Thursday, October 4, 2012

949-200-8475, Google Places Phone Scam, Google Places Marketing

Google Places Phone Scam
Google Places Marketing

SPLATR.COM is 29 PRIME (using same phone #)

1st call: 10-4-2012 @ 9:29 PDT. Received call from 949-200-8475 from Steve, data provider at Google.
2nd call: 10-4-12 @ 10:16am from same #. Recording from Robert, a Google Places Specialist.

They wanted to set my business up on Google+ and 23 other local directories, and wanted to offer me a Free Report. Cost to add me to Google+ is $249. They do accept VISA, MC, AMEX.

They are not Google. They are a marketing firm. Don't be fooled.

Their contact info is:

Local Web IQ, LLC, is a California limited liability company.
Our corporate offices are located at:
15941 Red Hill Ave, Ste 210
Tustin, CA 92780
Called from 949-200-8475 - 9492008475 - (949)200-8475

Another complaint blog says they are also known as 29 Prime and are listed as RIP OFF scammers on the RIP OFF Report site with multiple complaints.  They listed phone # 949-200-8475 as also being used by 29 Prime. Their site shows different address, but they are using same phone #.

I've done some searches and they are not listed as a Google Partner, at least not under the name Local Web IQ, or, or variations, or in Tustin California, or in California. Not listed under 29 Prime either or variations.

Don't fall for this. It's FREE to add yourself to Google Places/Google+, and it's easy. 
I dislike telemarketers. It's too intrusive, bothersome, and potentially costly..



  1. This is going around on Google+ with reports of calls. Got this one today:

    Google+ phone scam: Called from 949-200-8475

    Robot (paraphrased): Dear business owner, this is an urgent message from Google. We have tried to contact you about your Google Plus business listing. Please press 1 to talk to a representative.
    Human: Hello, my name is , am I speaking with the business owner?
    Me: For what business? [since I have none]
    Human: Uh, let me see what we have on file for you...
    Me: [waits a few minutes and calls back]
    Recording (paraphrased): Hello, this is Steve with Google [yes, Google]. If you're calling to claim your free website and listing in 27 other business directories, please press 2.

    I am not the only one apparently:

  2. I wish i could reach through the phone and choke out these annoying M*%$#*Fu*&^%'S

  3. i wish i v\could reach through the phone and choke out these mother truckers!!!!

    1. Got one from 949-777-6616 and 949-273-0162 - 888-513-7746, Said sending post card with Google Code to setup my SEO Account. From Philippines and Canada but live in California? I advise him he was a scam but refused to acknowledged.

    2. 49-777-6616, 949-273-0162, 888-513-7746, Joshua Santos
      said 3rd party with Google to first pages. Advise would have account up in 5 to 7 days, send a post card out in the mail. Advise that scam report on his company? Customer just get mad at companies for little things.