Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Puget Sound Energy Gas - Checking For Gas Leaks In Federal Way

Puget Sound Energy Gas Checking Natural Gas System in Federal Way, WA


Puget Sound Energy technicians are checking the natural gas system outside of residences since yesterday at 282nd & 28th Ave S. They are using a third party company called Surveys & Analysis, Inc. 

In this area I have seen one technician, and he is wearing a yellow vest with ID and is wearing the test equipment on his chest in order to test the gas system. He is driving a white Chevrolet Impala LT vehicle, California license plate 6NZE577, with the name of the company and Puget Sound Energy on the door. He said they are testing for gas leaks.

Here is a link to a previous story detailing same but with the Medina area of checking gas leaks.


  1. This guy was kind of strange as he mostly sat in his car for part of 2 days. Several neighbors thought he was doing suveillance or ?. I could see him looking at paperwork, or on his cellphone, and one neighbor saw him eating. On the 2nd day he finally got out and looked through his equipment in the trunk and then put it on and went checking. He just seemed to be very slow like he was trying to waste time. It was weird. He also got the authorities called on him by at least 2 neighbors.

    I don't know how much prep time is involved in checking for gas leaks, bt this seemed like time wasting to me.

  2. I take back the authorities part. The neighbors were "considering" calling the authorities to find out what he was doing there.