Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rush Limbaugh Tea Promo Code, 2 If By Tea Promo Code

Rush Limbaugh Tea Promo Code

Rush Limbaugh Tea Promo Code, 2 If By Tea Promo Code

This is excellent tea. We tried some a while back. We bought the Blueberry tea and the Unsweetened and they are both very good. We drink ice tea all the time, and my husband actually liked it (and he is really picky), so this passed the taste test.

I tried searching for a promo code when I wanted to order and could not find any. They apparently expire very quickly. I will post them as I get them. They have free shipping, so that really helps.

Rush- How about a promo code just for this blog?

Two If By Tea Coupons Codes:
(Open an account and you must log in to use these, click "APPLY CODE" before checkout.)

  • BIRTHDAY (15% off, exp 7-28-12) - Members Discount (EXPIRED)
  • KNOWRUSH (Save $2.76 per case, exp 8-16-12) (EXPIRED)
  • BACKTEASCHOOL (Save $2 per case, exp 9-20-12) (EXPIRED)
  • TOUCHDOWN (Save $3 per case, exp 10-18-12) (EXPIRED)
  • CYBER (Save $1.76 per case, exp 12.01AM PT 11-27-12) (EXPIRED)
  • HOLIDAY (Save $1.76 per case, exp 11:59PM PT 1-1-13) (EXPIRED)
  • LUCKY (Save $5 per case, exp 11:59PM 3-29-13) (EXPIRED)
  • COURAGE (All Tea $19.99 per case, exp 11:59PM 5-31-13) (EXPIRED)
  • FREETEA (Buy 2 cases of tea, get 1 free!, exp 11:59PM PT 7-16-13) (EXPIRED)
  • PATRIOT (Get $5 Off, exp 11:59PM PT 9-8-13) (EXPIRED)
  • FALL2013 (each case $10.99 delivered to your door!, exp 11:59PM 10/8/13) (EXPIRED)
  • HALLOWEEN (Each case $5 off, exp 10/31/13, while supplies last, not used with special promos)

Two If By Tea Coupon Code

Still looking for those last minute gift ideas? Two If By Tea® makes the joy of gift giving a little easier with our 8 delectable tea flavors. We have the best tea in America, and it's definitely better than fruitcake or socks! From now until January 1, 2013, use promo code HOLIDAY to take an extra $1.76 off every case. We heard through the grapevine that Santa even prefers Two If By Tea® with his cookies!


  1. i feel sorry for the horse that has to carry rush windbag anywhere,he is an obese piece of filth from the depths of hell.im sure the tea tastes like his body sweat oooo yummy

    1. Dear Coward, I mean Anonymous, I feel sorry for you! You just can't wait to pick on someone. You are a small individual for judging anyone. Your day will come.

  2. It tasted pretty good. I tried an order of it just to try the blueberry flavor and we got some unsweetened tea too. Both were decent.

    The posting was for a Tea Promo Code not about Rush.
    You know, he doesn't actually brew the tea. Thanks for the comment.


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    1. Next time, please ask if you want to post a promotional link. I'll go ahead and leave it since it's useful.


    2. Hey Carla, tried again on promo code and it went through. Thanks for the tip... Mery Christmas!!! ;)

  4. Having trouble getting promo code HOLIDAY to work for two if by tea.

  5. I put the email offer info above in message. It's definately HOLIDAY. It is for members. It does say to login to your account, but I have had other people say they can use previous codes without being a member. See if you can create an account and then go back in and apply the code. Sometimes you have to play around with accounts to get them to accept the codes on some merchants.

    Or try again today. Maybe they had not applied the code yet?

    I think we spend more time trying to get the discount then it's actually worth in some cases.