Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gary Raub, Gum Survey, Homicide Cold Case

Gary Raub - Gary Sanford Raub
DNA Linked to Maine Homicide Cold Case from 1976

The above is a picture the news agencies do not have. This is from my cousin. This was posted on September 29.

Gary is a well known homeless man in the Seattle area. My cousin and her friends thought he was so sweet and cool, until this happened.

Gary Raub, a regular around the Capital Hill area of Seattle has been linked to a homicide cold case from 1976. 

DNA was obtained from a fake chewing gum survey.

Additional news stories on Gary Raub and here on Gary Raub.



  1. Chewing gum to solve the case, nice trick.. but it take decades before the murder case was solved. May the victim Kimball, now rest in peace after long years of waiting for a justice.

    Somehow, I pity the old man. He's too old, but he has to pay the price for what he had done.