Thursday, May 3, 2012

253-246-8573, Pacific Telecommunication Group, Scam Calls

Pacific Telecommunications Group
Scam Call - Scam Calls

Pacific Telecommunications Group, Scam Call, Scam Calls

5/2/12 - I received a scam call from 253-246-8573 or 2538468573 or (253) 246-8573.
See other phone call site or Google phone # and get lots of scam complaints and annoyance calls. Almost sounds like collectors on some of the calls.

Consumer Services (per Caller ID)
Pacific Telecommunications Group (per recorded message)
City/State/ZIP: Bethel, WA 98387 (some sites show GRAHAM WA)
Type: Landline
Carrier: Qwest Corporation

When I called back on the # they called on, I get a recorded message, saying it's disconnected, and its a # with Pacific Telecommunications Group. # is not in service. Hang up and retry your #

When I call back from another # all I get a fast busy (reorder signal), and cannot connect.



  1. Please forward calls about telemarketing by Pacific Telecom Communications Group directly to the Federal Trade Commission Do Not Call website,

    1. Yes, and everyone should already be doing that.