Tuesday, November 19, 2013

CRIME: Gold Ford Taurus 1995-1999, Federal Way Burglary, Theft, Robbery, B&E, WA

Federal Way Burglary
We Need Your Help To Find The Car

Do you know of a gold, Ford Taurus (1995-1999) with a bent radio antenna that looks like a coat hanger?

We think it occurred around 12:30PM PST

My neighbor's home was burglarized yesterday (11-18-2013 / November 18 2013)
We are in the 282nd & Military Rd area of North Federal Way, Washington.

They entered through the back of the home by breaking the sliding glass door and then coming in.

They took:
2 laptops (one of them broken, must be plugged in to work, and missing keys, missing E key, Z key, and others). Laptops are ACER and HP.
small amount of cash
daughter's drivers license

Her daughter just wants her drivers license & laptops back as they have personal pictures and homework on them.

They left cash, gold, jewelry, and other electronics, so this was a strange robbery.

My neighbor's elderly mother was in the house at the time. She is completely deaf, so we are very lucky they did not hurt her.

We have 2 eyewitness reports:
One neighbor saw a tan colored car.
I saw a gold Ford Taurus, 1995-1999 version (with the back oval window), and a really messed up radio antenna on the left back rear of car. The antenna was very bent, like a coat hanger. This will stand out.

If anyone knows of this car and where we can find it, please contact me at:
253-941-3863 voice
253-778-3414 TEXT

Any info will be helpful.

Thank you,


  1. I received a write-up in the Federal Way Mirror to help with this, and also got contacted by KING5 news (I declined having KING5 come here).

    "Watch out, burglars: Federal Way woman keeps an eye on neighborhood"
    November 20, 2013
    Federal Way Mirror

    The picture displayed is from the previous burglary attempt, not this last one.

  2. Also, on same day was a burglary just north of us.
    This may be related since it was just up the street and on same day. It was reported around the same time frame as well.

    Identifier: P13014671
    27700 Block Military Rd.
    Burglary, Nonresidential, Unlawful Entry

    Seen on: https://www.crimereports.com

  3. We also went to 2 local area pawn shops looking at laptops, but we didn't see theones that were stolen. I didn't think we would, but it's worth looking.