Friday, June 14, 2013

Ivars Seafood, Food Discrimination, Eating Disability, Food Disabilities, Child Portion Sizes

Ivars Seafood Tukwila - Westfield Southcenter Mall
Food Discrimination Against Someone With A Food Disability / Eating Disability
They would not sell the child portion size to me even though I eat there regularly and always get the small child portion size.

Ivars Seafood, Food Discrimination, Eating Disability, Food Disabilities, Child Portion Sizes

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Filed on : June 14 2013

Filed by :
Carla Ackley
Federal Way WA 98003

Filed against :
Ivar's Seafood Restaurants
1001 Alaskan Way Pier 54
Seattle WA 98104-1028

Complaint Description:
This occurred at the Westfield Southcenter Mall Ivars Seafood in the dining area over in Tukwila, WA. Weekly I go to the mall to walk around and I always eat the same thing. I usually purchase a child size clam strips with no chips. I have a digestive disorder since birth and I have to be careful of what I eat and how much, so if I eat the child size, I normally won't have any problems. When I went to order yesterday evening (6-13-13, somewhere around 5pm), the cashier refused my order, and said I couldn't have a child size order, and that I would have to order the adult size. I would have gotten sick, so I ended up not getting to order, and not getting to eat last night over this. I drove 9-10 miles and then didn't get to eat because of this. I've eaten there many times, so I don't know why this occurred. This is a discriminatory practice against people with disabilities.

Your Desired Resolution:
I would like to be able to get the child size portion. What should it matter to them or anyone what size or amount of food I eat? They need to be a bit more thoughtful as some people do have digestive problems.

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"When a person has a food disability / digestive disorder there are a lot of things they can't do, and one of which is eat too much, or eat the wrong things that can set off a problem. I do not want to be away from home when that occurs. When I go to the mall I always look forward to having a small amount of protein, namely the clam strips, and occasionally one or two oysters. I was appalled that I was refused service just because I tried to order the small portion. You lost my business, but it impacts me more than you because I didn't get to eat the protein I needed. I realize I am in a minority, but not as much as I think as there are quite a few people with digestive problems and food allergies. "

"In this day and age, with all of the overweight issues going on, especially in the United States, we should be allowed to order the small size of anything we want, and not be sold too much food. It's the food industry and restaurant businesses that have contributed to people being fat. Please allow us to buy the small portion sizes if we so choose." - Carla Ackley


  1. Replies
    1. Complaint was closed without even communicating with me. Lame. I have left addtional information.

      06/27/2013 Case Closed INFO ONLY
      06/27/2013 Close Without Business Response
      06/14/2013 Inform Business Of Information Only Complaint
      06/14/2013 Inform Consumer - Info Only Complaint Received
      06/14/2013 Case Determined to be INFO ONLY
      06/14/2013 Complaint Received by BBB

  2. BBB shows 0 complaints in last 12 months, yet I filed a complaint with them. Case ID: 22394648.

    I guess when they treat something as as INFO only, it's not really a complaint. I see. Bad BBB.

    I am still waiting for a response.

    1. Mohammed Yussef from Ivar's called today and said they want to keep me as a customer and will be sending a $20 gift card.

      He said that is not their policy to refuse service when someone wants to order a small portion and did not know why that happened. He also said I could order the Senior menu item (I am not a Senior), but he said I can still order it. I bet I have a hard time with that one next.. I don't recall seeing a Senior small portion for the clam strips, but I can ask.

      It was funny when he called as I went to their competitor again today. I was serious about not going there and have been going to a rival restaurant.

      I thank them for at least calling me.

      Thank you,

    2. 7-23-13 - We went to Ivar's Federal Way tonight in order to use the $20 gift card. We ordered food and then guess what? We find out there is nothing on the $20 gift card. It has a $0 balance. They just charged my VISA debit card $24.25 to cover this. I was expecting to pay a little over not the entire amount.

      What kind of person sends a gift card with nothing on it?

      Manager would not comp this no matter what. She contacted Corp. and they told her to have me call tomorrow. Doesn't help me now of course.

      This is a terrible way to treat a customer problem, with another problem.

      Manager gave me this person to contact:
      Bonnie Sanchez
      Ivar's Corporate

      Will contact tomorrow.

    3. I received a call today from Paul @ Ivar's Puyallup, 253-604-4979, and he apologized for the gift card problem. He said the manager should have comped me on the spot when that occurred. He said they will be sending me another gift card with some additional funds on it, and speaking with the employees.

      I am a business owner and I couldn't believe that the young woman manager at the Federal Way Ivar's didn't comp us our meal. Why would anyone want this to become escalated? Doesn't anyone have any common sense anymore?

      She had to check with Corp and they told her for me to call in the morning. Sounds like she isn't prepared to be a Manager of a store if she has to check with Corp on every little thing. I bet they throw out more food each day then what we got as these were small portions.

      Anyways, the food was tasty, and I will hopefully not be having any more problems.

  3. I received the new card today with $35 on it, plus the paperwork showing the balance. Thank you!