Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seattle Snow Storm 2012, Seattle Ice Storm

Seattle Snow Storm 2012 - Seattle Ice Storm
Seattle Snowstorm

Seattle Snow Pictures, Seattle Weather

In January 2012 we had plenty of snow. We had a storm on January 18th 2012, and we received over 10 inches of snow at my house. We are in Federal Way (South Puget Sound area).

We were without power for 14.5 hours. Some people only just got their power back yesterday Jan 25th, and I think some are still out. We were losing 2.76 degrees of heat every hour. We went from 74 degrees inside to 55 degrees. It was a chilly night as we don't like sleeping cold. I had a feeling the power would go out and cranked the heat.

Our Comcast was down (no TV, Phone, or Internet) for 5 days. I bought dialup and it was so slow I couldn't do anything with it. It took hours just to look at my business email, and I couldn't even download the Comcast email. Too graphical. Even turning off graphics didn't help. Comcast doesn't plan for this as they dont even have dialup as a backup or a site that can even be used for dialup (slow connection). I didn't care about the personal email, so no big deal on that part.

We are up now, but even yesterday we had some power fluctuations.

The power outage took out our big screen TV, so we have parts on order to fix it. Hopefully we can fit it. It's a $3000 console TV. It's a good TV that I paid cash for a few years ago and it always had a very nice picture.

Our trees are ok. We lost only a couple of small branches. Nothing major at all, and no damage to the house that I know about. Our antennas are ok as well. Down the street, a lot of trees and branches came down, so we were lucky.

I love snow. I just dont like the power outages from it.

***Seattle area people- please list how much snow you received.


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