Friday, April 29, 2011

AAA Complaint, AAA Washington, AAA Seattle

I had a dead bettery yesterday and was stuck at the Westfield Southcenter Mall, and I called AAA Washington for a battery jump.

I was told I was 1 day from my membership starting.

A little background- I had AAA Arizona, and moved to the Seattle area and transferred my membership.
I was told it was transferred and even had a letter stating as such.

Now when I needed to use it, I was 1 day away from my membership being active here?, and they wanted my credit card. I already upgraded my membership in October, and I wasn't doing it again. I couldn't anyways as I did not have a credit card with me. I was told specifically that I could use the Washington AAA since it was transferred and they sent me my new card. I didn't even have the Arizona AAA card anymore.

I hung up and called a family member.
I should have sat there until midnight and then had them come out. That would have been weird.

Not very good business practices. Shame on you AAA Washington.

5/26/11- Found out  my Membership was active until 4/30/11, so I had coverage with AAA and they tried to make me pay again.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blue Dryer Balls - Bad Amazon Seller

I ordered a set of blue dryer balls off of Amazon and the company sent me a set of orange Eco Balls that are scented. Not what I ordered and they stink. I had to throw them out. I can't stand the smell and certainly don't want my clothes smelling like that. They literally gave me a headache with moments. Yuk

Company is listed on Amazon as Household Essentials, and their name on the invoice is CE Compass.

What made me mad on this was that they offered me a 50% refund only if I would remove my feedback on them. No way, it stays. I told them to shove their refund, and then I filed a claim with Amazon. It was so little amount of money I don't care, but its the principle of being sent a different item and then being screwed with over it. I think they don't have the blue dryer balls anymore and they are substituting the Eco Balls instead.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Driving With No Headlights, Distracted Driving Studies

Lights Off - Driving Dark - Driving With Headlights Off - Driving In The Dark
One observation I've made in Federal Way Washington, is all of the drivers that have no headlights on at night.

I don't know why this is happening, but perhaps it's the glare of lights off the wet roads, or some sort of distraction but we see 3 to 4 cars a night (within a 2 mile area) with no headlights on. When we were in Phoenix, maybe would see 1 car a week, or every now and then, but this is bizarre here and extremely dangerous. How can someone drive with not looking at thieir gauges, or not seeing their dahboard lit up? Weird. Any ideas?


Monday, April 18, 2011

Sheriff SWAT Team Forced Eviction Federal Way WA

Man Barricaded in Federal Way WA Home

March 1, 2011 - Federal Way Washington

Man was barricaded in home off of 282nd & Military Rd, in Federal Way, Washington (Seattle area). Sheriff SWAT was at scene. This went on for approx. 3 hours.

I first heard someone talking loud and thought it was neighbors playing music, but then listened and it was a woman on a PA speaker. Then I saw there were emergency vehicles and a large Sheriff SWAT vehicle.

This was around 300 feet from my house and I could see and hear what was going on.
It was a forced eviction. The man would not come out. Apparently he was ignoring the SWAT team and was making lunch in his kitchen. They kept talking to him for the whole time, trying to coax him out, saying things like "We are not going to go away". They set off a flash bang and it was super loud. Sounded like a cannon. About 2 hours 45min into this they then broke the door in with another even louder bang, and sent in a robot to assess the situation (he went into the bedroom at that point). They were then able to take him out.

I drove by the house a day or two afterwards and his possessions were in the front yard.
After that the owner had the house renovated/repaired for well over a week.


(c) 2011 Carla Ackley

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Vinces Italian Restaurant Federal Way

4/17/11- Went to Vince's Italian Restaurant in Federal Way, and had dinner. Husband ordered Spaghetti with Italian Sausage and they brought Penne instead.

This is a great place to eat but sometimes they make a mistake.

About 2 months ago I ordered an Antipasto Salad (you know the salad with all the meat, cheese, and anchovies), and it had no meat. This is one of those that I think restaurant owners are trying to cut back, but no meat on a meat salad, you would think we would miss that, and I did. They fixed it.

p.s.- A side note about Vinces Italian Restaurant web site. It's done all in Flash. That means with the new Firefox 4 browser, you can't see their site. Bad way of making a web site. You don't do an entire site in a highly graphical web design that leaves some people out, plus the engines can't read it either. It does look nice, but it's dysfunctional. Vinces- contact me for a site fix, or to market your site. Ask for a Free Site Review or Free SEO Quote and I will let you know how you are doing in the engines. I have 17 years experience.


Went to Vince's Italian Restaurant last nite and service was really off. We had a young male waiter (5 Kramer V.), and he kept forgetting to bring things over and over. I had to get up and go ask for a knife, and then for napkins. Also had to ask for breadsticks and butter. I had to ask him to box the meals to go as well.
Only thing good was the food. It was a distracting meal because of always looking for the waiter to come back.

Vinces Restaurant Specials Coupon


Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Rock Wood Fired Pizza Federal Way WA, The Rock Federal Way

The Rock Federal Way
Wood Fired Pizza

4/14/11- We ate at the The Rock pizza place in Federal Way. This is a really cool restaurant and bar that plays Rock music. They have excellent pizzas, beers and other food items. Normally we have a really good pizza, but when we got our pizza, it had cheese on it.

We always order NO CHEESE as both of us have a problem with cheese. I can eat a little tiny bit, and husband is not allowed to have any at all.

We ate half the pizza and then found cheese on the other half. Bummer. We let them know and they made us another pizza to take home. Still had to pay for the 1st one, but 2nd one was free. I think they should have comped us personally, but otherwise it was good.

First time we have had a problem, but they made good on it.


4/30/11- We went to The Rock for dinner last night (4/29/11) and now they are charging an extra 50 cents for a tiny bit of Oregano to sprinkle on my pizza. We've eaten there several times, and this is the first time I have been charged for a tablespoon of Oregano.

Also, we order the same thing each time and it's a different price each time, plus they never were charging for Oregano previously.

4/3/11 $44.22
4/4/11 $42.49
4/15/11 $44.41
4/29/11 $45.00 (ordered a 23oz beer this time instead of a 16oz, but everything else same as above)
5/9/11 $44.78 (same as above w/ 23oz beer. No charge for Oregano this time).
5/16/11 $42.15 (same as above w/ 23 oz beer. No charge for Oregano).
5/30/11 $44.45 (soup instead of salad. No charge for Oregano). Soup is $3.49, instead of $3.79, so a .30 cent difference.
6/30/11 $45.17 (12 inch pizza + 23oz beer + 2 salads. No charge for Oregano).
7/10/11 $41.54 (12" pizza + salad + soup + Ice Tea + 16oz beer. No charge for Oregano).
9/13/11 $43.46 (12" pizza + salad + soup + Ice Tea + 16oz beer. No charge for Oregano).
9/25/11 $43.79 (12" pizza + 2 salad + 16oz beer + Ice Tea. No charge for oregano).
11/14/11 $44.29 (12" pizza + 1 salad + 1 cup soup + 23oz beer + Ice Tea. No charge for oregano). Gave me wrong receipt for $41.29, so waitress ended up not getting a tip as they took my tip to pay towards the meal. I think that is unethical. Not my problem they screwed up somehow, as it was a $3 difference, which happned to be a $3 tip as well.This was noticed afterwards.
11/20/11 $42.72 (12" pizza + 1 salad + 1 cup soup + 23oz beer + Ice Tea. No charge for oregano). Noticed I am getting charged for a cheese pizza. We do not order cheese, so asked for a discount and they gave us one by takint the peperoni item charge off. Waitress also forgot oregano and I had to ask for it halfway through the meal.
11/25/11 $51.76 (16" pizza + 1 salad + 1 cup soup + ice tea + 23oz beer. No charge for oregano). No discount this time for no cheese. Waiter said Manager says that is not there policy. Guess it depends on which manager is there. I dont like paying for something I am not getting. Brought pizza home for lunch today.

Why is this different each time for same meal? or variations of same meal..

Still love eating here. Love the pizza and beer.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mystery Helicopter Federal Way WA

A mystery helicopter has been circling the North Federal Way Washington area for over an hour now.

Helicopter is light grey with 3 dark blue stripes on upper body. Call sign is up near blades also. Starts with N, ends with Y. It was straight up from me, so couldn't see call sign letters. Looks like it has some interest with I-5 freeway. Either has camera or FLIR on front.

Federal Way PD has no idea about it.
Perhaps is a News Helicopter but no news markings.

I can still hear it. It circled over my home at least 6 times. I am right next to I-5 behind trees.

Might be the Seattle DEA Helicopter - not entirely sure on it, but the call letters were in proper spot, and has similar striping.


Monday, April 11, 2011

Fields Roof Service, Kent Roofing Contractor Seattle

I had a roof leak recently (last week) and wanted to let everyone know about Fields Roof Service in Kent Washington. Apparently there had been a previous leak in same spot and the previous owners did not declare it.

There is a 50 year roof put on in 2006 on this house, and the roofing company went out of business in 2009, so I had to find someone else. I called Fields Roof Service and found out they do the same type of roofing shingles I have. They came out the next morning right away and patched the roof as water was getting blown in under the flashing.

They are a Kent Roofing company that services Pierce County, Kitsap County and King County. I am told they will do Snohomish County and Thurston County as well for emergency roof repairs. If you really need someone good, call them as I am sure they will come help you. Very nice people.

No problems since then,. Fields Roof Service is excellent! In business since 1957. Family run.


Black Bear Diner Federal Way Food Shorting Food Left Out

One thing I have noticed by going out to eat here in the Federal Way area- restaurants are leaving off food. I don't know if its a simple mistake, something subconscious going on, or restaurant managers are telling the cooks to short food for people's order, but several restauarants here have shorted our dinners.

One of which was Black Bear Diner Federal Way Washington.
I ordered the Chicken Strips dinner and was supposed to get 4 chicken strips + french fries. I got 2 chicken strips and french fries. I had to look at the menu to make sure (as I have eaten this before so I knew something was wrong). I told them, they made it right and I took it home for next days lunch.

Another was Olive Garden Federal Way. My husband orders the same thing every time, so we knew there was a problem when he got 1 Italian sausage instead of 2. We mentioned it and they brought another sausage out.

*****Anyone else noticing food being left out of your orders, or food shorting?

4-12-11 - Went to Black Bear Diner in Federal Way WA, last night and everything was good.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

3 Day Blinds Federal Way WA

We had new blinds put into our home. They are faux wood, oak. Very nice looking.
Salesperson (Leah) was very nice. Prices were $300 below Empire Today, and buy 3 get 1 free.

They installed very quickly and got them put in before my company arrived. Just like they said they would.

Empire Today wouldn't give me the $150 off even though I qualified for it (salesperson would not go down in price, so she lost the sale, and they didn't have a good enough selection for carpet either, so they lost that too).

We will be ordering more from 3 Day Blinds.


Great Floors Federal Way Washington

We had new flooing put in by Great Floors and they did a nice, quick job.
We had textured Italian tile put into the kitchen, and commercial Berber carpeting put into the foyer.

We needed to do this because our dog couldn't walk on the hardwood or wood laminate as it was too slick. We discovered this shortly after moving in.

The tile installer was excellent. His name is: Victor Kalyta. # 206-683-9191 (Victor's Tile).
He did wear cologne. I asked the company for him not to wear cologne the next day and he still did, so I don't know if they told him or not..

The carpet installer had a problem and the carpet pad was too thick, and the front door couldn not be shut (it would have torn the carpeting up fast), and we were not going to shave the door down as that would allow bugs and air in. He had to remove the entire installation and start over without a pad, which is what I asked for in the beginning. He stayed until almost 10pm and got the job done. He also wore cologne.

I wish companies would take chemical sensitivities seriously.

I would highly recommend Great Floors and Victor.


Marie Callenders Restaurant Federal Way WA 98003 #0248

We went to Marie Callenders restaurant for lunch yesterday (4-9-11 @ 3:04pm) and was seated next to the wait station in back of room.

I kept smelling some chemical smell that really ruined my meal. Smelled like soapy dishwater. Waiter said there was nothing like that, so he thought  perhaps it was the Sanitizer. He said he would move it. I still kept smelling it every few minutes. Also smelled really heavily perfumed santizer in bathroom. Yuk.

This is hard on chemically sensitive people, as the restaurant is crop dusting the patrons with weird scents that really did ruin my dining experience, plus made my sinus drain and eyes water.

Why can't they just not use that stuff. Go natural.
At least the waiter wasn't wearing cologne thankfully.
4-10-11 @ 3:02pm -  Mike, General Manager called me and we chatted about the smell. He said it could have been a Febreze (Apples & Cinnamon). He said the Sanitizer has no scent. It didn't smell like Apples & Cinnamon. It smelled like soapy dishwater - about every 2 minutes I would smell it. He said they would buy me a pie next time I come in. I don't normally eat pie, or a whole pie anyways. I will have to make sure I sit close to the salad bar and not near that affected area.

Manager was very nice and was trying to help. I will go back again toi Marie Callenders.

4/16/11- Went back and had an excellent meal. No weird smells thins time, plus they gave me a free French Apple pie.
4/18/11 - Ordered Feast for Easter.
4/25/11 - Had Ham Feast and no problems. Very good!
5/15/11 -  Had lunch and they ran out of romaine lettuce, and strawberry pie. Had to order other things.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

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This blog is mainly for the Federal Way Washington Seattle metro area.

I plan on adding food reviews, business reviews, and telemarketing complaints on a regular basis.

This Federal Way Blog is for reviews on business practices, telephone sales calls, food reviews, restaurant reviews, and chemical sensitivities reports on local businesses.  I will feature pros and cons.

Feel free to add your own or make comments.

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