Friday, December 23, 2011

United Airlines Flight 958, United 958

 United Airlines Flight 958
United 958

Scary Seattle Flight - United Flight Diverted & Turned Back

United Airlines Flight 958 from Seattle to Chicago (and then onto London), had a problem just after take off from Seattle. Passengers heard booming noises and saw flames shooting out of an engine. This was just after take off at 9:00am PST. The flight then turned around and came back to the airport and cancelled the flight.

I live in the flight path of SeaTac Airport Seattle and heard a huge booming noise that woke me up approx 9:05am. It was a huge boom. I went outside and looked around and didn't see anything. I thought it might be something like this and this story and video confirms it. I called my husband at 9:09am to ask about it.

United Airlines says there was a compression problem in the right engine, per the news story. The news story said flight was 33 minutes long, while FlightAware for United 958 shows flight duration was 24 minutes.

*Per FAA FSDO Seattle on 1-3-12, not considred an FAA Incident. No damage to plane or people. Pilot handled this correctly by landing at nearest airport.

United Airlines Flight 958 Video


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