Tuesday, November 5, 2013

253-655-2695, Local SEO Success, SEO Telemarketing, SEO Telesales, 2536552695

SEO Telemarketing
Local SEO Success, SEO Telemarketing, SEO Telesales

11/05/2013 @ 9:16AM
253-655-2695, 2536552695, (253) 655-2695
480-478-1325, 4804781325, (480) 478-132
253-235-0999, 2532350999, (253) 235-0999
Caller ID shows: Out Of Area
Local SEO Success

BBB listing here: Innovative Holdings, Inc. (out of New York)

Innovative Holdings Inc.
Phone: (877) 941-0777
Fax: (516) 908-3947
1531 Smithtown Ave
Bohemia, NY 11716
BBB® Accredited Business Seal
BBB® A- Rating

It looks like majority of business in Arizona and New York.

I received a call from Local SEO Success trying to "verify" my Google listing.
Since they called the home #, I was a little surprised they could see my # as it's supposed to be blocked. He read my number back to me, and they definitely had it. Perhaps at one time Pro Heating and Cooling might have had this number, as he said that was associated with this #, but it would have been many years ago.
He said he would place this number on their Do Not Call list. He was actually quite polite. It sounded like a boiler room full of people. I do not recall name of first man I talked to. It might have been Jake.

I called back under my business and they went through the motions of verifying my business. They looked up with the phone # and brought up 2 of our businesses. They had a category wrong on one of them, and supposedly fixed it (not sure?), and then he noticed my main business was Internet Marketing, so he said it was all verified and said good bye. It looks like they do not even try to do any sales towards competitors. He was polite also. His name was Mark.

They were looking up info based on my Buzz listing. Google Buzz was taken down and is not active now, but it was prepopulated with my information, so it was a great tool for telemarketers. Here is an interesting Google Buzz article that talks about privacy issues, and apparently people can still get the info, and this phone call just proves how people use the info to contact you.

They were both very polite and sounded experienced, so this was a good experience, and they appear to abide by the Do Not Call list for residential numbers, or when asked.
12-5-2013 @ 1:07PM PST

They called again on my business line for a new phone # 253-235-0999 and this time there was nobody there. It was blank/dead air. I stayed on the line for quite a few seconds and then John started talking. It was Local SEO Success. They are definately using an automated dialing system. This is at least the 3rd call I have noticed from them and 3 different phone numbers. It's always been men. I have never

I actually tried calling them back from my home phone line, and interestingly they were able to see my phone number. This number is blocked and yet they can see the phone #, and he read it back to me. What they do is look up any businesses that are attached to the number you are calling in from and want to verify your Google listing. They were able to look up the businesses that used to be associated with my home number. I have called my telecom provider and they show me as blocked. How are they able to see a blocked number?


  1. They called here today with another number: 480-478-1325 and this time was a man named Tom. Sounded like an older man. He was also very polite.
    Called on 11-7-2012 @ 12:18PM

    I don't care for telemarketing, but when they are polite, it's a lot better to accept.

  2. They called again on 12-5-13 @ 1:07PM PST from 253-235-0999.
    They can read a blocked line.

  3. Keep calling business every few days, saying we are not listed on Google, trying to sell package for 349 + 169 per month or $2377 for a year of service to rank my business higher on google. I've tried pressing "2" on phone to not call again but that doesn't seem to work either. How do I get rid of calls every few days??

    1. Do you have service through phone provider to block the incoming #? try that first. Their are devices you can buy that this as well to block large amounts of numbers.