Beaufort South Carolina USA
Carolina Basset Hound Rescue Charleston South Carolina USA
City of Abbeville Abbeville South Carolina USA
Colleton County Animal & Environmental Control Walterboro South Carolina USA
Daisy’s Place Retriever Rescue Charleston South Carolina USA
Diamond in the Ruff Rescue & Rehab, Inc. Seneca South Carolina USA
Dillon County Animal Shelter Dillon South Carolina USA
Doc Williams SPCA Goose Creek South Carolina USA
Feline Freedom Coalition Ravenel South Carolina USA
Florence Area Humane Society Florence South Carolina USA
FootHills Golden Retriever Rescue, Inc. Greenville South Carolina USA
Frances R. Willis SPCA Summerville South Carolina USA
Grand Strand Humane Society Myrtle Beach South Carolina USA
Greenville County Animal Care Greenville South Carolina USA
Greenville Humane Society Greenville South Carolina USA
GROWL Inman South Carolina USA
HEART, Help Every Animal Reach Tomorrow--SOUTH CAROLINA Columbia South Carolina USA
Homeward Bound Pet Rescue Irmo South Carolina USA
Horry County Animal Care Center Conway South Carolina USA
Horry County Humane Society Myrtle Beach South Carolina USA
Howlmore Animal Sanctuary Columbia South Carolina USA
Hugs for Hounds Maudlin South Carolina USA
Humane Society of Greenwood Greenwood South Carolina USA
Humane Society of Lancaster, SC Lancaster South Carolina USA
Humane Society of McCormick County, Inc. Mccormick South Carolina USA
Jasper Animal Rescue Mission Ridgeland South Carolina USA
KitNKats Rescue Easley South Carolina USA
Lancaster County Animal Shelter Lancaster South Carolina USA
Loving Pet Adoption and Rescue Bowling Green South Carolina USA
New Beginnings Rescue Holly Hill South Carolina USA
New Hope Pit Bull Rescue Goose Creek South Carolina USA
Oconee Animal Rescue, Inc. Clemson South Carolina USA
Oconee County Animal Shelter Seneca South Carolina USA
PAL - Palmetto Animal League Ridgeland South Carolina USA
Pawmetto Lifeline Columbia South Carolina USA
Paws to the Rescue Mullins South Carolina USA
Pet Helpers Charleston South Carolina USA
Pets, Inc. West Columbia South Carolina USA
Project Safe Pet Catawba South Carolina USA
Richardson Animal Rescue York South Carolina USA
Sable Rescue, Inc. Greenville South Carolina USA
Spartanburg Department of Public Safety Spartanburg South Carolina USA
Spartanburg Humane Society Spartanburg South Carolina USA
St. Frances Animal Center Georgetown South Carolina USA
The Charleston Animal Society, A JASPCA Center North Charleston South Carolina USA
Walter Crowe Animal Shelter Camden South Carolina USA
Wescott Acres Pet Rescue Columbia South Carolina USA
Wild Heir Labrador Rescue Georgetown South Carolina USA
Black Hills Boxer Rescue Rapid City South Dakota USA
Brookings Regional Humane Society Brookings South Dakota USA
Heartland Humane Society Yankton South Dakota USA
Humane Society of the Black Hills Rapid City South Dakota USA
Second Chance Rescue Center Sioux Falls South Dakota USA
Sioux Falls Area Humane Society Sioux Falls South Dakota USA
Western Hills Humane Society Spearfish South Dakota USA
New Leash On Life Lebanon Tennessee USA
Almost Home Pet Foundation Dayton Tennessee USA
AnimalWorks Alcoa Tennessee USA
Barkaritaville Elmwood Tennessee USA
BellyRubs Basset Rescue Knoxville Tennessee USA
City of Savannah Animal Services Savannah Tennessee USA
Fayetteville/Lincoln County Animal Shelter Fayetteville Tennessee USA
For the Love of Dogs Sale Creek Tennessee USA
Giles County Humane Association Pulaski Tennessee USA
Grainger County Humane Society Rutledge Tennessee USA
Happy Tales Humane Franklin Tennessee USA
Hogan's Husky Heroes Memphis Tennessee USA
Humane Educational Society Chattanooga Tennessee USA
Humane Society of East Tennessee Friendsville Tennessee USA
Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County Memphis Tennessee USA
Humane Society of Sumner County Hendersonville Tennessee USA
Humphreys County Humane Society Waverly Tennessee USA
Margaret Brock Pet Adoption Center Chattanooga Tennessee USA
McMinn Regional Humane Society Athens Tennessee USA
Monroe County Animal Shelter Madisonville Tennessee USA
Mt Juliet Animal Shelter Mount Juliet Tennessee USA
Newport Animal Shelter Newport Tennessee USA
Oak Ridge Animal Shelter Oak Ridge Tennessee USA
Precious Friends Puppy Rescue Clarksville Tennessee USA
Robertson County Animal Control Springfield Tennessee USA
SBK Animal Center Blountville Tennessee USA
Shelter Animals Rescue Group Oak Ridge Tennessee USA
Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue Thompsons Station Tennessee USA
Union County Humane Society - TN Maynardville Tennessee USA
Wilson`s Dog Rescue Nolensville Tennessee USA
Young-Williams Animal Center Knoxville Tennessee USA
18 Shades of Grey Vidor Texas USA
All God`s Creatures Beaumont Texas USA
Alpine Animal Services Alpine Texas USA
Amarillo SPCA Amarillo Texas USA
Andrews Rescue and Foster Care Andrews Texas USA
Animal Allies of Texas Garland Texas USA
Animal Angels Jacksboro Texas USA
Animal Defense League of Texas San Antonio Texas USA
Animal Guardians of America Plano Texas USA
Animal Rescue Connections Bulverde Texas USA
Arlington Animal Services Arlington Texas USA
Austin Dog Rescue Austin Texas USA
Austin Humane Society Austin Texas USA
Austin Pets Alive! Austin Texas USA
Bastrop County Animal Control and Shelter Bastrop Texas USA
Blue Paws Rescue Lexington Texas USA
Bulverde Area Humane Society Bulverde Texas USA
Camp Wolfgang GSD Rescue Ennis Texas USA
Canyon Lake Animal Shelter Canyon Lake Texas USA
Central Texas SPCA Leander Texas USA
Citizens for Animal Protection Houston Texas USA
City of Abilene Abilene Texas USA
City of Elgin Animal Control Elgin Texas USA
City of Farmers Branch Animal Shelter Dallas Texas USA
City of Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Fort Worth Texas USA
City of Grand Prairie Animal Services Grand Prairie Texas USA
City of Grand Saline Adoption and Rescue Center Grand Saline Texas USA
City of Irving Animal Services Irving Texas USA
City of Nacogdoches Animal Services Nacogdoches Texas USA
City of San Angelo - Animal Shelter San Angelo Texas USA
City of Sansom Park Fort Worth Texas USA
City of Watauga Animal Services Fort Worth Texas USA
City of Wichita Falls Animal Services Wichita Falls Texas USA
CLASP Fort Worth Texas USA
Coastal Bend Small Breed Rescue Corpus Christi Texas USA
Commerce Humane Association Frank Barchard Memorial Animal Shelter Commerce Texas USA
Converse Animal Shelter, Inc. Converse Texas USA
Corinne T. Smith Animal Center Brownwood Texas USA
Cowboy Capital Pet Assistance League, Inc. Bandera Texas USA
Cute & Cuddlie Animal Welfare Society San Antonio Texas USA
DFW Humane Society Irving Texas USA
DFW Tzus and More Rescue Euless Texas USA
Doberman Rescue of North Texas Grand Prairie Texas USA
Dorothy O`Connor Pet Adoption Center Victoria Texas USA
Elgin Humane Society Elgin Texas USA
Ellis County SPCA Waxahachie Texas USA
Feral Friends Community Cat Alliance Richardson Texas USA
Friends of League City Animal Shelter Webster Texas USA
From the Heart Rescue Canutillo Texas USA
Fuzzy Friends Rescue Waco Texas USA
Galveston Island Humane Society Galveston Texas USA
Gardenia E. Janssen Animal Shelter, serving Fayette County, Texas La Grange Texas USA
Georgetown Animal Outreach Georgetown Texas USA
Giddings Animal Shelter Giddings Texas USA
Goliad Pet Adoption Goliad Texas USA
Grand Companions Humane Society Fort Davis Texas USA
Great Dane Rescue of El Paso El Paso Texas USA
Great Dane Rescue of North Texas Carrollton Texas USA
Gulf Coast Humane Society Corpus Christi Texas USA
HART Irving Texas USA
Helotes Humane Society Helotes Texas USA
Henderson Animal Shelter Henderson Texas USA
Hercules Feral Animal Rescue El Paso Texas USA
Hill Country SPCA Fredericksburg Texas USA
Hill County Paw Pals Hillsboro Texas USA
Homeless Halo`s Animal Rescue Pipe Creek Texas USA
Homeless Pet Placement League Houston Texas USA
Homes For Pets Schertz Texas USA
HOPE - Homeless & Orphaned Pets Endeavor Houston Texas USA
Hope Humane Society of Texas Denton Texas USA
Houston Humane Society Houston Texas USA
Houston SPCA Houston Texas USA
Humane Society of Angelina County Lufkin Texas USA
Humane Society of Cedar Creek Lake Kemp Texas USA
Humane Society of Central Texas Waco Texas USA
Humane Society of East Texas Tyler Texas USA
Humane Society of Harlingen Harlingen Texas USA
Humane Society of Montgomery County Conroe Texas USA
Humane Society of North Texas Fort Worth Texas USA
Humane Society of Northeast Texas Longview Texas USA
Humane Society of San Antonio San Antonio Texas USA
Humane Society of West Texas Lubbock Texas USA
Humane Society of Wichita County Wichita Falls Texas USA
Humane Society of Williamson County Leander Texas USA
Humane Society of Young County Graham Texas USA
Jacksboro Animal Shelter Jacksboro Texas USA
Kendal County Animal Shelter Comfort Texas USA
Kirby Animal Control San Antonio Texas USA
Lampasas Animal Shelter Lampasas Texas USA
Laredo Animal Protective Society Laredo Texas USA
Legacy Boxer Rescue Hurst Texas USA
Little Elm Police Department Animal Shelter Little Elm Texas USA
Little Orphan Angels Animal Rescue and Adoption Agency Keller Texas USA
Little Woman Home for Animals Huntsville Texas USA
Lone Star Bulldog Rescue Arp Texas USA
Love for Paws Rescue Spring Branch Texas USA
Mansfield Animal Care & Control Mansfield Texas USA
MCAS Conroe Texas USA
Mesquite Animal Services Mesquite Texas USA
Miniature Schnauzer Rescue of North Texas Carrollton Texas USA
Mutt Mum`s Canine Rescue San Antonio Texas USA
New Hope Alliance / Adopt A Pound Pet El Paso Texas USA
Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter Gainesville Texas USA
Operation Kindness Carrollton Texas USA
PawMatch Elroy Texas USA
Paws in the City Dallas Texas USA
PAWS Shelter & Humane Society Kyle Texas USA
Pawsitive Karma Rescue Austin Texas USA
Pineywoods Animal Welfare Society Beaumont Texas USA
PPAWSS Promoting Pet Adoptions & Welfare in Sulphur Springs Sulphur Springs Texas USA
Purrfect Pals Rescue Austin Texas USA
Recycled Canines Dalmatian Rescue League City Texas USA
Respect A Bull, Inc. Arlington Texas USA
Richard D. Klein Animal Shelter Jacksonville Texas USA
Rita B. Huff Animal Shelter and Humane Society Huntsville Texas USA
Rodney`s Rescue Connections Bexar Texas USA
S.P.C.A. of Polk County Livingston Texas USA
San Antonio Great Dane Rescue Helotes Texas USA
San Antonio Pug Rescue San Antonio Texas USA
Saving Pyrs In Need, Inc. Garland Texas USA
Schertz Animal Services Schertz Texas USA
Scottie Kingdom Rescue, Inc. Dallas Texas USA
Seagoville Animal Shelter Seagoville Texas USA
Second Chance SPCA Plano Texas USA
SPCA of Texas Dallas Texas USA
Special Pals Houston Texas USA
Texas Little Cuties Rescue Plano Texas USA
Texas Panhandle Pet Savers Amarillo Texas USA
The Cattery Cat Shelter Corpus Christi Texas USA
The City of Burleson Animal Services Burleson Texas USA
Tracy's Dogs La Vernia Texas USA
Universal City Animal Care and Control Facility Universal City Texas USA
Westie Rescue/Austin Pflugerville Texas USA
Whiskerville Animal Sanctuary Texas City Texas USA
Wilbarger Humane Society Vernon Texas USA
Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter Georgetown Texas USA
Wimberley Adoption Group & Rescue - WAG Rescue Wimberley Texas USA
Wise County Animal Shelter Decatur Texas USA
Woodville Humane Society Woodville Texas USA
Camelot Pet Resort Spa & Health Center Bountiful Utah USA
Carbon County Animal Shelter Price Utah USA
Friends of Animals Utah Park City Utah USA
Humane Society of Moab Valley Moab Utah USA
Lost Paws Inc. Small Breed Adoption & Rescue Provo Utah USA
Purrfect PawPrints Grantsville Utah USA
Ruff Patch Rescue Riverton Utah USA
South Utah Valley Animal Shelter Spanish Fork Utah USA
Tenderheart Techs Pet Alliance Salt Lake City Utah USA
advoCATs Inc. of Virginia Arlington Virginia USA
All 4 The Animals Rescue Woodbridge Virginia USA
Animal Welfare League of Arlington Arlington Virginia USA
Annabelle`s Second Chance Pit Bull Rescue Henrico Virginia USA
Appalachian Great Pyrenees Rescue Richmond Virginia USA
Augusta Regional SPCA Staunton Virginia USA
Bandit`s Adoption and Rescue of K-9`s Glen Allen Virginia USA
Basset Rescue of Old Dominion Charlottesville Virginia USA
Bedford County Animal Shelter Bedford Virginia USA
Bedford County Humane Society Bedford Virginia USA
BREW - Beagle Rescue, Education, and Welfare Inc. Dumfries Virginia USA
Cat’s Cradle of the Shenandoah Valley Harrisonburg Virginia USA
City of Newport News Newport News Virginia USA
Commonwealth Cat Rescue, Inc Fairfax Virginia USA
Dalmatian Rescue of Southwest Virginia Elliston Virginia USA
DC Area Weimaraner Rescue Manassas Virginia USA
Emporia Greensville Humane Society Emporia Virginia USA
Fancy Cats Rescue Team Herndon Virginia USA
Fauquier SPCA Casanova Virginia USA
Fredericksburg Regional SPCA Fredericksburg Virginia USA
Furry Suits Rescue Herndon Virginia USA
Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society Gloucester Virginia USA
Hanover Humane Society Ashland Virginia USA
Harrisonburg Police Department Harrisonburg Virginia USA
Henrico Humane Society Richmond Virginia USA
Henry County Animal Control Martinsville Virginia USA
Heritage Humane Society Williamsburg Virginia USA
Hickory Hill K-9 Rescue Ashland Virginia USA
In His Hands Dog Rescue Hiltons Virginia USA
Lynchburg Humane Society Lynchburg Virginia USA
Martinsville-Henry County SPCA Martinsville Virginia USA
Norfolk SPCA Norfolk Virginia USA
Odessa Rescue and Rehabilitation Mechanicsville Virginia USA
PAWS Rescue of Northern Virginia Herndon Virginia USA
Peninsula SPCA Newport News Virginia USA
People for Pets Foundation Brandy Station Virginia USA
Pet Guardian Pet Service Inc. Virginia Beach Virginia USA
Portsmouth Humane Society Portsmouth Virginia USA
Ragged Mountain Dogs Sperryville Virginia USA
Richmond Animal League Richmond Virginia USA
Richmond SPCA Richmond Virginia USA
Ring Dog Rescue Richmond Virginia USA
Rockingham-Harrisonburg SPCA Harrisonburg Virginia USA
SOSharpei Inc Virginia Beach Virginia USA
Stafford SPCA Stafford Virginia USA
Humane Society of St Thomas St Thomas Virgin Islands USA
St. Croix Animal Welfare Center Kingshill Virgin Islands USA
Addison County Humane Society Middlebury Vermont USA
Central Vermont Humane Society East Montpelier Vermont USA
Humane Society of Chittenden County South Burlington Vermont USA
NCAL (North Country Animal League)
Vermont USA
Pope Memorial Frontier Animal Shelter Inc. Orleans Vermont USA
Riverside Rescue Lunenburg Vermont USA
Rutland County Humane Society Pittsford Vermont USA
TARPS (The Animal Rescue Protection Society) Chester Vermont USA
Windham County Humane Society Brattleboro Vermont USA
A Paw Up Rescue Prosser Washington USA
Animal Rescue Foundation of Everett Everett Washington USA
Benton County Animal Control Department Kennewick Washington USA
Blue Mountain Humane Society Walla Walla Washington USA
Bulldog Haven NW Marysville Washington USA
CASA - Camano Animal Shelter Association Camano Island Washington USA
Cascade Bulldog Rescue/Rehome, Inc. Buckley Washington USA
Community Animal Resource & Education Society Seattle Washington USA
Companion Animal Rescue Society Tacoma Washington USA
Eva's Eden Blaine Washington USA
Everett Animal Services Everett Washington USA
Fabulous Felines Issaquah Washington USA
Federal Way Police Department Animal Services Unit Federal Way Washington USA
Grant County Animal Outreach Moses Lake Washington USA
Humane Society of Central Washington Yakima Washington USA
K-9 Rescue & Rehab Kirkland Washington USA
MEOW Cat Rescue Kirkland Washington USA
Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue Kennewick Washington USA
Moses Lake-Grant County Humane Society Moses Lake Washington USA
Motley Zoo Animal Rescue Redmond Washington USA
North East Washington Animal Protection League Colville Washington USA
Northwest German Shepherd Rescue Snohomish Washington USA
Northwest Organization for Animal Help NOAH Stanwood Washington USA
Othello Ritzville Pet Rescue Othello Washington USA
Panda Paws Rescue Vancouver Washington USA
PAWS - Progressive Animal Welfare Society Lynnwood Washington USA
People United for Pets (PUP) Issaquah Washington USA
Quincy Animal Shelter Quincy Washington USA
Sleepy Hollow Sheep Dogs / Stock Dog Junction Granite Falls Washington USA
South County Cats Maple Valley Washington USA
Spokane Humane Society Spokane Washington USA
SpokAnimal C.A.R.E. Spokane Washington USA
The Humane Society for Seattle/King County Bellevue Washington USA
The Pit-Stop Vancouver Washington USA
TriCities Animal Shelter Pasco Washington USA
Wenatchee Valley Humane Society Wenatchee Washington USA
Whatcom Humane Society Bellingham Washington USA
Whisker City Seattle Washington USA
Adams County Humane Society Friendship Wisconsin USA
Affinity Rescue Pardeeville Wisconsin USA
All Saints St. Bernard Rescue South Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
Angels Wish, Inc Verona Wisconsin USA
Arnell Memorial Humane Society Amery Wisconsin USA
ARVSS:Animal Rescue & Veterinary Support Services Sun Prairie Wisconsin USA
Bags for Wags Rescue New Berlin Wisconsin USA
Bay Area Humane Society Green Bay Wisconsin USA
Canine Kids Relocation Program Cornell Wisconsin USA
Chances Animal Rescue Inc Appleton Wisconsin USA
Chippewa County Humane Association Chippewa Falls Wisconsin USA
Columbia County Humane Society Portage Wisconsin USA
Critters Companion Abrams Wisconsin USA
Dane County Humane Society Madison Wisconsin USA
Dodge County Humane Society Juneau Wisconsin USA
Dunn County Humane Society Menomonie Wisconsin USA
Eastshore Humane Association Chilton Wisconsin USA
Eau Claire County Humane Association Eau Claire Wisconsin USA
Elmbrook Humane Society Brookfield Wisconsin USA
Eyes of Hope Shelter Inc Oxford Wisconsin USA
Fond Du Lac Humane Society Fond Du Lac Wisconsin USA
Forest County Humane Society Crandon Wisconsin USA
Fox Valley Humane Association Ltd Appleton Wisconsin USA
Furry Bottoms Rescue Plymouth Wisconsin USA
Golden Retriever Rescue of WI (GRRoW) Watertown Wisconsin USA
Great Dane Rescue of MN and WI Siren Wisconsin USA
Green Acres Boxer Rescue Green Bay Wisconsin USA
Green County Humane Society Monroe Wisconsin USA
Green Lake Area Animal Shelter Green Lake Wisconsin USA
Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary Marion Wisconsin USA
Humane Society of Barron County Barron Wisconsin USA
Humane Society of Burnett County, Inc. Siren Wisconsin USA
Humane Society of Marathon County, Inc. Wausau Wisconsin USA
Humane Society of Waupaca County Waupaca Wisconsin USA
Iowa County Humane Society Dodgeville Wisconsin USA
Labrador Education and Rescue Network Cross Plains Wisconsin USA
Lakeland Animal Shelter Elkhorn Wisconsin USA
MAPPAR Pardeeville Wisconsin USA
Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center, INC. Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
Neenah Animal Shelter Neenah Wisconsin USA
New Beginnings Shih Tzu Rescue, Inc. Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
Oolong Dachshund Rescue Madison Wisconsin USA
Orphan Animal Rescue Appleton Wisconsin USA
Oshkosh Area Humane Society Oshkosh Wisconsin USA
Remember Me Ranch Baraboo Wisconsin USA
Rhinelander Animal Shelter Rhinelander Wisconsin USA
Rock County Humane Society Janesville Wisconsin USA
Rusk County Animal Shelter Ladysmith Wisconsin USA
Safe Harbor Humane Society Kenosha Wisconsin USA
Sauk County Humane Society-License # 266752-DS Baraboo Wisconsin USA
Saving Paws Animal Rescue Inc Appleton Wisconsin USA
Shelter From The Storm Madison Wisconsin USA
South Wood County Humane Society Wisconsin Rapids Wisconsin USA
The Washington County Humane Society Slinger Wisconsin USA
Touched By a Paw Whitewater Wisconsin USA
Trempealeau County Humane Society Blair Wisconsin USA
Two Left Paws Animal Sanctuary Sheboygan Wisconsin USA
Watertown Humane Society Watertown Wisconsin USA
Waupun Area Animal Shelter Inc. Waupun Wisconsin USA
Wisconsin Humane Society Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
Ditty Dats & Dogs Rescue Martinsburg West Virginia USA
Greenbrier Humane Society Lewisburg West Virginia USA
Humane Society of Morgan County Berkeley Springs West Virginia USA
New Hope Animal Rescue Scott Depot West Virginia USA
Taylor County Humane Society Grafton West Virginia USA
West Virginia St.Bernard Rescue Fort Gay West Virginia USA
Black Dog Animal Rescue Cheyenne Wyoming USA
Campbell County Humane Society Gillette Wyoming USA
Cheyenne Animal Shelter Cheyenne Wyoming USA
Dog and Cat Shelter, Inc. Sheridan Wyoming USA
Heavens Echo Animal Rescue Buffalo Wyoming USA
Just Bark Adoption Center Casper Wyoming USA
Park County Animal Shelter Cody Wyoming USA
Platte Animal Welfare Services Wheatland Wyoming USA
Second Chance Sheridan Cat Rescue Sheridan Wyoming USA
St. Francis Animal Shelter Buffalo Wyoming USA
Total number: 1,751
*New members: 18

I have made a FTC complaint on this.


  1. Hi Carla,

    I'm happy to speak with you about your concerns. Please call me at your convenience. Stephanie Crammond, Director of Database Sales, Pethealth Inc. 1-877-738-4584 ext 411

  2. My concerns are already listed here, and I have already asked to be removed from your database. I want no marketing letters or calls. I really didn't like seeing my private information on a letter from a company I have no relationship with, and that is trying to get money out of me as well. I already am in a pet ID database from the manufacturers chip.

    The City here also had no idea that the information would be released as well.

    That means all of your clients are going to have to now disclose to their customers that they may be contacted by 24PetWatch.

    I have reported to this to the FTC, so you can deal with them now over it.


  3. PetHealth Inc. (that includes employees, or anyone affiliated) please do not call me or contact me in any way whatsoever.

    Carla Ackley

  4. Pet Health Inc is screwed up. I just got another sales letter today, 2-9-12. This is after I requested to have my information removed and they told me it was.

    Dear Carla,

    We wanted to remind you that it's been almost a year since you joined the 24PetWatch Network...

    I never joined. You spammed me (by mail and phone).

    Evil Marketing. Pet Health Inc is incompetent in my opinion.


    Tired of this..

  5. I just left a voice mail for: Stephanie Crammond, Director of Database Sales, Pethealth Inc. on 2-9-12 @ 4:11pm to remove my information again.

    Please remove permanently.

    Thank you,
    Carla Ackley

  6. 2-14-12 @ 1:05pm PST. I received recorded call from 24PetWatch, as a follow up to the letter. I am in marketing hell right now. Apparently they can't get me off their list. I just called for the 3rd time and spoke to Stephanie Crammond, Director of Database Sales, Pethealth Inc. I was told they are having to remove me manually since they are transitioning over to a new CRM software (new customer software), and removing me manually is not working very well obviously.

    Please get me removed. Not Very Happy Valentines Day...