Monday, December 9, 2013

623-321-5152, 480-371-2715, Solar Telemarketing, Solar Sales, Phoenix Telemarketing, Arizona Solar

623-321-5152 & 480-371-2715
Solar Telemarketing

Arizona Solar Sales, Phoenix Telemarketing, Annoying Sales Calls

10:22AM PST
Solar Initiative ?
Caller ID: Out of Area
623-321-5152, 6233215152, (623) 321-5152

12-11-2013 @ 9:42AM PST
Caller ID: Out of Area
No messgage left 

12-13-13 @10:56AM PST
Caller ID: LI BO
480-371-2715, 4803712715, (480) 371-2715
Voice mail is Asian man "Bo Li".
Has to ring many, many times before it goes to voice mail.
I called back again and he answered after 3 rings.

npa 623
nxx 321
exch 014080
rc Phoenix
region AZ
lata 666
rc v 9112
rc h 6748
rc lat 33.544358
rc lon-112.048962
ocn 2821
Phone Company name: PAC - WEST TELECOMM, INC. - AZ
Company type: C
ilec ocn: 9636

I received a call from a man that said he was calling from Solar Initiative. They want to save us $150 a month in electricity from our APS electric bill. This is not the first call from them, and they are calling my business line or toll free #. I called them back and left a message to remove my #. When you call them back a recording says, "The person at extension 9 is on the phone", and then it allows you to leave a message.

I have told them before I am not in Arizona and they said they would take my # off.

I don't think the business name is Solar Initiative. I think that is just something they are telling people.

It's annoying because they call repeatedly even after being asked to remove the #. I always ask. Next time I will actually talk to them for a while and be very interested. It's interesting when you talk to them well past the time they allotted and they normally don't know what to do. They expect people to hang up right away, but try doing the opposite. It makes them spend $, and wastes the telemarketer's time. They might even remove your # if you are a pest to them.

There are multiple sites online with similar complaint calls. If people would stop buying from sales calls, this would eventually stop.

Anyone in Las Vegas Nevada, St George Utah, or Arizona need solar pool heating?

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