Monday, October 8, 2012

253-279-5570, Drug Texting, University Place WA

Drug Texting from 253-279-5570
Local Christian Woman Drug Texts Me
Facebook Privacy Issues 

Someone texted me from 253-279-5570 or 253279550 on 9-30-2012 and wants to buy a "Qt oz".

At first I thought they were asking if I was working. I didn't understand, and texted back "no"
I thought this sounded strange, and I asked what they were looking for and that is when I got back the Qt oz text.

Facebook shows 1 result for 253-279-5570:

University Place, Washington (Near Tacoma WA)

She is showing herself online as Christian, and a mother of 2 children.

When I enter her # on Facebook, that page is the only profile that comes up. The # is associated with her as she has mobile uploads of her on there..(What she didn't realize is that when she used her cell phone on Facebook, people are able to look her up by entering the phone #).

1st msg: from 253-279-5570 - 9/30/12 - 4:50pm
Hey it's Brandy nates ex are you working?

2nd msg: from 253-279-5570 - 9/30/12 - 5:24pm
That sucks well when you get something let me know please

3rd msg (I deleted it)
I guess I will keep looking

4th msg: from 253-279-5570 - 9/30/12 - 5:33pm
Qt oz

5th msg: from 253-279-5570 - 9/30/12 - 7:56pm
Are you getting anything tonight
I did not answer her back once I saw this might be drug related.

I wonder who she thought she was drug texting?
I've had this # for over 2 years, and previously it was a US Government #.

She needs to change her privacy settings, and NOT text people for drugs.

This was when marijuana was still illegal in Washington, and not sure if Qt oz is pot or something else.

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