Saturday, August 3, 2013

Dating Scammer,Skype Scammer,Skype Dating Scam,William Charles,

Dating Scammer
Skype Dating Scam

Dating Scammer, Skype Scammer, Skype Dating Scam
William Charles,, Charles

August 3, 2013
He just contacted me on Skype today @ 1:15PM PDT on 8-3-13. His name was Charles. He is using email: Skype handle Charles. Location shows as Richmond, Virginia. He is using the picture of him on a beach with a little girl right next to him. I also see him on Netlog using that same picture. On Netlog his name is William Charles. DOB: 10-1-1967. Location: Anonymous Proxy. Native Languages: English.
Uses Names:
  • Mark Williams
  • William Charles
  • Charles
  • Malk Dee
  • Anthony Williams
  • Williams Marks
  • General David Rodriguez
  • General John Miller
  • Gen. Ramos martin (Skype: gen.ramosmartin)

Here is the message he sent me on Skype as Charles (
Hello dear I would like for us to Chat and get to know more about Ourselves and see where would this lead to us,I don't see distance as any problem for me for i can travel distance miles for the Love i seek for,If you don't mind can you send me your Private email address so i can send you some Nice pics of me?
I blocked him immedietely.
I suspect he is probably one of those Nigerian scammers, or some other scammer. This follow the same MO I see with a lot of the Nigerian scams. They like to use the name Williams a lot, and their messages always look very similar to this type of writing. I knew immedietly what this was.
More info and lots of other posts from women tracking him here:


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  1. 12-18-2013 @7:20 PM
    Now contacted by another alter ego:
    Gen. Ramos martin
    Skype: gen.ramosmartin
    United States
    Language: English

    If you type in gen. you see a lot of Gen. Ramos profiles on Skype and some variations as well. I bet it's the same guy using like 60 burner ID's on there. When one is bad he just makes a new one with same type of name. That's what trips up criminals. They do the same thing over and oiver. They create a pattern and can get caught.