Tuesday, May 15, 2012

GSA Auto Website Submitter, Spam Bomber

Spam Bomber - Blog Spammer
Spam Bombed
GSA Auto Website Submitter

GSA Auto Website Submitter, Spam Bomber, Blog Spammer

This blog was spam bombed 77 times last night from a SEO software blog using a SEO Submission Software, called GSA Auto Website Submitter from GSA (a German company).

Well the submission part definately works, but it ALL went into the Spam folder for this Blog, so it really isn't successful on this type of blog.

Unknown whether blog is affiliated with the software company, but parts of the blog also are in German. Blog is run by Dev Nasser. Also has other blogs in Arabic, and French. Here is another one of his reviews for this software on another submission software review blog: I dont see any affiliate linking, so he may be affiliated with the company, or making money off of blog ads.


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  1. I am getting blog spammed to death here and I am betting it's this crappy GSA software. All submissions come in the same form, and guess what? They all land in the SPAM folder you losers. Nobody sees your garbage. Too bad for your clients (whom I have been contacting).