Tuesday, May 14, 2013

REVIEW: Cyberslammed, Cyberbully Book, How To Prevent Cyberbullying Book

Book Review

Cyberslammed: Understand, Prevent, Combat and Transform The Most Common Cyberbullying Tactics


REVIEW: Cyberslammed, Cyberbully Book, How To Prevent Cyberbullying Book
Cyberslammed on Amazon (Available In Paperback and Kindle)
     Bullying has evolved, and bullies now use all the latest technological devices and tools to harass on an expanded level. I found this book, "Cyberslammed" to be very informative and an excellent workbook for teachers and parents alike. It explains the different cyberbullying tactics and how to combat them through educating our kids and school educators. It touches on legal, and sources many online tools to help as well.

     I can attest to the information in this book, since I was bullied severely on several occasions both offline and online, and it has made me a more resilient individual. "What does not kill me, makes me stronger. Friedrich Nietzsche."

     The only thing I professionally disagreed with is the use of "Reputation Management" companies. There is no one easy way to get your personal information off of a search engine. Reputation management companies purport to be able to push a bad listing further down in the search results of the search engines. What mainly happens is there is just more info about you in the engines, and it may not push the bad info down at all. Some of the companies have been known to hold you hostage for more money, or even to place more bad information about you, so I personally do not recommend that aspect. I recommend contacting the web site hosting company and to get the page removed and then it eventually will fall off the search results.

     All in all, I found this to be an excellent resource, with quite a bit of useful information, and is well worth the money as it will help you to get informed and to actually have a plan to combat bullies effectively and legally.

Carla R. Ackley, President
Ackley's Custom Site Submission
Cyberpsychology. ASU.

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